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Dare Devils
   National Chicle - 1933

Notes: Cards are 2-3/8" x 2-7/8" and feature full-color artwork on fronts and 
"official and true stories" on backs. Manufacturer is not shown on the cards. 
American Card Catalog reference is R39. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-
Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title

  1   Texas Ranger Gets Five with One Bullet
  2   Frank Luke, Balloon Buster
  3   Johnny-Behind-the-Deuce Takes a Ride
  4   The Clue that Got "Machine Gun" Kelley
  5   Billy-the-Kid
  6   The Duel to Death
  7   Public Enemy "Dutch" Schultz Gets His!
  8   Marshal Ben "Marked" Him!
  9   Away from the Jaws of Death
 10   The Woman in Red Lures Dillinger to Death
 11   Trough No Man's Land and Back
 12   Hobson Outwits the Spaniards
 13   Corporal York Alone Captures 132 Germans
 14   Dillinger and His Gang Make Their Getaway
 15   Casey Jones
 16   Five Miles a Minute
 17   G-Men Capture "Old Creepy
 18   The End of "Pretty Boy"
 19   G-Men Die Getting "Baby Face"
 20   The Fire-Eater's Safe Catch
 21   Rickenbacker's Most Thrilling War Experience
 22   U.S. Navy Men Choose Death
 23   Secret Agents Behind the German Lines
 24   Four Beat Three Hundred

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