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The James Dean Collection
Active Marketing - 1992

Note:  Issued in a sealed boxed set, advertising The James Dean Gallery. Each of the 50
cards in the set was issued as a promo card.

No.  Text

 1   Even though Cal Trask, Jim Stark, and Jett Rink w
 2   In 1935 the Dean family moved from Indiana to Cal
 3   On April 14, 1949, Jimmy made the headlines of th
 4   The first photograph of Jimmy on a motorcycle was
 5   The day all high school seniors long for, graduat
 6   Very little about Jimmy's social life during his
 7   Towards the end of 1950, Jimmy landed his first p
 8   In 1951 Jimmy got a role in a live TV drama, "Hil
 9   In the early 1950's acting parts were had to come
10   By September of 1951, Jimmy, on the advice of Jam
11   In November of 1951 while waiting for new roles,
12   Jimmy did a lot of stage work during 1952, and sh
13   Jimmy was known for doing crazy and unpredictable
14   On December 3rd, 1952, the play "See the Jaguar,"
15   Bullfighting was one of Jimmy's obsessions and he
16   To call 1953 a busy year in the career of James D
17   The many TV roles that Jimmy landed in 1953 did n
18   James Dean was twenty-three years old when the fa
19   "East of Eden" was completed on August 13, 1954 a
20   Elia Kazan, the director of Jimmy's first major m
21   The film "East of Eden" was unique in many ways a
22   The two actors that James Dean admired most, coin
23   During the shooting of "East of Eden" another fil
24   While there were always girls around Jimmy, it wa
25   James Dean and Pier Angeli soon became a hot topi
26   The "Night Watch" was the name of a group of Jimm
27   On January 4, 1955, Warner Brothers announced Jim
28   With the prospect of starring in his second major
29   By the end of March 1955, when shooting began on
30   "Rebel Without a Cause," the movie most associate
31   No matter how many times you watch the opening sc
32   "Rebel" was planned to be a film about adolescenc
33   "Rebel Without A Cause" takes place in a twenty-f
34   Unlike most of today's stars, Jimmy had much more
35   When the people you work with in any business agr
36   The Planetarium in "Rebel Without A Cause" stands
37   During the shooting of "Rebel," two more major ro
38   It is told that Jimmy, Natalie Wood and Sal Mineo
39   The dedication that Jimmy displayed while making
40   There was always a mystical aura that surrounded
41   Upon completion of filming "Rebel" on May 25, 195
42   Very few people since James Dean have been consid
43   "Giant" director, George Stevens, had a reputatio
44   While Jimmy was able to improvise at will in "Ede
45   As the filming of "Giant" continued, Jimmy compla
46   Jimmy clearly overshadowed everyone and everythin
47   In "Giant," Jimmy's chamelonlike characterization
48   When "Giant" was finally finished, it ran 201 min
49   At the end of "Giant" it was fate perhaps that al
50   On September 21, 1955, Jimmy traded in his Porsch

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