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Damn Yankees (Broadway)
   Topps - 1994

Notes:  This isn't for the motion picture, but for the starting-1994 Broadway production. 
I don't have a stage-show section so I've grouped it with Movies/ TV, so sue me 
(Reference: Guys & Dolls). It was distributed as a complete set in a blue-background 
foil wrapper. At least the Senators did win the Series in 1933, so I congratulate Cubs fans 
everywhere! Thanks to David Rosciszewski for the update!

  No.      Title

 1 of 20   The Cast
 2 of 20   Bebe Neuwirth as Lola
 3 of 20   Victor Garber as Applegate
 4 of 20   Jarrod Emick as Joe Hardy
 5 of 20   Dennis Kelly as Joe Boyd
 6 of 20   Dick Latessa as Van Buren
 7 of 20   Vicki Lewis as Gloria Thorpe
 8 of 20   Linda Stephens as Meg Boyd
 9 of 20   Scott Wise as Rocky
10 of 20   Gregory Jbara as Sohovik
11 of 20   Jeff Blumenkrantz as Smokey
12 of 20   Terrence P. Currier as Welch
13 of 20   Susan Mansur as Sister
14 of 20   Advertising Girls: Cynthia Onrubia, Nancy Ticotin, Paula Leggett Chase
15 of 20   Washington Senators
16 of 20   George Abbott: Co-Author
17 of 20   Showstoppers: "You Gotta Have Heart"
18 of 20   Showstoppers: "Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, Mo."
19 of 20   Showstoppers: "Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets)"
20 of 20   Showstoppers: "Those Were the Good Old Days"

1995 Supplemental Card (distributed separately)

  #21      Jerry Lewis as Applegate

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