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Dragon Ball Z FilmCardz
Artbox - 2002

Note:  Further information and scans are posted at the Artbox website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.61 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

Lord Slug

 01   Piccolo Meditates
 02   Icarus and Gohan
 03   Krillin
 04   They must deflect the asteroid!
 05   Goku and Krillin
 06   Lord Slug's mighty spacecraft
 07   Lord Slug
 08   You will obey Lord Slug
 09   I am young again!
 10   I am your master now!
 11   Pathetic Earthling
 12   Piccolo defeats Wings
 13   You broke my arm!
 14   Angila and Medamatcha
 15   Medamatcha
 16   Angila
 17   Goku defeats Medamatcha
 18   You are too weak for me
 19   You are no match for Lord Slug
 20   A Namek?
 21   Goku battles Lord Slug
 22   Namek vs. Namek
 23   You won't survive!
 24   The battle is over

Cooler's Revenge

 25   Cooler
 26   Goku and Krillin
 27   Master Roshi
 28   We are going camping
 29   Neiz, Salza, and Doore
 30   Goku senses trouble
 31   Goku
 32   Look what I found
 33   Krillin shows his power
 34   We need those senzu beans
 35   Lets go Icarus!
 36   Gohan hunts for senzu beens
 37   Yajirobe
 38   Where did you go?
 39   Krillin
 40   What a weakling
 41   This is my first form
 42   Meet my second form!
 43   Prepare to be destroyed
 44   You haven't won yet!
 45   Icarus saves a bear
 46   Super Saiyan Goku
 47   Piccolo
 48   Salza

Return of Cooler

 49   How about some rice balls?
 50   Gohan
 51   Goku prepares for battle
 52   Piccolo and Gohan
 53   Master Roshi
 54   Yajirobe and Oolong
 55   Defend yourselves!
 56   Krillin battles a robot
 57   Goku
 58   Goku struggles with Meta Cooler
 59   Meta Cooler
 60   Super Saiyan Goku battles Meta Cooler
 61   Super Saiyan Goku
 62   I will defeat you!
 63   Super Saiyan Vegeta joins the fight
 64   Super Saiyan Goku jumps for safety
 65   Meta Cooler
 66   Your in trouble now!
 67   Where did they come from?
 68   Here we go again
 69   It's draining our energy!
 70   Meta Cooler battles Piccolo
 71   Meta Cooler battles Super Saiyan Vegeta
 72   Prepare to be destroyed!


Rare FilmCardz (Hobby boxes)

 R1   Lord Slug
 R2   Angila
 R3   Super Saiyan Goku
 R4   Cooler
 R5   Vegeta
 R6   Return of Cooler

Ultra-Rare FilmCardz (Hobby boxes)

UR1   Lord Slug
UR2   Cooler
UR3   Meta Cooler's Robots

Foil Film Lenticular FilmCardz (Retail boxes)

Pm1   Lord Slug
Pm2   "We must save Earth!"
Pm3   "You cannot defeat me!"
Pm4   Icarus and Oolong
Pm5   Piccolo battles Neiz
Pm6   Salza
Pm7   "This could get ugly"
Pm8   Krillin
Pm9   Goku battles Meta Cooler

FilmCard Viewer (blister pack sold separately)

 --   (FilmCard viewer)
 --   (promo card)
 --   (1 FilmCard)

Card Album

 --  (3-ring padded binder)

Red Collector's Tin (Diamond exclusive; limited to 1000 copies)

 --   (5 Hobby card packs)
 --   (FilmCard viewer)
 --   (Exclusive FilmCard, either T1 or T2)

Green Collector's Tin (Diamond exclusive; limited to 1000 copies)

 --   (5 Hobby card packs)
 --   (FilmCard viewer)
 --   (Exclusive FilmCard, either T1 or T2 [the other one])


P1   Piccolo
P2   Doore, Salza, and Neiz
P3   Super Saiyan Goku
P4   Cooler

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