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DC Skycaps
SkyBox - 1993

Notes:  Thanks much to Genny Carr for the original checklist!  And thanks to Carlos
Aranda-Díaz for reporting that the common caps came in two versions, one with
a blank back and the other with a blue back stating "Skybox"; and other updates.

No.   Title                                Subset

  1   Superman                             Superman
  2   Clark Kent                           Superman
  3   The Last Son of Krypton              Superman
  4   The Man of Tomorrow                  Superman
  5   Superboy                             Superman
  6   The Man of Steel                     Superman
  7   Ma & Pa Kent                         Superman
  8   Lois Lane                            Superman
  9   Supergirl                            Superman
 10   Doomsday                             Foes of Superman
 11   Mr. Mxyzptlk                         Foes of Superman
 12   Lex Luthor                           Foes of Superman
 13   Brainiac                             Foes of Superman
 14   Parasite                             Foes of Superman
 15   Metallo                              Foes of Superman
 16   Batman                               Batman
 17   The Joker                            Batman
 18   Robin                                Batman
 19   Guy Gardner                          Justice League
 20   Bloodwynd                            Justice League
 21   Blue Beetle                          Justice League
 22   Flash                                Justice League
 23   Green Lantern                        Justice League
 24   Wonder Woman                         Justice League
 25   Booster Gold                         Justice League
 26   Fire                                 Justice League
 27   Ice                                  Justice League
 28   Metamorpho                           Justice League
 29   Elongated Man                        Justice League
 30   Aquaman                              Justice League
 31   Martian Manhunter                    Justice League
 32   Hourman                              Power Players
 33   John Stewart                         Power Players
 34   Black Condor                         Power Players
 35   Black Lightning                      Power Players
 36   The Creeper                          Power Players
 37   Deathstroke                          Power Players
 38   Geo-Force                            Power Players
 39   Guardian                             Power Players
 40   Nghtwing                             Power Players
 41   Pantha                               Power Players
 42   Peacemaker                           Power Players
 43   Hawkman                              Power Players
 44   Shazami                              Power Players
 45   Lobo                                 Power Players
 46   Orion                                Power Players
 47   Green Arrow                          Power Players
 48   Dead Shot                            Super Villians
 49   Monarch                              Super Villians
 50   Ocean Master                         Super Villians
 51   Phobia                               Super Villians
 52   Vandal Savage                        Super Villians
 53   Kanjar Ro                            Super Villians
 54   Darkseid                             Super Villians

 --   Instructions / Checklist Card
 --   Instructions / Limited Edition Collectors Caddy (merchandise offer)


Foil Stamped Bonus Skycaps

F1    Superman S-Shield Logo
F2    The Last Son of Krypton S-Shield Logo
F3    The Man of Tomorrow S-Shield Logo
F4    Superboy S-Shield Logo
F5    The Man of Steel S-Shield Logo
F6    Batman Logo

Checklist Card

DC Skycap Slammer


--    Which, If Any, Is the Real Superman? (5 unpunched caps on information sheet)

©2001, 2002, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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