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Death of Superbabe
   Spoof Comics / Personality Comics - 1993

Notes: This boxed set contains color comic art, with backs giving spoof story 

No.   Card Text

 --   Death of Superbabe
  1   The most exciting and exploitive Spoof Car Set of
  2   A new supervillainess has burst on the secne, one
  3   Doomsdame! what is she, this hulking bulk of woman
  4   Doomsdame arrives on the scene in a shower of wrec
  5   The three Justice Broads aboard the craft, Batbabe
  6   Bounding through the sky, Doomsdame collides with
  7   Flasher, Batbabe, and J'oann climb battered and br
  8   The Justice Broads, one Superbabe shy of a full de
  9   Flasher, the fastest woman on either side of the M
 10   J'oann, the woman from Mars, stands alone above he
 11   Dismayed by the ineffectiveness of her efforts, J'
 12   The battle is over as quickly as it began, and the
 13   The battle with Doomsdame over, the Justice Broads
 14   The stage for the battle of the century is set! Do
 15   After dusting themselves off after their titanic b
 16   doomsdame continues her march of destruction unhin
 17   In the bustling offices of the Daily Placard, grit
 18   In a desparate rush to head off Doomsdame as quick
 19   Just how many lucky inhabitants of Metrampolis cas
 20   After a brief, red-faced flight to her apartment,
 21   doomsdame's onslaught on Metrampolis continues! In
 22   Superbabe! Our favorite femme collides with the aw
 23   As her friends from the Justice Broads have done b
 24   Oh, dear peruser of this trading card, what evil f
 25   Louis Long, unstoppable in his constant and zealou
 26   Can it be true? Could the most powerful superheroi
 27   Alas! Superbabe's hopes have been in vain! The twi
 28   The battle is rejoined! The lithe and beautiful Su
 29   Doomsdame taunts her smaller and weaker foe, secur
 30   Catfight! What can capture the imagination of Amer
 31   Superbabe knows that the time has come to give it
 32   The outcome of this horror that has been visited o
 33   Within hoursw a grieving planet knows of the death
 34   At Superbabe's funeral, Batbabe says a few words t
 35   The ingenious plot of Superbabe is revealed to the
 36   Planning her return to the skies of Metrampolis, S

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