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Dead Sexy: Hungry Dead Girls
   Unpleasant Dreams - 2012

Notes: This is a sketch-card series. Further information and scans are posted on 
Marty & Boo's blog.

   Artist                    # made

   Bianca Thompson             5
   Chadwick Haverland          3
   Dan Gorman                  5
   Danielle Gransaull Soloud   5
   Don Pedicini Jr             5
   Elfie Leboleux              5
   Ethan Scott Gregory         5
   Francois Chartier           5
   George Webber               5
   Jason Westlake              5
   Johnny Segura               5
   Kristen Allen               5
   Luke Smarto                 5
   Pablo                       5
   Rusty Gilligan             10
   Tim Proctor                 5
   Vince Sunico                5
   Walter Dennis Rice          5

   Boo, Scott Alan Gregory (4" x 6" Art Card)

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