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Dark Shadows (Pink)
   Philadelphia Gum - 1968

Notes: This pink-border set is generally understood to be "Series 1", followed by 
a green-border set. Card fronts show screen shots without titles or captions, but 
with facsimile signatures; backs are puzzle pieces. Really, I have to admit that I 
didn't pay much attention to this cult-classic television series until Kate Jackson 
arrived. American Card Catalog reference is R789-10A. Scans are posted at the 
Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Description                                      Character

  1   (cane held up)                                   Barnabas
  2   (standing with cane)                             Barnabas
  3   (holding cane level at mouth)                    Barnabas
  4   (sitting, leaning on cane)                       Barnabas
  5   (R profile, fangs over ring)                     Barnabas
  6   (aged, looking down)                             Barnabas
  7   (tunnel, cane out)                               Barnabas
  8   (portrait, holding cane)                         Barnabas
  9   (candles)                                        Barnabas
 10   (coat lapels out, portrait)                      Barnabas
 11   (L profile, fangs over ring)                     Barnabas
 12   (aged, looking L)                                Barnabas
 13   (base of stairway)                               Barnabas
 14   (fangs and cane, portrait over L shoulder)       Barnabas
 15   (behind single candle)                           Barnabas
 16   (fist to chin)                                   Barnabas
 17   (sitting, fangs and ring over cane)              Barnabas
 18   (aged, portrait behind)                          Barnabas
 19   (clock behind)                                   Barnabas
 20   (single candle to R)                             Barnabas
 21   (pained expression, fangs and ring over cane)    Barnabas
 22   (closed mouth, close-up)                         Barnabas
 23   (hands together, standing)                       Barnabas
 24   (aged and biting)                                Barnabas
 25   (formal in suit, standing with cane)             Barnabas
 26   (R profile, fangs and ring)                      Barnabas
 27   (medium aged with Judith)                        Barnabas
 28   (portrait)                                       Barnabas
 29   (younger ready to bite)                          Barnabas
 30   (tender moment)                                  Barnabas
 31   (kissing hand)                                   Barnabas
 32   (biting in pews)                                 Barnabas
 33   (walking in woods)                               Barnabas
 34   (choke hold)                                     Barnabas
 35   (problem with wrist)                             Barnabas
 36   (graveyard visit)                                Barnabas
 37   (arms at waist, standing)                        Angelique
 38   (hands clasped, at neck)                         Angelique
 39   (aged, perturbed)                                Angelique
 40   (peering out)                                    Julia Hoffman
 41   (looking to L)                                   Julia Hoffman
 42   (grabbing post)                                  Julia Hoffman
 43   (candles and Julia)                              Roger Collins
 44   (crypt tryst, archway)                           Roger Collins
 45   (crypt tryst, wall)                              Roger Collins
 46   (stake in woods)                                 Elizabeth Stoddard
 47   (behind leaves)                                  Elizabeth Stoddard
 48   (rising from coffin)                             Maggie Evans
 49   (aghast in coffin)                               Maggie Evans
 50   (bitten and bedridden)                           Maggie Evans
 51   (statue)                                         Nicholas Blair
 52   (grinning encounter)                             Nicholas Blair
 53   (elegant attire)                                 Abigail Collins
 54   (with officer)                                   Norma Collins
 55   (fine couple)                                    Agidoel Stoddard
 56   (ready to draw)                                  Adam
 57   (under stairwell)                                Nicholas Blair
 58   (finger battle)                                  Nicholas Blair
 59   (hat and gloves)                                 Nicholas Blair
 60   (looking out window)                             David Collins
 61   (raincoat at gate)                               Victoria Winters
 62   (checked dress, arms crossed)                    Victoria Winters
 63   (checked dress, head shot)                       Victoria Winters
 64   (at sepulcher)                                   Victoria Winters
 65   (suit and tie)                                   Maggie Evans
 66   (running from Collinwood)                        Victoria Winters

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