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Dark Angel (Premiere Series)
   Topps - 2002

Notes:  Thanks much to Dallas Lang for the update! Additional information and 
scans are found at the Topps web archive.

Hobby Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.40 per box if collation were perfect.
Retail Box: 24 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approximately 2.28 per box.

  No.    Title                                        Subset

    1    Dark Angel
    2    Max                                          Episode Guides
    3    Logan                                        Episode Guides
    4    Lydecker                                     Episode Guides
    5    Original Cindy                               Episode Guides
    6    Sketchy                                      Episode Guides
    7    Normal                                       Episode Guides
    8    Kendra                                       Episode Guides
    9    Herbal Thought                               Episode Guides
   10    Bling                                        Episode Guides
   11    Renfro                                       Episode Guides
   12    Zack                                         Episode Guides
   13    Brin                                         Episode Guides
   14    Tinga                                        Episode Guides
   15    Detective Matt Sung                          Episode Guides
   16    Agent Sandoval                               Episode Guides
   17    P.I. Dan Vogelsang                           Episode Guides
   18    Sebastian                                    Episode Guides
   19    Dark Angel: Season One                       Episode Guides
   20    Pilot                                        Episode Guides
   21    Pilot: Escape from Manticore                 Episode Guides
   22    Pilot: Encounter with Cale                   Episode Guides
   23    Pilot: Max's Conscience                      Episode Guides
   24    Pilot: Rescue and Redemption                 Episode Guides
   25    Heat                                         Episode Guides
   26    Flushed                                      Episode Guides
   27    C.R.E.A.M.                                   Episode Guides
   28    411 on the DL                                Episode Guides
   29    Prodigy                                      Episode Guides
   30    Cold Comfort                                 Episode Guides
   31    Blah Blah, Woof Woof                         Episode Guides
   32    Out                                          Episode Guides
   33    Red                                          Episode Guides
   34    Art Attack                                   Episode Guides
   35    Rising                                       Episode Guides
   36    The Kidz Are Aiight                          Episode Guides
   37    Female Trouble                               Episode Guides
   38    Haven                                        Episode Guides
   39    Shorties in Love                             Episode Guides
   40    Pollo Loco                                   Episode Guides
   41    I and I am a Camera                          Episode Guides
   42    Hit a Sista Back                             Episode Guides
   43    Meow                                         Episode Guides
   44    ...And Jesus Brought a Casserole             Episode Guides
   45    Season One Wrap-Up                           Episode Guides
   46    Max on Top                                   Max-imum Power
   47    Swingers                                     Max-imum Power
   48    Girls Kick Butt                              Max-imum Power
   49    Feline Power                                 Max-imum Power
   50    Crash and Burn                               Max-imum Power
   51    Girl vs. Machine                             Max-imum Power
   52    Cameron's Way                                Behind-the-Scenes
   53    Catching the Action                          Behind-the-Scenes
   54    Love and War                                 Behind-the-Scenes
   55    Woman of Wonder                              Gallery Portraits
   56    Threesome                                    Gallery Portraits
   57    Is it Me or Manticore?                       Gallery Portraits
   58    Second Season Sensation                      Gallery Portraits
   59    The Max Factor                               Gallery Portraits
   60    Angelic Beauty                               Gallery Portraits
   61    X-treme Max                                  Gallery Portraits
   62    Dynamic Duo                                  Gallery Portraits
   63    Don't Mess with Max                          Gallery Portraits
   64    Alec                                         Season Two Showcase
   65    Joshua                                       Season Two Showcase
   66    Asha                                         Season Two Showcase
   67    White                                        Season Two Showcase
   68    New Allies, New Dangers                      Season Two Showcase
   69    Creatures Featured                           Season Two Showcase
   70    Dressed to Thrill                            Dressed to Thrill
   71    Teen Dream                                   Dressed to Thrill
   72    Checklist - Premiere Series


Angelic Foil Embossed Cards (1:6 packs)

1 of 5
2 of 5
3 of 5
4 of 5
5 of 5

Autograph Cards (1:33 Hobby packs)

   --    Jessica Alba as Max [1:454 packs]
   --    Alimi Ballard as Herbal Thought [1:186 packs]
   --    Peter Bryant as Bling [1:186 packs]
   --    James Cameron [1:589 packs]
   --    Richard Gunn as Sketchy [1:186 packs]
   --    William Gregory Lee as Zack [1:186 packs]
   --    J.C. MacKenzie as Normal [1:186 packs]

Autograph Card (1:78 Retail packs)

   --    Byron Mann as Detective Matt Sung


   P1    Built for Action
   --    Not the Girl Next Door (Dealer sell sheet)

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