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DC Master Series
SkyBox - 1994

Notes:  Thanks much to Patrick Long for the original checklist, and to Carlos 
Aranda-Díaz, Uschi Lohnes, Dave Christensen, Marcia Fanchin, Chris 
Verdecchia, and Jen Badham for updates!  John Oder reports an error card #53 
with a blank front ... apparently The Flash was so fast that he got away!

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.37 per box if collation were perfect.
Alternate Box: 12 packs of 6 cards.

No.   Title                          Artist

  1   Superman                       John Estes
  2   Supergirl                      John Estes
  3   Superboy                       John Estes
  4   Steel                          John Estes
  5   Cyborg                         John Estes
  6   Lex Luthor II                  John Estes
  7   The Eradicator                 John Estes
  8   Mongul                         John Estes
  9   Doomsday                       John Estes
 10   Glorith & Mordru               Nelson
 11   Valor                          Juda Tverski
 12   Emerald Dragon                 Nelson
 13   Live Wire                      Juda Tverski
 14   Saturn Girl                    Juda Tverski
 15   Cosmic Boy                     Juda Tverski
 16   Virus & Pulse                  Nelson
 17   Andromeda                      Nelson
 18   Polestar                       Nelson
 19   Vril Dox                       Thom Ang
 20   Captain Atom                   Julie Bell
 21   Mirage                         Paul Lee
 22   Martian Manhunter              Bruce Jensen
 23   Nightwing                      Bruce Jensen
 24   Geo-Force                      Bruce Jensen
 25   Battalion                      Lou Harrison
 26   Arsenal                        Lou Harrison
 27   Ferrin Colos                   Lou Harrison
 28   Batman                         Dave Dorman
 29   Robin                          Dave Dorman
 30   Azreal - Batman                Dave Dorman
 31   Bane                           Dave Dorman
 32   Oracle                         Dave Dorman
 33   The Joker                      Dave Dorman
 34   Ra's Al Ghul                   Dave Dorman
 35   Catwoman                       Dave Dorman
 36   Two-Face                       Dave Dorman
 37   Monarch                        John Higgins
 38   Vandal Savage                  John Higgins
 39   Raven                          John Higgins
 40   Poison Ivy                     John Higgins
 41   Black Adam                     John Higgins
 42   Darkseid                       John Higgins
 43   Brimstone                      John Higgins
 44   Doctor Polaris                 John Higgins
 45   Blaze                          John Higgins
 46   Green Lantern                  Tony Harris
 47   Alan Scott                     Tony Harris
 48   Guy Gardner:  Warrior          Tony Harris
 49   Sinestro                       Tony Harris
 50   Hal Jordon                     Tony Harris
 51   Guardians of the Universe      Tony Harris
 52   Impulse                        Hector Gomez
 53   The Flash                      Hector Gomez
 54   Max Mercury                    Hector Gomez
 55   The Spectre                    Tom Mandrake
 56   The Demon                      Tristan Schane
 57   Phantom Stranger               Scott Hampton
 58   Deadman                        Kent Williams
 59   Eclipso                        Duncan Fegredo
 60   Dr. Fate                       Jon J. Muth
 61   Orion                          Dave Devries
 62   Lobo                           Dave Devries
 63   Deathstroke, The Terminator    Dave Devries
 64   Green Arrow                    Ray Logo
 65   Gypsy                          Hector Gomez
 66   Changling                      Ray Logo
 67   Crimson Fox                    Hector Gomez
 68   Metamorpho                     Ray Logo
 69   Maxima                         Hector Gomez
 70   Aquaman                        Hector Gomez
 71   Huntress                       Hector Gomez
 72   The Atom                       Hector Gomez
 73   Damage                         Joe Phillips
 74   Anima                          Joe Phillips
 75   Argus                          Joe Phillips
 76   Truimph                        Joe Phillips
 77   Technocrat & Wylde             Joe Phillips
 78   The Ray                        Joe Phillips
 79   Starman                        Joe Phillips
 80   Gunfire                        Joe Phillips
 81   Faust                          Joe Phillips
 82   Hawkman                        John Bolton
 83   Hawkwoman                      John Bolton
 84   The Guardian                   Steve Rude
 85   Wonder Woman                   Bolton
 86   Blue Beetle & Booster Gold     Cathleen A. Thole
 87   Black Canary                   John Bolton
 88   Power Girl                     John Bolton
 89   Shazam!                        Steve Rude
 90   Checklist


Foil Cards (1:18 packs)

F1    Wonder Woman                   Cathleen A. Thole
F2    Aquaman                        Duncan Fegredo
F3    Green Arrow                    Alexander Gregory
F4    Hawkman                        Nick Choles

Double-Sided Spectra Cards (1:36 packs)

DS1   Green Lantern / Hal Jordon     Joe Devito
DS2   Batman / The Joker             Simon Bisley
DS3   Superman / Doomsday            Tom Fleming
DS4   Flash / Reverse Flash          Boris Vallejo
DS5   Lobo / Lobo                    Bill Sienkiewicz

DS3   Superman / Doomsday            Tom Fleming
Variant with "S" printed backwards, appearing almost like "D23."


SD2   Superman
---   (Redemption Card, 1:240 packs)

Uncut Sheet (box-topper in 12-pack boxes)

---   (4-card panel of foil cards, numbered S1-S4 instead of F1-F4)


C1    DoomsDay                       John Estes
Ci1   Maxima (Cards Illustrated)
D1    DoomsDay (Diamond Conference)  John Estes
H1    DoomsDay (Heroes World)        John Estes
N1    Aquaman (Non-Sport Update)
P1    DoomsDay (Capitol City Con)    John Estes
---   Deathstroke the Terminator, Batman, Hawkman, Poison Ivy
        (4-up panel, 8"x10"; white border)
---   Maxima, Joker, Lobo, Captain Atom (4-up panel, 8"x10"; white border)
---   Deathstroke the Terminator, Batman, Hawkman, Poison Ivy (8"x10", blue
        border; Capitol City 6th Annual Sales Conference; Limited Edition
        numbered to 1000)
---   Maxima, Joker, Lobo, Captain Atom (8"x10", blue border; Capitol City
        6th Annual Sales Conference; Limited Edition numbered to 1000)

6-up Panels

---  (Cards  1- 6)
---  (Cards  7-12)
---  (Cards 13-18)
---  (Cards 19-24)
---  (Cards 25-27 and 73-75)
---  (Cards 28-33)
---  (Cards 34-39)
---  (Cards 40-45)
---  (Cards 46-51)
---  (Cards 52-54 and 61-63)
---  (Cards 55-60)
---  (Cards 64-69)
---  (Cards 70-72 and 88-90)
---  (Cards 76-81)
---  (Cards 82-87)

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