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   Breygent Marketing - 2012

Notes: Some of the Comic Panel card numbers (shown as "?") have not been observed in either the 
Hobby release or in San Diego Comic-Con Mystery Packs. Sketch card previews are shown on the 
Breygent Facebook page.

Box: 72 base-card set + 5 Lenticular + 4 Girls + 2 other inserts.

          No.   Title                                                Artist

            1   School Bus to the Dead
            2   Donna Takes Charge
            3   King Zombie's First Appearance
            4   Deake's Vision of Hell
            5   Evil Children Become Zombies
            6   Finding the Boat
            7   The Dead Come Aboard
            8   Joey's First Kill
            9   Birth of the Grakken
           10   Zombies Have No Religion
           11   Dan Returns
           12   Trapped in the YMCA
           13   Trolling for Information
           14   Amy Reveals Herself
           15   John Gives a Taste
           16   Zombies Shoot Back
           17   Dan Captured
           18   Vamp has a Little Fun
           19   Behind the Glasses
           20   Inverted Crosses Mean Safe
           21   Donna Shows Who's in Charge
           22   The Secret of King Zombie?
           23   Stacy Helps Lead the Town
           24   The Dead Killer
           25   Burn, Zombie, Burn
           26   Planing House...for Awhile.
           27   If the Skin Fits...
           28   Sacrifice of a Friend
           29   Kirk and Clarence Team Up
           30   Showdown at Mackinac Bridge
           31   massacre at Fort Mackinac
           32   Tattoos Attract Vamp
           33   For the head of King Zombie
           34   Quick Weight Loss Trick
           35   Surrender for Love
           36   Surrendering to Fate
           37   Attack on City
           38   Wolverine Unleashed
           39   Zombies Infiltrate City
           40   Death by Fire and Bites
           41   The Evil That Men Do
           42   Demon Lord Is Complete
           43   Opening the Gates
           44   Hunters of Humans
           45   The Chronicles
           46   Enter the Realm
           47   Vamp Pretties Up
           48   Call of the Voodoo Queen
           49   Lair of the Lepers
           50   Zombie Capitol
           51   Donna Finds Safety...Not.
           52   Unleash the Grakken!
           53   Evil Love
           54   Power Play
           55   Power Mad
           56   Enter the Pasta Man
           57   Another Day, Another Body
           58   Split Personality
           59   King Zombie Returns
           60   New York, New York
           61   Storm Warning
           62   Zombie Sense
           63   Under the Bridge
           64   Safe Haven Bound
           65   Welcome to Juarez
           66   Killing Time
           67   The Takeover
           68   Volunteers...Sort Of
           69   The Twisted Mosaic
           70   Stoke the Fires
           71   Fighting for Humanity
           72   Deadworld Trading Cards Checklist


3-D Lenticular Cards (5:box)

    DW-3D-01    Deadworld began in 1986 and was originally release   Vince Locke
    DW-3D-02    One of the key aspects that separated Deadworld fr   Vince Locke
    DW-3D-03    Deadworld was one of the first comics to provide v   Vince Locke
    DW-3D-04    In addition to the intelligent zombies, the creatu   Vince Locke
    DW-3D-05    After Arrow Comics folded due to distribution prob   Vince Locke
    DW-3D-06    The origins of the zombie onslaught continued to b   Vince Locke
    DW-3D-07    The surviving humans in this new Deadworld fought    Vince Locke
    DW-3D-08    One of the hard aspects of dealing with the zombie   James O'Barr
    DW-3D-09    As Deadworld explored more of the world that was c   James O'Barr
    DW-3D-10    The King Zombie reacted to the formation of small    James O'Barr
    DW-3D-11    Deadworld continued on its first volume, up to iss   James O'Barr
    DW-3D-12    After a short hiatus, Deadworld returned in a new    Troy Nixey
    DW-3D-13    Although the zombies were still the primary menace   Galen Showman
    DW-3D-14    As the second volume was finishing up, the movie o   Charles Yates
    DW-3D-15    Deadworld had a long hiatus but was brought back i   Vince Locke

Girls of Deadworld Holographic Foil Cards (4:box)

      DW-G1     Donna
      DW-G2     Stacey
      DW-G3     Grakken
      DW-G4     Vamp 1
      DW-G5     Vamp 2
      DW-G6     Jennifer
      DW-G7     Katherine
      DW-G8     Voodoo Queen 1
      DW-G9     Voodoo Queen 2
      DW-G10    Reyna
      DW-G11    Marla
      DW-G12    Christina

Autograph Cards (with Z-cards, sketches, or comic panels: 2:box)

      DA-DD1    David Dorman [glasses and leather jacket; portrait]
        --      Gary Reed [crowd of faces]
        --      Gary Reed [golden spectacles]
        --      Vincent Locke [black jacket]
        --      Mark Bloodworth [straw hat]
        --      David Day [I don't know...]

Autographed Z-Cards

     DAZ-VL1    Vincent Locke  [blue jacket, holding hands and head]
     DAZ-MB1    Mark Bloodworth  [straw hat]
     DAZ-DD1    David Day  [I don't know...]
     DAZ-GR1    Gary Reed  [crowd of faces; also SDCC version]

Comic Panel Cards

      DCP-3     of 24
      DCP-4       ?
      DCP-9       ?
      DCP-13      ?
      DCP-19      ?
      DCP-21    of  2
      DCP-24    of 16
      DCP-27    of 13
      DCP-38    of 15
      DCP-45    of 12
      DCP-48      ?
      DCP-55    of 13
      DCP-56   of 128
      DCP-58      ?

Sketch Cards

                Sam Agro
                Amy Clark Anderson
                Mary Bellamy
                Mark Bloodworth
                Dan Borgonos
                Kate Bradley
                Hugo Bravo
                Neil Camera
                Darren Chandler
                Daniel Chaparro
                Adam Cleveland
                Adam & Bekah Cleveland
                Jenn Corella
                Aston Roy Cover
                David Day
                Gerald DeDios
                George Deep
                Peter A. DeLuca
                Pablo Diaz
                Kimberly Dunaway
                Michael "Locoduck" Duron
                Marcia Dye
                Brent Engstrom
                Chris Foreman
                Chris Fulton
                Rodney Fyke
                Dave Gasman
                Allen Geneta
                Bruce Gerlach
                Rusty Gilligan
                David Girdley
                Fredd Gorham
                Dan Gorman
                Kevin Graham
                Scott Alan Gregory
                Robert Hack
                David Harrigan
                Erik Hodson
                Jason Hughes
                Laura Inglis
                Chuck Jett
                Gary Kezele
                Greg Kilpatrick
                Ken Knudtsen
                Jim Kyle
                Elfie Leboleux
                Tim Levandoski
                Jun Lofamia
                Steve Lydic
                Dave Lynch
                Gemma Magno
                Chris Manuel
                Mark Q. Marvida
                Bill Maus
                Isaiah McAllister
                Chris Meeks
                Kevin Meinert
                Tony Miello
                Michael Mills
                Steven Miller
                Dave Myers
                William Neff
                Bennett Pisek
                Ashleigh Popplewell
                Bill Pulkovski
                Gordon Purcell
                David Quiles
                Jon Racimo
                Alex Riegel
                Jaime Rodriguez
                MJ San Juan
                Luis Fernando Scheidt
                Dave Sharpe
                Tim Shay
                Jay Shimko
                Louis Small, Jr.
                Joe St. Pierre
                Craig Stuckless
                Jake Sumbing
                Nikki J. Valenzuela
                Andrew Villar
                Joshua Werner
                Jason Westlake
                Steve Willhite
                Lin Workman
                Scott Zambelli
                Matthew Ziegler
                Matthew Zucker

Loaded Box (inserted randomly)

       --       (includes multiple sketch cards)
       --       (Comic Panel Cards # "L" of xx)

Card Album (sold separately)

       --       (binder)
Album Promo 1   King Zombie (exclusive promo card)                   James O'Barr
Album Promo 2   Deadworld (exclusive promo card)                     Vincent Locke

Multiple-Case-Purchase Incentive Cards

       --       Chris Meeks (sketch; 3 cases)
       --       Chris Manuel (sketch)
       --       Loaded Box (includes 25 sketches & chase; packaged in 2 boxes)


  Promo 1       (skull with cross necklace)
  Promo 2       (4-part black, orange, red, yellow)
  Promo 3       (grabbing arm in graveyard with tree)
  Special       (skull with glowing eyes and hair)
       --       (girl over guy in graveyard; Philly Show Spring 2012)
       --       (red and yellow undead with wings; Non-Sport Update)
       --       (axe in back, wrists crossed; Pop Art Con)
       --       (4-panel black and white comic; # to 125)
       --       (3-part white, blue, yellow; SDCC 2012]
  Promo-UK      (white and orange; U.K. distribution)
Album Promo 1   (exclusive album promo; also listed above)
Album Promo 2   (exclusive album promo; also listed above)

2012 SDCC MYSTERY PACK ITEMS (San Diego Comic Con 2012; see also promo list)

Autograph Card

      DA-DD2    David Dorman  [landscape, zombie over red]


      DZ-VL1    Vincent Locke  [head over red]
      DZ-VL2    Vincent Locke  [arms outstretched]

Autographed Z-Cards

       --       Mark Bloodworth  [ripping head open]
       --       David Day  [king at grave]
       --       Vincent Locke  [black jacket]
       --       Vincent Locke  [green blood-spitter]
       --       Gary Reed  [crowd of faces]
       --       Gary Reed  [golden spectacles]

Comic Panel Cards (# x of y; noted if observed only in Hobby packs)

      DCP-1     of 24
      DCP-2     of 21
      DCP-3     of 24  Hobby
      DCP-4      ?
      DCP-5     of 16
      DCP-6     of 16
      DCP-7     of 11
      DCP-8     of  6
      DCP-9      ?
      DCP-10    of 11
      DCP-11    of 13
      DCP-12    of 12
      DCP-13     ?
      DCP-14    of 13
      DCP-15    of 10
      DCP-16    of 14
      DCP-17    of 18
      DCP-18    of 12
      DCP-19     ?
      DCP-20    of 10
      DCP-21     ?
      DCP-22    of  8
      DCP-23    of  7
      DCP-24    of 16  Hobby
      DCP-25    of 14
      DCP-26    of 14
      DCP-27    of 13  Hobby
      DCP-28    of 12
      DCP-29    of 11
      DCP-30    of 16
      DCP-31    of 12
      DCP-32    of 17
      DCP-33    of 11
      DCP-34    of 11
      DCP-35    of 14
      DCP-36    of  7
      DCP-37    of 12
      DCP-38    of 15  Hobby
      DCP-39    of 14
      DCP-40    of 17
      DCP-41    of 14
      DCP-42    of 18
      DCP-43    of 16
      DCP-44    of  8
      DCP-45    of 12  Hobby
      DCP-46    of 15
      DCP-47    of 15
      DCP-48     ?
      DCP-49    of 10
      DCP-50    of 12
      DCP-51    of  9
      DCP-52    of  8
      DCP-53    of  7
      DCP-54    of 17
      DCP-55    of 13  Hobby
      DCP-56   of 128  Hobby Loaded Box
      DCP-57    of 52
      DCP-58     ?
      DCP-59    of 43
      DCP-60    of 63

2012 NEW YORK COMIC CON COLLECTOR CARD PACKS (New York Comic Con 2012; see also promo list)

Deadworld Chronicles: Roadkill Foil Cards (1 set:pack)

      DW-F1     Hitch
      DW-F2     The Hook
      DW-F3     Army of Dead
      DW-F4     Robotfight
      DW-F5     Walking through Fire

3-D Lenticular Cards (1 set:pack)

      DW-NY1    Frozen Over  [Federico Dalloccio]
      DW-NY2    The Last Siesta  [Mark Bloodworth]

Sketch Cards

                Mary Bellamy
                Neil Camera
                Chris Foreman
                Jason Hughes
                Jose Julio
                Elfie Lebouleux
                Gemma Magno
                Mark Q. Marvida
                Ashleigh Popplewell
                Jon Racimo
                MJ San Juan
                Jake Sumbing

Z-Card Sketch Cards

                Aston Roy Cover
                Paul Cowan
                Tim Dowler
                Jason Flowers
                Dan Gorman
                Dave "ZK12" Myers
                Nikki J. Valenzuela
                Steve Willhite

Printing Plate Cards

        --      (base cards)

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