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Cyber Force All-Chromium
   Topps / Top Cow - 1995

Notes:  The Cyber Optic cards are sometimes included with the basic set. Thanks much 
to Maurice van Winsen for the original list and to Dave Christensen and Jon Abbott 
for updates!

Box: 24 packs of 4 chromium cards + 1 Cyber Optic card.
Common sets (72): approx. 1.29 per box if collation were perfect.
Cyber Optic sets (18): approximately 1.33 per box.

No.    Title                     Artist(s)

Creating Cyberforce: Interview with Silvestri

  1    Cyberforce [Title card]   Marc Silvestri
  2    Cyberforce                Silvestri, Batt, Brian Haberlin
  3    Cyberforce                Silvestri, Batt, Tyson Wengler, Juan Carlos Rodriguez
  4    Cyblade                   Silvestri, Haberlin
  5    Stryker                   Silvestri, Judy Hosobuchi
  6    Impact                    Silvestri, Lateef Op
  7    Ballistic                 Silvestri, Cynthia Morris
  8    Heatwave                  Silvestri, Morris
  9    Velocity                  Silvestri, Batt, Op


 10    Cyberforce                Billy Tan, Hosobuchi
 11    Ballistic                 Joe Benitez, Pat Duke, Haberlin
 12    C.C.                      Anthony Chun, Jeff Albrecht, Nathan Cabrera, Chris Guzman
 13    Cyblade                   Randy Queen, Morris
 14    Heatwave & Velocity       Silvestri, Joe Chiodo
 15    Impact                    Michael Turner, Vince Russell, Nathan Kane
 16    Stryker                   Benitez, Batt, Cabrera, Op
 17    Ripclaw                   Greg Capullo, Drew
 18    Velocity                  Joe Madureira, Tan, Rodriguez
 19    Ripclaw                   Silvestri, Scott Williams, Chiodo
 20    Ballistic                 Benitez, Aaron Sowd, Guzman
 21    Heatwave                  Walter Simonson, Wengler
 22    Beaner                    Turner, Russell, Morris
 23    Ace of Blades             Rubi, Hosobuchi
 24    Dr. Corben                Turner, Russell, Op
 25    T.I.M.M.I.E.              Silvestri, Chiodo
 26    Heatwave & Impact         Silvestri, Williams, Chiodo, Haberlin
 27    Impact                    Silvestri, Williams, Chiodo, Haberlin
 28    Codename: Strykeforce     David Finch, Sowd, Cabrera, Mossis
 29    Bloodbow                  Branton Peterson, Sowd, Op
 30    Tempest                   Peterson, Sowd, Ashby Manson
 31    P.J.                      Turner, D-Tron, Op
 32    Black Anvil               Benitez, Wengler
 33    Kill Razor                Sowd, Rodriguez
 34    Chip & Friends            Chun, D-Tron, Jeff Harter, Guzman
 35    Anvil & Tempest           Peterson, Chiodo
 36    Black Anvil               Peterson, Chiodo, Haberlin
 37    Heatwave                  Chis Batista, Albrecht, Op
 38    Ripclaw                   Walter McDaniel, Albrecht, Catherine Burch
 39    Kill Razor                Peterson, Troy Hubbs, Chiodo, Haberlin
 40    Sh'rrrnn                  Peterson, Haberlin
 41    Black Anvil               Peterson, Sowd, Peter Steigerwald
 42    Bloodbow                  Finch, Tan, Wengler
 43    Training Grounds          Turner, D-Tron, Cabrera, Hosobuchi
 44    Tempest                   Chun, D-Tron, Harter, Richard Isanove
 45    Velocity                  Chun, D-Tron, Cabrera, Rodriguez


 46    Killjoy                   Finch, Russell, Op
 47    Megawatt                  Turner, Russell, Morris
 48    Thorn                     Turner, D-Tron, Op
 49    Mindgame                  Turner, Tan, Hosobuchi
 50    Death's Angel             B. Fernandez, Sowd, Steigerwald
 51    Buzzcut                   McDaniel, Albrecht, Op
 52    Gunmen                    Scott Eaton, Albrecht, Garrett Yanai
 53    Gunmen                    Finch, Tan, Wengler
 54    Rancor                    Tan, Manson
 55    Misery                    Silvestri, Williams, Chiodo
 56    Cyberdata Copter          Turner, Russell, Isanove
 57    Cyberdata S.H.O.C.        Turner, D-Tron, Burch
 58    Warbuk                    Sowd, Hosobuchi
 59    Psi-Gun                   Turner, D-Tron, Hosobuchi
 60    Mother May I              Scott Clark, Hubbs, Drew
 61    Mindgame                  Finch, Tan, Wengler
 62    Brunt                     Tan, Op
 63    Demon Scum                Turner, D-Tron, Morris
 64    Rancor                    Turner, D-Tron, Steve Firchow
 65    Psychotron                Eaton, Albrecht, Steigerwald
 66    Buzzcut                   Dwayne Turner, Wengler
 67    Brunt                     Michael Turner, D-Tron, Morris
 68    Hotspur                   Turner, Russell, Burch
 69    Thorn                     Tan, Op
 70    Thorn                     Turner, D-Tron, Kane
 71    Wildfyre                  Tan, Cabrera, Rodriguez

 72    Checklist


Cyber Optic Cards (1 per pack)

A-1    Rancor                    Benitez
A-2    Misery                    Campbell
A-3    Slammer                   W. McDaniel, Jeff Albrecht
A-4    Killjoy                   Fernandez
A-5    Cyblade                   Jae Lee, Brian
A-6    Demon Scum                Queen
A-7    Mother May I              Raney
A-8    Cyblade                   Clark
A-9    Megawatt                  Michael Turner, Aaron Sowd
A-10   Mekadom                   Adam Rob't McDaniel, Aaron Sowd
A-11   Ripclaw                   Adam Rob't McDaniel, Aaron Sowd
A-12   Heatwave                  Adam Rob't McDaniel, Aaron Sowd
A-13   Cyblade                   Adam Rob't McDaniel, Aaron Sowd
A-14   Impact                    Adam Rob't McDaniel, Aaron Sowd
A-15   Velocity                  Adam Rob't McDaniel, Aaron Sowd
A-16   Stryker                   Adam Rob't McDaniel, Aaron Sowd
A-17   Megawatt                  Adam Rob't McDaniel, Aaron Sowd
A-18   Killjoy                   Adam Rob't McDaniel, Aaron Sowd

Cyber Matrix Cards (1:12 packs)

C-1    Cyberforce                Silvestri
C-2    Cyberforce                Silvestri
C-3    Cyblade                   Raskin
C-4    Wildfyre                  Tan
C-5    Heatwave & Killjoy        Silvestri
C-6    Ripclaw                   Raskin

Clearzone Triptych Cards (1:24 packs)

B-1    Kill Razor                Queen
B-2    Tempest                   Queen
B-3    Anvil                     Queen


 C1    Ripclaw (art by Silvestri; included in cello pack with 7 other promos)
 --    HeroMaster (3-up panel; gold border, foil with seal; numbered)
 --    (Half Sheet)

Master Foil Set Blue Border

  1   Ripclaw, Black Anvil, Velocity, Stryker
  2   Heatwave, Impact, Tempest, Blood Bow, Cyblade
  3   Ballistic, Kill Razor

Master Foil Set Red Border

  1   Ripclaw, Black Anvil, Velocity, Stryker
  2   Heatwave, Impact, Tempest, Blood Bow, Cyblade
  3   Ballistic, Kill Razor

Hero Promo Set (Cards Illustrated)

  1   Major Stryker 
  2   Cyblade 
  3   Velocity 
  4   Ripclaw 
  5   Ballistic 
  6   Tempest 
  7   Black Anvil 
  8   Kill Razor 
  9   Weapon Zero  (I'm missing this one)
 10   Checklist Silvestri 

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©2001, 2003, 2004, 2013, 2015 Maurice van Winsen, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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