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Dark Shadows (Green)
   Philadelphia Gum - 1968

Notes: Packaging called this "Series 2", distinguished from the pink-border 
series. Card fronts give screen shots with character quotes; backs are puzzle 
pieces. American Card Catalog reference is R789-10A. Scans are posted at 
the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Caption

  1   Barnabas: "I must go back to the past to save the
  2   Barnabas: "We are dealing with a pagan thing."
  3   Barnabas: "I have lived long, I doubt nothing."
  4   Barnabas: "I have no answer to this terrible thing
  5   Barnabas: "Why is the ghost possessing Jamison?"
  6   Barnabas: "I have no choice. I must find Quentin's
  7   Barnabas: "Go to Quentin's grave, see for yourself
  8   Judith: "When will Quentin rise again?"
  9   Barnabas: "Quentin may yet live again."
 10   Judith: "I can't look at him like this."
 11   Barnabas: "Are you still a zombie, Quentin?"
 12   Barnabas: "I've failed. He's not alive!"
 13   Barnabas: "Come with me, Quentin, there is still h
 14   Judith: "Quentin holds the key to my life."
 15   Judith: "We poured cement over Quentin's coffin."
 16   Judith: "Quentin's dead, yet walks the earth again
 17   Trask: "good evening, I'm Gregory Trask."
 18   Trask: "It's urgent the children leave Collinwood.
 19   Trask: "We must protect the children from evil."
 20   Judith: "No one can harm the children."
 21   Judith: "But I saw them bury him myself."
 22   Trask: "The Devil's work is beyond belief."
 23   Trask: "Perhaps I can end this horrible situation.
 24   Jamison: "I feel Quentin;'s body here."
 25   Jamison: "I knew you'd come, Quentin."
 26   Jamison: "Barnabas, is Quentin with you?"
 27   Trask: "I sense an alien spirit here."
 28   Trask: "A dead body that once was a man."
 29   Trask: "The boy has nothing to fear from me."
 30   Jamison: "Why am I in this cemetry."
 31   Barnabas: "Take his hand in yours, Jamison."
 32   Jamison: "I'm not Jamison. My name is Quentin."
 33   Jamison: "His hand is so cold."
 34   Jamison: "I want him to live again."
 35   Jamison: "Spirit, depart from this body."
 36   Barnabas: "I'm thinking of Barnabas Collins and wh
 37   Trask: "I must know the true facts to help him."
 38   Barnabas: "It will take a miracle to save him now.
 39   Jamison: "What is he going to do?"
 40   Trask: "This boy is possessed by a giant evil forc
 41   Quentin: "I'll die when the moon is full."
 42   Quentin: "My spirit is in Jamison's body."
 43   Quentin: "What strange power guides my life?"
 44   Quentin: "Perhaps Barnabas knows the answer."
 45   Quentin: "Am I a zombie? A walking dead man?"
 46   quentin: "There's my grave, my home."
 47   Quentin: "Jamison, come to me, help me."
 48   Quentin: "It's too late; my life is slipping away.
 49   Quentin: "Judith, have you thought of murder?"
 50   Quentin: "The gypsy was just speaking of you."
 51   Dirk: "You have still another secret, Judith?"
 52   Judith: "She must never leave this room ... alive!
 53   Judith: "That music will drive me mad!"
 54   Magda: "Quentin, you have no future."
 55   Quentin: "You see the mark of death?"
 56   Quentin: "Who will kill me? When? How?"
 57   Magda: "Quentin, there is another world."
 58   Quentin: "This will help you see the future better
 59   Jenny: "These aren't my dolls, they're my babies."
 60   Jenny: "Quentin... Quentin... Is Quentin here?"
 61   Jenny: "The keys! My keys to freedom!"
 62   Jenny: "Where is he... where is Quentin?"
 63   Werewolf: "I must hurry, dawn means death."
 64   Carolyn: "Oh, please won't someone save me?"
 65   Werewolf: "It must be this house... the curse of C
 66   Werewolf: "What is happening to me?"

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