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Deathwatch 2,000
Classic Games - 1993

Notes: Also distributed as a factory set with 100 cards plus five promos 
PR1-PR5. Thanks much to James Ogden, John Bogle, Jerry Wood, Don 
LaCroix, Steve Lillard, and Uschi Lohnes for updates!

Hobby Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.88 per box if collation were perfect.
Jumbo Box: 20 packs of 15 cards + 1 prism card.
Common sets: approximately 3.0 per box.
Prism sets: approximately 1.0 per box.

No.   Title

  1   Deathwatch 2,000 Begins
  2   Hybrid Power versus Elemental Evil
  3   A Startling Transformation  - Horror
  4   Armor's Own Weapons Could Kill Him
  5   Devilspawn's Fateful Discovery
  6   Urth Faces the Wrath of the Dragon
  7   Cyberrad Faces His Creator/Father
  8   Megalith Faces a Steroid Monster
  9   Highperion Fights Devilspawn
 10   Energy Vampire Strikes
 11   The Horror Revealed
 12   Fyre-Fight
 13   Megalith Rescued by Security Team
 14   Void and Armor Clash amidst Incendiary Havoc
 15   Ancient Lost God Saves Werebreds
 16   Shaman Restores Cyberrad's Flesh
 17   Shaman's Attack
 18   Hellheart's Last Hope
 19   Rem's Wicked Web
 20   Void and Leper Take Aim
 21   Mite Defies Devilspawn's Words
 22   Hellheart Absorbs Nuclear Detonation
 23   Armor Alone
 24   Devilspawn's Ally
 25   Megalith's White-Hot Rage
 26   Horor Left Alone
 27   Lith Kasti's Victory
 28   Fiiiiiir's Revenge
 29   Escape from Death-Jaws
 30   Hovering Death
 31   Desperate Rescue
 32   Inces from Death
 33   Hostage
 34   Lith Kasti
 35   Megalith's Flight
 36   Horror's Narrow Escape
 37   Hydrids Fateful Decision
 38   Devilspawn Faces Mite's Wrath
 39   Cyberrad's First Battle
 40   First Strike
 41   Stunning Underworld Beauty
 42   Monstrous Rescue
 43   Fyre's Pain
 44   "Are You Scared?!"
 45   True Form
 46   Dinosaur Terror
 47   Desperate Warning
 48   Crushing Blow
 49   Painful Realization
 50   Out of Body Experience
 51   Ms. Mystic Captured
 52   Truncheon's Introduction
 53   Concrete Missile
 54   The Mutant Winds
 55   The Dragon's Laughter
 56   Spanng Ting Joins Ms. Mystic
 57   She-Bat's Curiousity
 58   Truncheon's Fervor
 59   Mystic's Search
 60   A Cyclone of Power
 61   Ms. Mystic's Sympathy
 62   Caught in-between Seconds
 63   A Prisoner of Metal
 64   Mystic versus Insect
 65   Preemptive Measures
 66   By Megalith Impaled
 67   Talons of Death
 68   Mystic's Mutated Savior
 69   Stop That Madman
 70   Morph's Deadly Gaze
 71   Ms. Mystic's Fall
 72   Into the Caverns
 73   Prepare for Fear
 74   Urth Collides with Ursssss
 75   Rem's Wicket Trick Fails
 76   Gravity Battering Ram
 77   Earth 4 Attacks Their Dopplegangers
 78   Mite Bounces into the Fray
 79   Evil Elementals
 80   Dinosaur Rampage
 81   "I'm Comin' To Get Ya"
 82   Mental Link-Up
 83   Ayre's Thunderstorm
 84   Hellfire's Burning Evil
 85   Cyberron's Future
 86   Hellheart's Revenge
 87   Megalith Explodes towards the Final Battle
 88   Cyclone's Wrath
 89   Mite on the Rampage
 90   Gymcrack Destroys the Evil Elementals
 91   Shaman's Nightmare
 92   No Escape
 93   Horror's Fury
 94   Hellbenders Attack
 95   She-Bat's Justice
 96   Cyberrad's Resistance
 97   Payback Time
 98   Mistaken Identity
 99   Checklist 1
100   Checklist 2


Hybrid Cels

HC1   Highperion
HC2   Shealth
HC3   Cyclone
HC4   Mite
HC5   Gymcrack
HC6   Horror
HC7   Spanng Ting

Sports Insert Set

SS1   Shaquille O'Neil
SS2   Manon Rheaume
SS3   Ken Griffey, Jr.

Neal Adams Autographed Card (7500 signed & numbered)

---   Jaguarundi

Prism Cards (1:pack, Jumbo Boxes)

BC1   Highperion Faces Extinction
BC2   Silver Streak's Horror
BC3   Dinosaur Military
BC4   Mite Debugged
BC5   Spanng Ting's Incendiary Rockets
BC6   Armor faces the Elusive Dragon
BC7   Armor Attacks
BC8   The Central Core
BC9   Dinosaur Military Police
BC10  Snapshot
BC11  The Phantasm of Gymcrack
BC12  Dragon's Rage
BC13  Armor's Foolish Rage
BC14  CFC Island Nightmare
BC15  Devilspawn Recruits a Monster
BC16  And Here We Have
BC17  A Brother's Fate Revealed
BC18  Armor's Kamikaze Assault
BC19  Dinosaur Citadel
BC20  First Blood


PR1   Desperate Rescue
PR1   Desperate Rescue ("May 2-5, 1993 Capitol")
PR2   Escape From Death-Jaws
PR3   Inches From Death
PR4   Lith Kasti
PR5   Valeria the She[]Bat (art by Neal Adams)
 --   Jaguarundi (unnumbered; "For Promotional Purposes Only")

---   The Rage of Valeria; Hellheart; Werebreds; Jaguarundi
        (4-up panel, 8-1/4" x 7-3/4"; Previews)
---   Shaquille O'Neal; Ken Griffey Jr.; Manon Rheaume; Deathwatch 2000 Begins;
        She-Bat's Justice (5-up panel, art by Neal Adams; numbered to 40,000)
---   Earth 4; Hybrids; Cyberrad; Valeria the She-Bat
        (4-up panel, 7-7/8" x 7-3/8"; Previews)

Continuity Comic Book Inserts
   Polybagged in various Continuity Comics. Some are visible from outside
   the bag, some are not.

  1   Ms Mystic (art by Adam Hughes)
  2   Armor (art by Kevin Nowlan)
  3   Silver Streak
  4   Crazyman
  5   Megalith
  6   Cyberrad (art by Joe Bennett)
  7   Fyre
  8   Watr (art by Neal Adams)
  9   Urth
 10   Ayre
 11   Samuree
 12   Valeria the She-Bat (art by Neal Adams; holofoil; scarce)
        packaged one per 25 comics; also dealer promo for ordering 25
 13   Shaman (rare)
        packaged one per 50 comics; also dealer promo for ordering 50
 14   Horror
 15   Highperion (art by Aron Wiesenfeld)
 16   Spanng Ting
 17   Shealth
 18   Gymcrack (art by Aron Wiesenfeld)
 19   Cyclone
 20   Mite (art by Aron Wiesenfeld)
 21   Devilspawn
 22   She-Bat II
 23   Firebat
 24   Hellheart
 25   Hellfire
 26   Void
 27   Rem
 28   Leper (art by Joe Bennett)
 29   Dragon

Neal Adams Signed Promo Set (numbered to 40)

 --   Neal Adams (signature on card case)
 12   Valeria the She-Bat 
 13   Shaman

©2000, 2002, 2003, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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