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Daredevil Movie Cards
Topps - 2003

Notes: Thanks much to Karl Halmich for the original checklist, and to
Karl and Michael Kartchner for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.49 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Justice Is Blind
  2   Matt Murdock
  3   Daredevil
  4   Elecktra Natchios
  5   Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin
  6   Bullseye
  7   Franklin "Foggy" Nelson
  8   Ben Urich
  9   Nikolas Natchios
 10   Wesley Welch
 11   Jack "The Devil" Murdock
 12   Young Matt
 13   The Fallen Angel
 14   Night of Redemption
 15   Sins of the Father
 16   The Comeback Kids
 17   King of the Ring
 18   The Price of Glory
 19   Jack Murdock...Slain!
 20   Justice for All?
 21   The Night Stalker
 22   Flight of the Avenger
 23   All in a Knight's Work
 24   Hell's Avenger
 25   Justice Finds Quesada
 26   Daredevil Rules!
 27   The Emperor of Crime
 28   Partners in Justice
 29   Meeting Their Match
 30   Kindred Combatants
 31   A Very Special Assassin
 32   Defending Jackson
 33   Two of a Kind
 34   In High Society
 35   Dancing with the Devil
 36   Fisk and His Flunkies
 37   A Skill To Die For
 38   Murder on Wheels
 39   Confronting Bullseye
 40   Mayhem in the Streets
 41   Race with the Devil
 42   Life, Death...and Revenge
 43   Wrongly Accused
 44   Alliance of Evil
 45   The Mourners
 46   Training for Battle
 47   Urich's Discovery
 48   Dressed to Kill
 49   Lovers and Other Killers
 50   Hell Hath No Fury...
 51   The Devil to Pay
 52   Elektra...Assassin?
 53   Against a Female Fury
 54   Sympathy for the Devil
 55   Bullseye Reveals Himself
 56   "You Killed My Father!"
 57   Bullseye Never Misses...
 58   The Death of Elektra
 59   Dark Retribution
 60   Dealing with the Devil
 61   The Kingpin Toppled
 62   Elektra Eternal
 63   Heroes without Fear

Behind The Scenes

 64   Bringing "Daredevil" to Life
 65   New York,. Marvel-Style
 66   Directing Urban Warriors
 67   The Devil's Next Move
 68   When Superheroes Collide
 69   The Marvel Age of Movies
 70   Action and Empathy
 71   The Devil's in the Details

 72   Checklist


Autographed Cards (1:72 packs)

 --   Ben Affleck as Daredevil (1:2156 packs)
 --   Coolio as Daunte Johnson (1:377 packs)
 --   Mark Steven Johnson - Writer/Director (1:192 packs)
 --   Joe Pantoliano as Ben Urich (1:2802 packs)
 --   Scott Terra as Young Matt Murdock (1:192 packs)

Authentic Movie Memorabilia (1:72 packs)

 --   Daredevil's Costume

Special Autograph (50 made; special Topps dealer contest)

 --   Jennifer Garner as Elektra Nachios


 P1   (Standing on roof)
 P2   (Close-up)
 P3   (Elektra vs. Daredevil)
 --   Shipping January (Dealer sell sheet)
 --   The Next Superhero ... (Dealer sell sheet)

©2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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