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DC Villains: The Dark Judgment
   SkyBox - 1995

Notes:  Thanks much to Jan Burns Cederquist, Carlos Aranda-Díaz, and
Antonio Maurizio La Monica for additions and suggestions!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.74 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                       Painted By

  1   DC Villains                 Tom Taggart (Created by)
  2   Cheshire                    Thom Ang
  3   Deadline                    Thom Ang
  4   Shrapnel                    Thom Ang
  5   Copperhead                  Thom Ang
  6   KGBeast                     Thom Ang
  7   Scarth                      Thom Ang
  8   Major Force                 Thom Ang
  9   Captain Boomerang           Thom Ang
 10   Black Mask                  D. Alexander Gregory
 11   Black Manta                 D. Alexander Gregory
 12   Ocean Master                D. Alexander Gregory
 13   The Mist                    D. Alexander Gregory
 14   Metallo                     D. Alexander Gregory
 15   Black Adam                  D. Alexander Gregory
 16   Psimon                      D. Alexander Gregory
 17   The Ravager                 D. Alexander Gregory
 18   The Parasite                D. Alexander Gregory
 19   Ventriloquist and Scarface  Mark Chiarello
 20   Toyman                      Mark Chiarello
 21   Hellhound                   Mark Chiarello
 22   Cheetah                     Mark Chiarello
 23   Two-Face                    Mark Chiarello
 24   Parallax                    Mark Chiarello
 25   Cyborg                      Mark Chiarello
 26   Dr. Polaris                 Mark Chiarello
 27   Lyrl Dox                    Mark Chiarello
 28   The Joker                   Simon Bisley
 29   White Lotus                 Simon Bisley
 30   The Shade                   Simon Bisley
 31   Talia                       Simon Bisley
 32   Catwoman                    Simon Bisley
 33   Knockout                    Simon Bisley
 34   Lady Shiva                  Simon Bisley
 35   Man-Bat                     Simon Bisley
 36   Lobo                        Simon Bisley
 37   Bizarro                     Bill Sienkiewicz
 38   Poison Ivy                  Bill Sienkiewicz
 39   The Riddler                 Stu Suchit
 40   Gunhawk                     Stu Suchit
 41   Weather Wizard              Bill Sienkiewicz
 42   The Trickster               Simon Erich
 43   Captain Cold                Simon Erich
 44   Mirror Master               Stu Suchit
 45   Scarecrow                   Bill Sienkiewicz
 46   The Penguin                 Bill Sienkiewicz
 47   Mudpack                     Bill Sienkiewicz
 48   Anarky                      Bill Sienkiewicz
 49   Killer Croc                 Simon Erich
 50   Abra Kadabra                Stu Suchit
 51   Changeling                  Bill Sienkiewicz
 52   King Shark                  Bill Sienkiewicz
 53   Charnelle                   Bill Sienkiewicz
 54   Mr. Mxyzptlk                Mike Cavallaro
 55   Crimelord                   Scott Hampton
 56   King Snake                  Scott Hampton
 57   Bane                        Scott Hampton
 58   Count Viper                 Scott Hampton
 59   Order of St. Dumas          Scott Hampton
 60   Female Furies               Scott Hampton
 61   Blackfire                   Scott Hampton
 62   Darkseid's Elite            Scott Hampton
 63   Monarch                     Scott Hampton
 64   Solomon Grundy              Kent Williams
 65   Felix Faust                 Kent Williams
 66   Kingdom                     Kent Williams
 67   The Demon                   Kent Williams
 68   Circe                       Kent Williams
 69   Wild Huntsman               Kent Williams
 70   Silver Banshee              Kent Williams
 71   Ares                        Kent Williams
 72   Dementor                    Kent Williams
 73   Kobra                       Tony Harris
 74   Dr. Sivana                  Tony Harris
 75   Raven                       Tony Harris
 76   Vandal Savage               Tony Harris
 77   Ra's Al Ghul                Tony Harris
 78   Lord Havok                  Tony Harris
 79   Death Masque                Tony Harris
 80   The Baron                   Tony Harris
 81   Lex Luthor                  Tony Harris
 82   Brimstone                   Joe DeVito
 83   The Controllers             Joe DeVito
 84   The Dominators              Joe DeVito
 85   Brainiac                    Joe DeVito
 86   Mongul                      Joe DeVito
 87   Darkseid                    Joe DeVito
 88   Doomsday                    Joe DeVito
 89   (unknown)                   Joe DeVito
 90   Checklist


Gathering of Evil Spectra Cards (1:7 packs)

ge1   Lex Luthor                  Steve Stanley
ge2   Doomsday                    Steve Stanley
ge3   The Joker                   Steve Stanley
ge4   Darkseid                    Steve Stanley
ge5   Parallax                    Steve Stanley
ge6   Bane                        Steve Stanley
ge7   Mongul                      Steve Stanley
ge8   Brainiac                    Steve Stanley
ge9   Circe                       Steve Stanley

Villains Attack Embossed Cards (1:30 packs)

CC1   Knightfall                  Glenn Fabry
CC2   The Death of Superman       Joe Jusko
CC3   Zero Hour                   Tom Fleming

SkyMotion Card

SM1   Two-Face
--    (Redemption Card, 1:180 packs, expired 28 February 1996)


 --   (6-card panel, gold foil lettering, 10-1/2" x 7; cards 37-28-19/86-75-57)
 --   Two-Face (Unnumbered SkyMotion, "Promo" on front)
 --   (dealer sell sheet)

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