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Civil War Naval Battles
Historical Images - 1992

Note:  Distributed as a factory boxed set.

No.   Title

  1   Philo Parsons
  2   CSS Manassas
  3   CSS Arkansas
  4   Sub Hunley
  5   Harrison's Landing
  6   Porter's Mortar Fleet
  7   Alabama vs. Kearsarge
  8   Farragut at New Orleans
  9   Porter's Flotilla
 10   CSS Gov. Moore
 11   Gen Bragg on the Mississippi
 12   USS Brooklyn
 13   Federal Cricket
 14   Tattenall's South Atlantic
 15   Federal Gunboat Wisshickon
 16   Out of the Fog - Palmetto State
 17   Runner Robert E. Lee
 18   Porter's Red River Fleet
 19   Federal Rattler
 20   Federal Lancaster at Vicksburg
 21   Federal Blockade of Charleston
 22   CSS Stonewall
 23   Bermuda Stopover
 24   CSS Runner Loading
 25   Night Loading at Cairo
 26   CSS Ironclad Atlanta
 27   Flagship Autocrate
 28   Federal Gunboat Choctaw
 29   Federal Gunboat Galena
 30   Federal Gunboat Santiago deCuba
 31   Federal Ironclad Benton
 32   James River Loading
 33   CSS Ram Tennessee
 34   CSS Albamarle
 35   CSS Virginia
 36   Checklist

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