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D-Day Commemorative Collector Cards
River Wye Productions / Thompson Cards - 2005

Notes:  Cards were normally distributed as a boxed factory set including the 
base 81 cards and one chase card. A follow-up WW2 Tribute Collection is 
scheduled for August 2006. Further information and scans are posted at the 
Thompson Cards website.

No.   Title                                         Subtitle

  1   Eisenhower
  2   The Build Up: September 1939-November 1943
  3   The Build Up: Operation Overlord
  4   Operation Fortitude
  5   Admiral Bertram H. Ramsay                     Naval Commander-in-Chief, Expeditionary Force
  6   Air Chief Marshal Trafford L. Leigh-Mallor    Commander in Chief of Allied Air Force
  7   Invasion
  8   Air Bombardment
  9   Sea Bombardment
 10   The US Airborne Assault
 11   Generals: General Maxwell Davenport Taylor    101st Airborne (The Screaming Eagles)
 12   Generals: Major General Matthew B. Ridgway    82nd Airborne Division
 13   Pathfinders
 14   Aircraft: C47 - Skytrain                      Troop Transport (Paratroopers)
 15   US 101st Airborne                             The Screaming Eagles
 16   US 82nd Airborne                              The All Americans
 17   Weapons: M1 Carbine                           .30 Cal Semiautomatic Rifle
 18   Easy Company                                  506th - 101st Airborne
 19   The British Airbourne Assault
 20   Generals: Major General Richard N. Gale       British 6th Airbourne Division
 21   Pegasus Bridge
 22   Aircraft: The Horsa                           Troop Transport (Paratroopers)
 23   The British Leg Bag
 24   Weapons: Webley MkVI                          .38 Pistol Sidearm
 25   Weapons: Sten Gun Mk2                         9mm Sub-Machine Gun
 26   Weapons: Bren Gun LMG                         .303 Cal Light Machine Gun
 27   Bradley
 28   Invasion - Utah Beach
 29   Generals: Major General R.D Barton            4th Infantry Division
 30   Transport: LCT                                Landing Craft Tanks
 31   Transport: DUKW
 32   Transport: Willy's Jeep
 33   Weapons: .50 Caliber                          Heavy Machine Gun
 34   Armour: Sherman                               Medium Tank
 35   Armour: Sherman Firefly                       Medium Tank
 36   Weapons: M1 Garand                            .30 Cal Semi-automatic Rifle
 37   Invasion - Omaha Beach
 38   Generals: Major General R. Huebner,           1st Infantry Division, 29th Infantry Division
        Major General H. Gerhardt
 39   Invasion: Point-du-Hoc
 40   Transport: LCVP & The Higgins                 Landing Craft Vehicle/Personnel
 41   Armour: DD Sherman                            Medium Tank
 42   Weapons: M1919 .30 Caliber MG                 Heavy Machine Gun
 43   Weapons: M1A1 Thompson                        .45 Caliber Sub Machine Gun
 44   Explosives: Bangalore Torpedoes
 45   Chief Dempsey
 46   Invasion - Gold Beach
 47   Generals: Major General Douglas A H Graham    British 50th Infantry
 48   Armour: Churchill Crocodile                   Flamethrower Tank
 49   Mulberry Docks
 50   Weapons: 25-Pounder Field Gun/Howitzer        88mm Towable Field Gun
 51   Armour: Universal Carrier                     Light Armoured Troop Carrier
 52   Aircraft: Spitfire MKIII                      Fighter Plane
 53   Weapons: Sten Gun MK5                         Sub-Machine Gun
 54   Armour: M10 Wolverine                         Tank Destroyer
 55   Invasion - Juno Beach
 56   Generals: Major General Rodney F L Keller     3rd Canadian Infantry Division
 57   Transport: LCI                                Landing Craft Infantry
 58   Weapons: M-36 Grenade                         Mills
 59   Weapons: Vickers Machine Gun MK VIIIz         .303 Caliber Light Machine Gun
 60   Weapons: PIAT                                 Projector Infantry Anti-Tank Weapon
 61   Armour: M7 Priest                             105mm Self Propelled Gun
 62   Invasion - Sword Beach
 63   Generals: Major General T G Rennie            3rd British Infantry Division
 64   Weapons: 3 Inch Mortar
 65   Armour: T17E2 Staghound                       Armoured Car
 66   Weapons: Lee Enfield                          .303 Calibre Bold Action Rifle
 67   Ouistreham
 68   FeldMarshal: FeldMarshal Gerd von Rundstedt   The Atlantic Wall
 69   FeldMarshal: FeldMarshal Erwin Rommel         The Atlantic Wall
 70   Armour: Panzer IV                             Medium Tank
 71   Weapons: Stelegrenate                         Stick Grenade
 72   The Atlantic Wall
 73   Weapons: MP40                                 Sub Machine Gun
 74   Weapons: Mauser Kar 98                        7.92 Caliber Rifle
 75   Beach Obstacles
 76   Bunkers
 77   Weapons: Flak 38                              20mm Anti-Aircraft Gun
 78   Weapons: 88 mm FlaK 18/36/37/41               8.8 cm Flak Gun
 79   Weapons: MG42                                 General Purpose Machine-Gun
 --   Liberation                                    Checklist - A
 --   Tribute                                       Checklist - B


Covert Operations Cards

 C1   Code Breakers                                 The Enigma Machine
 C2   D-Day "Cricket"                               101st "The Screaming Eagles"
 C3   Escape & Evasion Kit                          The Hacksaw & Compass
 C4   The French Resistance
 C5   D-Day Paratrooper Dummies                     U.S. Test Dummy "Oscar"
 C6   Decoy Tanks, Boats & Vehicles

Ultra Rare Medallion Toppers

 M1   The Iron Cross
 M2   The Victoria Cross
 M3   The Medal of Honour

The Overlords

 O1   Sir Winston S. Churchill                      1874-1965
 O2   Adolf Hitler                                  1889-1945
 O3   Franklin D. Roosevelt                         1882-1945

Chief of Staff Triptych

 RM   (Redemption for Three Medallion Cards set)
 RC   (Redemption for Six Covert Cards set)
 RO   (Redemption for Three Overlord Cards set)

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   War Chest - World War II Card Collections (binder)


P1    (Overlords)
P1    (Overlords; foil version)
P2    (Landing)
P3    (Flags)

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