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Dead Zone Seasons 1 & 2
Rittenhouse Archives - 2004

Notes:  Thanks much to Joanna Kohlbus for the update! Further information 
and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs. 12 boxes per case

No.   Text / Title                                      Episode

  1   "I had the perfect life...until I was in a com    (Title Triptych)
  2   Season One Episodes                               (Title Triptych)
  3   Season Two Episodes                               (Title Triptych)
  4   After an evening of fun at a local carnival, J    Wheel of Fortune
  5   Dr. Tran explains to Johnny that he has been i    Wheel of Fortune
  6   Sarah sees Johnny and tells him many painful t    Wheel of Fortune
  7   Following Johnny's terrifyign vision of Alliso    What It Seems
  8   When Sarah comes over to comfort Johnny, her t    What It Seems
  9   Johnny and Bruce discover more details of the     What It Seems
 10   At Faith Heritage University, Reverend Purdy t    Quality of Life
 11   Johnnyt assumes the role of assistant hockey c    Quality of Life
 12   Principal Pelson informs Johnny that benching     Quality of Life
 13   Bruce introduces Johnny to Arthur Allen, a man    Enigma
 14   After meeting Rosie O'Halloran, an old friend     Enigma
 15   Sarah calls Johnny with information that Walt     Enigma
 16   When Johnny receives a jury summons in the mai    Unreasonable Doubt
 17   In the jury room, Johnny takes a seat with the    Unreasonable Doubt
 18   As Johnny's visions raise more questions and d    Unreasonable Doubt
 19   Johnny is alone in his house looking over his     The House
 20   Johnny apparently sees people moving about his    The House
 21   During his confrontation with Reverend Purdy,     The House
 22   Johnny sees a vision of a 16-year-old girl nam    Enemy Mind
 23   Despite Dr. Tran's concerns over his metal sta    Enemy Mind
 24   At the diner, Johnny is thrown into a vision o    Enemy Mind
 25   A confused Johnny awakens one morning to hear     Netherworld
 26   As his dream continues to unfold before his ey    Netherworld
 27   Unable to distinguish between dreams and reali    Netherworld
 28   Johnny watches J.J. outside the Cleaves Mills     The Siege
 29   Sitting next to Sarah inside the bank, Johnny     The Siege
 30   Hurley realizes that Sarah is the sheriff's wi    The Siege
 31   Johnny and Bruce stop to eat in the small town    Here There Be Monsters
 32   The sheriff and local prosecutor cook up a fli    Here There Be Monsters
 33   During the trial, Johnny has a vision that the    Here There Be Monsters
 34   Dana prepares for her "date" with Johnny, when    Dinner With Dana
 35   As the evening progresses, visions of other ch    Dinner With Dana
 36   After Dana leaves Johnny's house to return hom    Dinner With Dana
 37   While traveling through a rural part of Maine,    Shaman
 38   Johnny soon discovers not only that the shaman    Shaman
 39   Johnny realizes that his visions of the meteor    Shaman
 40   On a turoring job at the home of high school s    Destiny
 41   Sarah unexpectedly arrives at Johnny's home an    Destiny
 42   In a flashback from September 2001, just as Gr    Destiny
 43   Shaken by his vision of Armageddon, Johnny gro    Valley of the Shadow
 44   After ranting about how people have turned the    Valley of the Shadow
 45   Walt hands Johnny aother message from the kidn    Valley of the Shadow
 46   The strain in Walt and Sarah's marriage surfac    Descent
 47   Continuing their search, Johnny and Walt reach    Descent
 48   Using a map of the mine provided by reporter D    Descent
 49   Walt, who has suffered near-fatal injuries dur    Ascent
 50   Grabbing Walt's hand, Johnny is immediately th    Ascent
 51   Walt's father Joe appears in Johnny's visions,    Ascent
 52   Johnny sees a TV commercial for a new drug, Re    The Outsider
 53   With Dana's help, Johnny finds Berke living in    The Outsider
 54   Berke invites Claire to lunch, but when she di    The Outsider
 55   Johnny is shopping at a convenience store when    Precipitate
 56   After returning home, Johnny is intermittently    Precipitate
 57   With less than an hour left, Johnny locates th    Precipitate
 58   Greg Stillson pays Sarah a visit one morning t    Scars
 59   Despite being rebuffed in his initial attempts    Scars
 60   Sonny Elliman, Stillson's right hand man, thre    Scars
 61   Johnny reluctantly concedes it's time for impr    Misbegotten
 62   Penny, Anita and a third accomplice, Maddy, ab    Misbegotten
 63   Dana and Sarah reluctantly team up to search f    Misbegotten
 64   Johnny and Reverend Purdy are aboard a plane b    Cabin Pressure
 65   Back in his seat, Johnny touches an air vent,     Cabin Pressure
 66   After the air marshal relieves the captain of     Cabin Pressure
 67   The groceryt store deliveryman brings a jar of    The Man Who Never Was
 68   On a whim, Johnny decides to pay a visit to Je    The Man Who Never Was
 69   Using his psychic abilities, Johnny ultimately    The Man Who Never Was
 70   Walt questions Johnny about his involvement in    Dead Men Tell Tales
 71   Johnny begins having visions of Mickey Doyle's    Dead Men Tell Tales
 72   Johnny learns that Stillson and Donnegal are i    Dead Men Tell Tales
 73   Johnny anxiously awaits the arrival of two clo    Playing God
 74   At Jason's party, Johnny experiences a new vis    Playing God
 75   Johnny seeks help from Purdy, who says that he    Playing God
 76   Bruce's father passes away, and Johnny attends    Zion
 77   Bruce worries that he might be caughts in one     Zion
 78   In this alternate reality, Pastor Lewis tracks    Zion
 79   Bruce joins Sarah, Walt, Dana and Reverend Pur    The Storm
 80   After meteorologist Toni Donahue helps out, Jo    The Storm
 81   As Bruce and Johnny arrive at Moosehead Lake,     The Storm
 82   After working with J.J. on his science fair pr    Plague
 83   When the state's health inspector arrives at t    Plague
 84   Johnny discovers that the SARS-like disease ca    Plague
 85   Johnny and Bruce arrive at a restaurant for di    Deja Voodoo
 86   Johnny follows Natalie to a bookstore, and whe    Deja Voodoo
 87   Similar scenarios with Natalie keep repeating,    Deja Voodoo
 88   Under the pretext of being away for a few days    The Hunt
 89   Johnny's visions help the military identify a     The Hunt
 90   The next day, Johnny has more visions, and the    The Hunt
 91   After a fishing trip on Spirit Lake with Walt     The Mountain
 92   A friendly mountain adventure takes a nasty tu    The Mountain
 93   Johnny's visions reveal that Randy and Pauline    The Mountain
 94   Bruce introduces Johnny to Danny Avila, a boxe    The Combination
 95   When Johnny's predictions become public, Danny    The Combination
 96   Despite Johnny's help, the vision of Danny's d    The Combination
 97   Johnny hears a voice yelling, "the end is comi    Visions
 98   After paying a visit to Wey's wife, Johnny see    Visions
 99   Johnny discovers that the present-day Wey has     Visions
100   Checklist


Behind The Scenes (1:5 packs)

B1    Wheel of Fortune
B2    What It Seems
B3    Quality of Life
B4    Enigma
B5    Unreasonable Doubt
B6    The House
B7    Enemy Mind
B8    Netherworld
B9    The Siege
B10   Here There Be Monsters
B11   Dinner with Dana
B12   Shaman
B13   Destiny

Stars of the Zone (1:20 packs)

S1    Johnny Smith - Anthony Michael Hall
S2    Sarah Bannerman - Nicole deBoer
S3    Walt Bannerman - Chris Bruno
S4    Bruce Lewis - John L. Adams
S5    Gene Purdy - David Odgen Stiers
S6    Dana Bright - Kristen Dalton
S7    Greg Stillson - Sean Patrick Flanery

Casting Call (1:160 packs, numbered to 600)

DZ1   Anthony Michael Hall as Johnny Smith
DZ2   Nicloe de Boer as Sarah Bannerman
DZ3   Chris Bruno as Walter Bannerman
DZ4   John L. Adams as Bruce Lewis
DZ5   Dead Zone Cast (case-topper, numbered to 333; also listed below)

Autograph Cards (1:20 packs)

 --   John L. Adams as Bruce Lewis (Limited)            
 --   Adam Beach as Shaman                              Shaman
 --   Alicia Coppola as Anita/Nicholas                  Misbegotten
 --   Kristen Dalton as Dana Bright (Limited)
 --   Sean Patrick Flanery as Greg Stillson (Limited)   
 --   Anthony Michael Hall as Johnny Smith (Limited)    
 --   David Julian Hirsh as Thomas Berke                The Outsider
 --   Blu Mankuma as Ben Cartwright                     Unreasonable Doubt
 --   Julie Patzwald as Jill Deer                       Enemy Mind
 --   Donnelly Rhodes as Colonel Burt Halsey            The Hunt
 --   Alvin Sanders as Principal Pelson                 
 --   Ally Sheedy as Kate Moore (Limited)               Playing God
 --   Stephen Tobolowsky as Dr. Jim Pratt               Plague
 --   Peter Wingfield as Captain Michael Klein          Cabin Pressure
 --   Scott William Winters as Ranger Randy Turman      The Mountain

Case Topper Card

DZ5   Dead Zone Cast

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (binder)
 --   (15 nine-pocket pages)
 --   Rick Tae as Dr. Tran (exclusive autograph card)
 P3   (7 cast; exclusive promo card)

Archive Box (master set of all cards found in packs)

 --   (marked on outside)
 --   (not marked on outside)

Multi-Case Dealer Incentive Autographed Card

 --   Robert Picardo as Mitch McMurtry


 P1   (5 cast; general distribution)
 P2   (2 cast; Non-Sport Update)
 P3   (album exclusive, also listed above)
 --   (dealer sell sheet)


    Notes: Sold as a complete factory set, with the dual autograph offered for
    the purchase of two sets. The Hall and DeBoer autographs and the dual auto
    tend to bring the highest prices when sold separately. Further information
    is posted at the Rittenhouse website.


 --     Anthony Michael Hall as Johnny Smith
 --     Nicole deBoer as Sarah Bannerman
 --     Chris Bruno as Walter Bannerman
 --     Anna Hagan as Vera Smith
 --     James Handy as Death/Walt's Father              Ascent
 --     Anne Marie Loder as Dr. Toni Donahue            The Storm
 --     Bill Mondy as Deputy Roscoe Fisher
 --     Lochlyn Monro as Jason Moore                    Playing God
 --     Ione Skye as Madeleine Wey                      Visions
 --     Frank Whaley as Chris Wey

Two-Set Purchase Incentive Dual Autograph

 --     Nicole DeBoer / Chris Bruno

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