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   Philadelphia Gum - 1967

Notes: Card fronts give screen shots and captions; card backs are packed with 
descriptive text, "Talk Real Swahili" info, and puzzle pieces for puzzles spanning 
4, 6, or 8 cards. American Card Catalog reference is R789-5. Scans are posted at 
the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title                             Puzzle

  1   Jungle Scientist                  Brushing Up
  2   Jungle Miss                       Big Kitty
  3   Able Assistant                    Music Critic
  4   Smile Please                      Pilot Judy
  5   Serious Medical Problems          I'm Sick
  6   Calling Wameru - Urgent!          Music Critic
  7   Don't Keep the Doctor Waiting     The Helper
  8   It Won't Hurt                     All Smiles
  9   Dinnertime, Gang!                 Lazy Leopard
 10   Taking the Cat for a Walk         Land Ho
 11   Alert to Danger                   Brushing Up
 12   Sad-Eyed Departure                Land Ho
 13   Don't Be Afraid                   Lazy Leopard
 14   Clever and Cunning                Brushing Up
 15   Monkey Business                   Pilot Judy
 16   And Away We Go!                   The Girls
 17   Elephant Power                    The Helper
 18   Did You Say It's Dinnertime?      Music Critic
 19   Big Patient, Big Pain             Land Ho
 20   Nurse's Little Helper             I'm Sick
 21   Hold Your Hat                     All Smiles
 22   Parting Shot                      The Mimic
 23   Jungle Search                     All Smiles
 24   Under Attack                      The Mimic
 25   Natural Enemies Dine              The Mimic
 26   Sympathy for a Sick Tiger         Sleepy Lion
 27   Hold That Tiger!                  Pilot Judy
 28   Fighting Like Cats and Dogs       Big Kitty
 29   Just Call Me Smiley               Sleepy Lion
 30   Spare That Spare                  The Girls
 31   Tranquilized Zebra                The Girls
 32   Hospital Bound                    Land Ho
 33   No More Peanuts                   Big Kitty
 34   Rooster Roost                     The Helper
 35   Playful Pachyderm                 I'm Sick
 36   The Pause That Refreshes          Big Kitty
 37   Murder Suspect Subdued            Big Kitty
 38   Hold On Tight                     I'm Sick
 39   Race for Survival                 Music Critic
 40   Fancy Hood Ornament               I'm Sick
 41   You're Doing Fine                 The Mimic
 42   Don't Be a Bully                  Sleepy Lion
 43   Sick Call                         I'm Sick
 44   Recovery Complete                 Land Ho
 45   Another Life Saved                The Mimic
 46   Hello and Goodbye                 The Girls
 47   Medical Marksman                  Big Kitty
 48   Command Performance               Pilot Judy
 49   High Riding Taxi                  Brushing Up
 50   Leopard Collar Deluxe             Pilot Judy
 51   Front Porch Pals                  Pilot Judy
 52   Chimp Nears Death                 All Smiles
 53   Dying Lion                        Music Critic
 54   Little Lively Leopards            The Helper
 55   Hello Hyena                       Big Kitty
 56   Walk into Danger                  The Mimic
 57   No Way To Say Thank You           Land Ho
 58   Grumpy Goat                       Lazy Leopard
 59   Fully Recovered                   The Helper
 60   How Do You Feel Today?            The Girls
 61   Lion Napper                       Sleepy Lion
 62   Angry King                        Big Kitty
 63   Ticklish?                         Lazy Leopard
 64   Good To See You, Friend           The Girls
 65   Can I Help?                       The Helper
 66   Meet My Doctor                    Music Critic

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