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DC Cosmic Cards
Impel - 1992

Notes:  Also distributed as a factory set. The numbers are not printed on the hologram cards, 
but are given the designations on the holo checklist. Thanks much to Patrick Long for the 
checklist!  And thanks to Carlos Aranda-Díaz for reporting that there are alternate printings 
of card #44, one with the Trivia Question and one without. And thanks to Michael Kartchner 
and Thomas Null for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.98 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                                Era          Hero

Hero Heritage

  1   Vitamin 2-X                                          Golden Age   Blue Beetle
  2   The Blue Beetle's Magic Scarab                       Silver Age   Blue Beetle
  3   Blue Beetle's Bug                                    Modern Age   Blue Beetle
  4   The Flash's Winged Helmet                            Golden Age   Flash
  5   The Flash's Ring and Costume                         Silver Age   Flash
  6   Flash's Special Police Band Radio Receivers          Modern Age   Flash
  7   Alan Scott's Power Ring                              Golden Age   Green Lantern
  8   Hal Jordan's Power Ring and Battery                  Silver Age   Green Lantern
  9   The Guardians of the Universe                        Modern Age   Green Lantern
 10   Hawkman's Mace and Cestus                            Golden Age   Hawkman
 11   Hawkman's Starship                                   Silver Age   Hawkman
 12   Hawkman's Blaster                                    Modern Age   Hawkman
 13   The Brazier Used to Summon Shazam                    Golden Age   Shazam!
 14   Whiz-TV                                              Silver Age   Shazam!
 15   The Gift of the Elders                               Modern Age   Shazam!
 16   The Daily Star                                       Golden Age   Superman
 17   Superman's Arctic Fortress of Solitude               Silver Age   Superman
 18   The Doomed Planet Krypton                            Modern Age   Superman
 19   Paradise Island, Home of the Amazons                 Golden Age   Wonder Woman
 20   The Invisible Robot Plane                            Silver Age   Wonder Woman
 21   The Magic Lasso                                      Modern Age   Wonder Woman

Villain Heritage

 22   The Cheetah's Dagger                                 Golden Age   Cheetah
 23   The Cheetah's Razor-Tipped Gloves                    Silver Age   Cheetah
 24   Minerva's Cheetah Elixir                             Modern Age   Cheetah
 25   The Powerstone                                       Golden Age   Lex Luthor
 26   Lex Luthor's Lab                                     Silver Age   Lex Luthor
 27   Lex Luthor's Kryptonite Ring                         Modern Age   Lex Luthor
 28   Mr. Mxyztplk's Derby                                 Golden Age   Mr. Mxyztplk
 29   The Fifth Dimension                                  Silver Age   Mr. Mxyztplk
 30   An Example of Mxyztplk's Magic                       Modern Age   Mr. Mxyztplk

Earth's Mightiest Heroes

 31   Animal Man's Alien Benefactors                                    Animal Man
 32   Atlantis, Aqualad's Home                                          Aqualad
 33   The Lighthouse Where Aquaman was Raised                           Aquaman
 34   Black Condor's Dagger                                             Black Condor
 35   Black Lightning's Power Belt                                      Black Lightning
 36   Blackhawk's Plane, The Grumman X-F5F Skyrocket                    Blackhawk
 37   Blue Devil's Rocket-Powered Trident                               Blue Devil
 38   Booster Gold's Wrist Blasters and Power Rods                      Booster Gold
 39   Bronze Tiger's Original Mask                                      Bronze Tiger
 40   The Logans' Experimental Ray                                      Changeling
 41   The Creeper's Transformation Device                               The Creeper
 42   Crimson Fox's Steel Claws                                         Crimson Fox
 43   Cyborg's Arsenal                                                  Cyborg
 44   Deathstroke's Power Staff                                         Deathstroke the Terminator
 45   Dr. Light's Laboratory                                            Dr. Light
 46   Terataya                                                          Dove
 47   Gingold, Elongated Man's Secret Stretching Elixir                 Elongated Man
 48   The Pyroplasm Ray                                                 Fire
 49   The Machine That Created Firehawk                                 Firehawk
 50   Hudson Nuclear Power Plant                                        Firestorm
 51   Gangbuster's Nunchaks and Taser                                   Gangbuster
 52   Prince Brion's Home Country of Markovia                           Geo-Force
 53   The Guardian's Shield                                             The Guardian
 54   Guy Gardner's Library                                             Guy Gardner
 55   T'Charr                                                           Hawk
 56   Hawkwoman's Wings and Anti-Gravity Belt                           Hawkwoman
 57   Hourman's Strength-Augmenting Skin Patches                        Hourman
 58   The Dome, Former Global Guardians Headquarters                    Ice
 59   Jade's Power Pulse                                                Jade
 60   Stewart's Current Home, The Planet Oa                             John Stewart
 61   Soultaker, Katana's Sword                                         Katana
 62   The Orb of Ra, Metamorpho's Sole Weakness                         Metamorpho
 63   Infinity, Inc. Headquarters                                       Mr. Bones
 64   The Nightshade Dimension                                          Nightshade
 65   Nightwing's Stun Disks and Gas Mask                               Nightwing
 66   The Lost City of Feithera                                         Northwind
 67   Nuklon's Exercise Equipment                                       Nuklon
 68   Pantha's Claws                                                    Pantha
 69   Peacemaker's Cybernetic Helmet, Jetpack, and Belt                 Peacemaker
 70   Phantom Lady's Holographic Jewel and Wrist Taser                  Phantom Lady
 71   Karen Starr's Company, Starrware, Inc.                            Power Girl
 72   Rags 'n' Tatters, Rory Regan's Junk Shop                          Ragman
 73   Raven's Soul-Self                                                 Raven
 74   Rocket Red's Electro Net                                          Rocket Red
 75   Speedy's Bow and Arrows                                           Speedy
 76   New Chronos                                                       Troia
 77   Vixen's Tantu Totem                                               Vixen
 78   Grant's Gym                                                       Wildcat

Earth's Mightiest Villains

 79   Amazo's Creation Matrix                                           Amazo
 80   Big Sir's Energy Mace                                             Big Sir
 81   Black Manta's Undersea Craft                                      Black Manta
 82   Roland Desmond's Blockbuster Serum                                Blockbuster
 83   Bolt's Power Glove                                                Bolt
 84   Brainiac's Spaceship                                              Brainiac
 85   Captain Boomerang's Sonic and Explosive Boomerangs                Captain Boomerang
 86   Professor Norton, Chemo's Creator                                 Chemo
 87   Chronos's Time-Wise Weaponry                                      Chronos
 88   Copperhead's Venomous Fangs                                       Copperhead
 89   Vertigo's Inner-Ear Implant                                       Count Vertigo
 90   Deadline's Energy Rifle and Anti-Gravity Disks                    Deadline
 91   Deadshot's Wrist Magnum                                           Deadshot
 92   Dr. Light's Strobe Ray and Teleportation Gun                      Dr. Light
 93   Dr. Polaris' Magno-Gun                                            Dr. Polaris
 94   Eclipso's Black Diamond                                           Eclipso
 95   Goldface's Gold Gun                                               Goldface
 96   Gorilla City                                                      Gorilla Grodd
 97   Houngan's Voodoo Doll                                             Houngan
 98   Jericho's Wildebeest Glove                                        Jericho
 99   Druspa Tau, Kestrel's Homerealm                                   Kestrel
100   Monarch's Space Station                                           Monarch
101   Ocean Master's Oxygen-Filtering Helmet                            Ocean Master
102   The Toxic Waste that Transformed Parasite                         Parasite
103   A Sample of Phobia's Illusions                                    Phobia
104   General Zahl's Laboratory                                         Plasmus
105   The Medusa Mask                                                   Psycho-Pirate
106   The Shadow Field Generator                                        Shadow Thief
107   Silver Swan's Sonic Power                                         Silver Swan
108   Sonar's Sonic Pistol                                              Sonar
109   Toyman's Deadly Arsenal                                           Toyman
110   The Source of Savage's Immortality                                Vandal Savage
111   Warp's Dimensional Portal                                         Warp

Heroes From Beyond

112   Adam Strange's Blaster and Rocket Pack                            Adam Strange
113   The Green Lantern Corps' Earth Headquarters                       Arisia
114   Barda's Mega-Rod                                                  Big Barda
115   The Black Racer's Skis of Death                                   Black Racer
116   Fastbak's Aeropads                                                Fastbak
117   G'nort's Custom-Designed Power Ring                               G'nort
118   Kilowog's Lab                                                     Kilowog
119   Supertown, New Genesis                                            Lightray
120   Lobo's Intergalacticycle                                          Lobo
121   The Planet Mars                                                   Martian Manhunter
122   Metron's Mobius Chair                                             Metron
123   Mr. Miracle's Aero Disks and Multi-Cube                           Mr. Miracle
124   Orion's Mother Box and Astro-Glider                               Orion
125   Starfire's Gordanian Captors                                      Starfire

Villains From Beyond

126   The Mace and Hammer of Ares                                       Ares
127   Tamaran                                                           Blackfire
128   The Planet Apokolips                                              Darkseid
129   Desaad's Killing Gloves                                           Desaad
130   Despero's Deadly Chessboard                                       Despero
131   Godfrey's Mind Control Helmets                                    Glorious Godfrey
132   Granny's Punishment Club                                          Granny Goodness
133   Kalibak's Beta-Club                                               Kalibak
134   The Planet Thanagar                                               Kanjar Ro
135   The Cluster                                                       Manga Khan
136   Maxima's Starship                                                 Maxima
137   The Nebulamobile                                                  Mr. Nebula
138   Sinestro's Power Ring                                             Sinestro
139   Starro's Starship                                                 Starro
140   Steppenwolf's Electro-Axe                                         Steppenwolf
141   The Promethean Galaxy, Yuga Khan's Prison                         Yuga Khan

Great Battles

142   Crisis on Earths One & Two, Card A
143   Crisis on Earths One & Two, Card B
144   Crisis on Earths One & Two, Card C
145   Crisis on Infinite Earths, Card A
146   Crisis on Infinite Earths, Card B
147   Crisis on Infinite Earths, Card C
148   Legends, Card A
149   Legends, Card B
150   Legends, Card C
151   Millennium, Card A
152   Millennium, Card B
153   Millennium, Card C
154   Invasion!, Card A
155   Invasion!, Card B
156   Invasion!, Card C
157   Cosmic Odyssey, Card A
158   Cosmic Odyssey, Card B
159   Cosmic Odyssey, Card C
160   The Great Darkness Saga, Card A
161   The Great Darkness Saga, Card B
162   The Great Darkness Saga, Card C
163   Armageddon 2001, Card A
164   Armageddon 2001, Card B
165   Armageddon 2001, Card C
166   War of the Gods, Card A
167   War of the Gods, Card B
168   War of the Gods, Card C

Classic Covers

169   Action Comics #1
170   All-American Comics #16
171   All Star Comics #3
172   The Brave and the Bold #34
173   New Gods #1
174   Sensation Comics #1
175   Showcase #22
176   Showcase #34
177   Superman #1
178   Wonder Woman #1

179   Checklist Part One
180   Checklist Part Two


Hologram Cards (1:10 packs)

DCH1  Clark Kent and Lois Lane
DCH2  Darkseid
DCH3  Deathstroke the Terminator
DCH4  Flash
DCH5  Green Lantern
DCH6  Hawkman
DCH7  Lobo
DCH8  Superman
DCH9  Wonder Woman
DCH10 Waverider


Cello-Wrapped Set (similar to regular series, no large number on back)

  6   Flash's Special Police Band Radio Receivers          Modern Age   Flash
  9   The Guardians of the Universe                        Modern Age   Green Lantern
 18   The Doomed Planet Krypton                            Modern Age   Superman
 21   The Magic Lasso                                      Modern Age   Wonder Woman
 44   Deathstroke's Power Staff                                         Deathstroke the Terminator

---   (4-card panel, cards 21-120-44-18; Previews)
---   (6-up panel, 2 different)

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