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Cutting Edge Creator Card Set
Vanguard Productions - 1993/1994

Note:  This set was originally distributed as a sealed factory set, including a
handful of blank cards suitable for you to produce your own sketch cards. The
creators span the boundaries between comic and fantasy art, but most of the
art is associated with the "Tales from the Edge" series.

No.   Title

 1    Jon J. Muth
 2    Wally Wood
 3    Marshall Arisman
 4    Josh Alan Friedman
 5    Barron Storey
 6    Greg Spalenka
 7    José Cruz
 8    Buddy Hickerson
 9    Pat Boyette
10    Don Ivan Punchatz
11    Ray-Mel Cornelius
12    J. David Spurlock
13    Paul Lee (Poly)
14    David Brendan Ryan
15    Bonnie To
16    Thom Ang
17    Don Mangus
18    Glenn Kim
19    Deirdre Valdes
20    Tales from the Edge
21    Wally Wood's Radian
22    Rick Montana, the Space Cowboy Vs. Dr. Xyclops
23    Everett Raymond Kinstler
24    George Pratt
25    Cutting Edge Creator Index
--    (Blank sketchable cards)

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