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Bianca Thompson's Dead Divas
   Unstoppable Cards - 2014/2013

Notes: Further information and scans are posted at the Unstoppable website.

No.   Title

Base Cards (6:pack)

  1   Kharma
  2   Shipwretch
  3   Happily Ever After
  4   Avangela
  5   Paupette
  6   Faux-Naïf
  7   Moonlight Flight
  8   Fairy Fright
  9   Veracities Blade
 10   Chardeaths Web
 11   Medusa's Lair of Souls
 12   Elizadeath
 13   Deadlilah
 14   Star-Crossed
 15   All in How You Slice It
 16   Lady of the Death
 17   Hook Line n'Sinkher
 18   Calice

Printing Plate Cards

 --   (cyan, magenta, yellow,black)

Artist Sketch Cards (1:pack)

      Adam Talley
      Anastasia Catris
      Andy Bohn
      Anthony Delaney
      April Reyna
      Bianca Thompson
      Dan Gorman
      Don Pedicini Jr.
      Jason Rousell
      Joshua Werner
      Kimberly Dunaway
      Kitty-Lydia Dye
      Kylie Johnston
      Lynne Anderson
      Mark Martino
      Meghan O'Connell
      Mickey Chaney Jr.
      Sal Galindo
      William F. Withers II


 --   Coming Soon!

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