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Decision 2016 Series 2
   Decision 2016 - 2016

Notes: This series extends the first 2016 series with details of the post-nomination campaign. 
Some inserts may have been produced in unique configurations or foil highlights that have not 
yet been reported.  Numbered cards that have not been observed are shown with an "x"; cards 
with multiple versions for one number are shown with a "+". Further information and scans are 
posted at the Decision 2016 website.

Box: 30 packs. 16 boxes/master case, 4 boxes/inner case.

  No.    Title                       Subset                     Qualifuer / Parallels

High Number Base Cards (16:box)

  136    Ajamu Baraka                Candidates                 Human Rights Activist
  137    Donald Trump                Candidates                 Chairman and President of the Trump Organization
  138    Evan McMullin               Candidates                 Former CIA Operations Officer and Chief Policy Director for House Republican Conference
  139    Gary Johnson                Candidates                 Former Governor of New Mexico 1995-2003
  140    Hillary Clinton             Candidates                 Former United States Secretary of State, U.S. Senator from NY
  141    Jill Stein                  Candidates                 Physician, Health and Environmental Advocate
  142    Mike Pence                  Candidates                 Governor of Indiana 2013-Present
  143    Tim Kaine                   Candidates                 Senator from Virginia Since 2013
  144    William Weld                Candidates                 Governor of Massachusetts 1991-1997
  145    Anne Holton                 The Spouses                Tim Kaine
  146    Bill Clinton                The Spouses                Hillary Rodham Clinton
  147    Karen Pence                 The Spouses                Mike Pence
  148    Melania Trump               The Spouses                Donald Trump
  149    Adam Kinzinger              Future Stars 2020          IL - R
  150    Brian Sandoval              Future Stars 2020          NV - R
  151    Kamala Harris               Future Stars 2020          CA - D
  152    Keith Ellison               Future Stars 2020          MN - D
  153    Marco Rubio                 Future Stars 2020          FL - R
  154    Rick Scott                  Future Stars 2020          FL - R
  155    Tulsi Gabbard               Future Stars 2020          HI - D
  156    Bob Corker                  VEEP Bullpen               R - TN
  157    Chris Christie              VEEP Bullpen               R - NJ
  158    Cory Booker                 VEEP Bullpen               D - NJ
  159    Elizabeth Warren            VEEP Bullpen               D - MA
  160    Jeff Sessions               VEEP Bullpen               R - AL
  161    Joaquin Castro              VEEP Bullpen               D - TX
  162    Joni Ernst                  VEEP Bullpen               R - IA
  163    Michael T. Flynn            VEEP Bullpen               R
  164    Mary Fallin                 VEEP Bullpen               R - OK
  165    Newt Gingrich               VEEP Bullpen               R - GA
  166    Sherrod Brown               VEEP Bullpen               D - OH
  167    Amy Klobuchar               Influencers                D - MN
  168    Angela Merkel               Influencers                CDU - GER
  169    Barbara Boxer               Influencers                D - CA
  170    Ben Carson                  Influencers                R - MI
  171    Ben Sasse                   Influencers                R - NE
  172    Bernie Sanders              Influencers                IND - VT
  173    Bob Dole                    Influencers                R - KS
  174    Chelsea Clinton             Influencers                D - NY
  175    Corey Lewandowski           Influencers                R - NH
  176    DeRay Mckesson              Influencers                D - MA
  177    Donald Trump Jr.            Influencers                R - NY
  178    Eric Trump                  Influencers                R - NY
  179    Geraldine Ferarro           Influencers                D - NY
  180    Ivanka Trump                Influencers                R - NY
  181    James Comey                 Influencers                R - NY
  182    Jan Brewer                  Influencers                R - AZ
  183    Jeff Weaver                 Influencers                IND - VT
  184    Joe Scarborough             Influencers                R - FL
  185    John Lewis                  Influencers                D - GA
  186    John Thune                  Influencers                R - SD
  187    Justin Trudeau              Influencers                LIB - CAN
  188    Loretta Lynch               Influencers                D - NY
  189    Marsha Blackburn            Influencers                R - TN
  190    Newt Gingrich               Influencers                R - GA
  191    Paul Manafort               Influencers                R - CT
  192    Paul Ryan                   Influencers                R - WI
  193    Pete King                   Influencers                R - NY
  194    Rahm Emanuel                Influencers                D - IL
  195    Rick Perry                  Influencers                R - TX
  196    Scott Brown                 Influencers                R - MA
  197    Sheriff David Clarke        Influencers                D - WI
  198    Sheriff Joe Arpaio          Influencers                R - AZ
  199    Shirley Chisholm            Influencers                D - NY
  200    Susana Martinez             Influencers                R - NM
  201    Tim Geithner                Influencers                IND - NY
  202    Tom Perez                   Influencers                D - NY
  203    Ted_Cruz                    Influencers                R - TX
  204    Victoria Woodhull           Influencers                EQR - OH
  205    Debbie Wasserman Schultz    Loyalists/Influencers      D - FL
  206    Donna Brazile               Loyalists/Influencers      D - LA
  207 +  Elizabeth Warren            Loyalists/Influencers      D - MA
  207 +  Liz Warren [variant]        Loyalists/Influencers      D - MA
  208    Gabby Giffords              Loyalists/Influencers      D - AZ
  209    Huma Abedin                 Loyalists/Influencers      D - MI
  210    Herman Cain                 Loyalists/Influencers      R - GA
  211    Jennifer Granholm           Loyalists/Influencers      D - MI
  212    John Podestda               Loyalists/Influencers      D - IL
  213    Kellyanne Conway            Loyalists                  R - NJ
  214    Rudy Giuliani               Loyalists/Influencers      R - NY
  215    Sarah Palin                 Loyalists/Influencers      R - AL
  216    Terry Mcauliffe             Loyalists/Influencers      R - NJ
  217    Chris Christie              Loyalists/Influencers      R - NJ
  218    Trump Names Mike Pence                       Campaign Moments           July 14, 2016
  219    Hillary Names Tim Kaine                      Campaign Moments           July 22, 2016
  220    Johnson Names Weld                           Campaign Moments           May 29, 2016
  221    Carly Named Cruz VP                          Campaign Moments           April 27, 2016
  222    Violence at Campaign Rallies                 Campaign Moments           (no date)
  223    Bernie Endorses Hillary                      Campaign Moments           July 12, 2016
  224    Cruz Doesn't Endorse Trump at RNC            Campaign Moments           July 20, 2016
  225    GOP Elite Skip Convention                    Campaign Moments           (no date)
  226    Wasserman Schultz Resigns at Convention      Campaign Moments           (no date)
  227    David Brown/Mike Rawlings                    Campaign Moments           July 7, 2016
  228    Democrats Sit-In over Gun Control            Campaign Moments           June 22, 2016
  229 x  Secret Service in Action - Hillary           Campaign Moments
  230    Secret Service in Action - Trump             Campaign Moments           March 12, 2015 [sic]
  231    Trump Goes to Mexico                         Campaign Moments           August 31, 2016
  232    What Is Aleppo?                              Campaign Moments           September 8, 2016
  233    Arrest Warrants issued for Stein and Baraka  Campaign Moments           September 9, 2016
  234    George Bush and Michelle Obama               Campaign Moments           September 24, 2016
  235    Howard Dean Scream - 2004                    Campaign Moments           January 19, 2004
  236    09/26/2016 - Presidential Debate #1          Debate Moments
  237    September, 2016 - Green Party Protests       Debate Moments
            Debate Exclusion
  238    10/04/2016 - Vice-Presidentil Debate         Debate Moments
  239    10/09/2016 - Presidential Debate #2          Debate Moments
  240    10/19/2016 - Presidential Debate #3          Debate Moments
  241    10/19/1992 - Presidential Debate             Debate Moments
  242    Mindy Finn                                   Candidates                 VP Running Mate of Independent Evan McMullin and Digital Media Strategist
  243    H. Ross Perot                                Influencers
  244    Ron Paul                                     Influencers
  245    Vladimir Putin                               Influencers
  246    Julian Assange                               Influencers                AUS

Trump Under Fire (4:box)

TUF25    Attacked Over Non-Release of Tax Returns                                       silver  gold  pink  green
TUF26    Cruz Attacks, Defends Wife                                                     silver  gold  pink  green
TUF27    Elizabeth Warren Attacks                                                       silver  gold  pink  green  blue  red
TUF28    GOP Elite Skip RNC                                                             silver  gold  pink  green
TUF29    Melania Steals Obama speech                                                    silver  gold  pink  green        red
TUF30    Mitt Romney Won't Vote for Trump                                               silver  gold  pink  green  blue
TUF31    Paul Ryan Refuses to Endorse Trump                                             silver  gold  pink  green
TUF32    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Attacks                                                    silver  gold  pink  green
TUF33    Will Pay Legal Bills of Rally Defenders                                        silver  gold  pink  green        red
TUF34    Women Who Get Abortions Should Be Punished                                     silver  gold  pink  green  blue
TUF35    Small Hands, Big...                                                            silver  gold  pink  green
TUF36    Misogynistic Behavior                                                          silver  gold  pink  green  blue  red
TUF37    Star of David on Hillary Tweet                                                 silver  gold  pink  green        red
TUF38    Trump Attacks Heritage of Indiana Judge                                        silver  gold  pink  green        red
TUF39    Trump Clothing Made Overseas                                                   silver  gold  pink  green  blue  red
TUF40    Trump Removes Crying Baby from Rally                                           silver  gold  pink  green        red
TUF41    Trump University Called a "Scam"                                               silver  gold  pink  green        red
TUF42    Trump vs. Khizr Kahn                                                           silver  gold  pink  green        red
TUF43    Alleged relationship with Putin                                                silver  gold  pink  green
TUF44    Trump Calls Obama Founder of ISIS                                              silver  gold  pink  green
TUF45    Trump Running Against Media                                                    silver  gold  pink  green
TUF46    Trump Says Blacks Have Nothing to Lose                                         silver  gold  pink  green        red
TUF47    2nd Ammendment People Could Do Something                                       silver  gold  pink  green  blue  red
TUF48    Advisers Accused of Russian Relationships                                      silver  gold  pink
TUF49    Lewandowski Grabs Reporter, Trump Remains Loyal                                silver  gold  pink  green
TUF50    Enrique Peña Won't Pay for Wall Either                                         silver  gold  pink  green
TUF51    Daily Mail Publishes/Retracts Melania Story                                    silver  gold  pink  green  blue
TUF52    Trump Bans Washington Post from Rallies                                        silver  gold  pink  green  blue
TUF53    Trump's Butler Says Obama Should Have Been Shot                                silver  gold  pink  green  blue  red
TUF54    Tapes of Trump Posing as Own PR Rep                                            silver  gold  pink  green  blue  red
TUF55    Trump Softens on Immigration                                                   silver  gold  pink  green
TUF56    Trump Recants Birther Concerns                                                 silver  gold  pink  green  blue
TUF57    Trump Denies Supporting Iraq War                                               silver  gold  pink  green
TUF58    1996 Miss Universe Criticized                                                  silver  gold  pink  green        red
TUF59    Tax Return Leaked with Huge Loss!                                              silver  gold  pink  green  blue
TUF60    The Billy Bush Tapes                                                           silver  gold  pink  green        red

Clinton Controversies Cards (3:box)

 CC1     The Clinton Foundation                                                         silver  gold  pink  green
 CC2     Relationship with Former KKK Leader Robert Byrd                                silver  gold  pink  green
 CC3     Percieved Conflicts of Interest at Teneo                                       silver  gold  pink  green
 CC4     Hacked DNC Emails Show Favoritism over Bernie                                  silver  gold  pink  green
 CC5     FBI: Hillary Lied about E-mail Security                                        silver  gold  pink  green
 CC6     Former Secret Service Agent Book Blasts Hillary                                silver  gold  pink  green
 CC7     Hillary Sccused of Demeaning Bill's Accusers                                   silver  gold  pink  green
 CC8     FBI: Hillary Destroyed 30,000 E-mails                                          silver  gold  pink  green
 CC9     Hillary's Health Questioned                                                    silver  gold  pink  green
 CC10    Hillary Hides, Then Admits Pneumonia                                           silver  gold  pink  green  blue
 CC11    Hillary Claims Landing Under Bosnia Sniper Fire                                silver  gold  pink  green
 CC12    Hillary Accused of Lying to Benghazi Victim Families                           silver  gold  pink  green
 CC13    FBI: Hillary Maintained an Insecure Private Server                             silver  gold  pink  green
 CC14    Huma Abedin Alleged Ties to "Muslim Brotherhood"                               silver  gold  pink  green
 CC15    "A Basket of Deplorables"                                                      silver  gold  pink  green
 CC16    Mysterious Deaths Surround Clintons                                            silver  gold  pink  green
 CC17    Orlando Terrorist Family at Hillary Rally                                      silver  gold  pink  green        red
 CC18    Accused: Pay for Play as Secretary of State                                    silver  gold  pink  green
 CC19    The Benghazi Embassy Attack and Hearings                                       silver  gold  pink  green
 CC20    Hillary Doesn't Release Wall Street Speeches                                   silver  gold  pink  green        red
 CC21    Clinton 2008 Staff Created Birther Rumor                                       silver  gold  pink  green        red
 CC22    No Press Conferences Held in Over 275 Days                                     silver  gold  pink  green  blue
 CC23    Clinton Staffers Plead the 5th, Granted Immunity                               silver  gold  pink  green  blue  red
 CC24    Looting the White House                                                        silver  gold  pink  green  blue

First Lady Portraits (all are Super Short Prints)

FLP10    Lady Bird Johnson
FLP11    Mamie Eisenhower
FLP12    Bess Truman
FLP13    Eleanor Roosevelt

Candidate Portraits (4:box)

 CP29    Al Gore
 CP30    Bob Dole
 CP31    Dan Qualye
 CP32    Dick Cheney
 CP33    Donald Trump
 CP34    Dwight D Eisenhower
 CP38    Gary Johnson
 CP35    George H.W. Bush
 CP36    Gerald R. Ford
 CP37    Geraldine Ferraro
 CP40    Hillary Clinton
 CP41    Howard Dean
 CP42    Jack Kemp
 CP43    Jill Stein
 CP44    Jimmy Carter
 CP45    John F. Kennedy
 CP46    John Kerry
 CP57    Lloyd Bentsen               Short Print
 CP47    Lyndon B. Johnson
 CP56    Michael Dukakis             Short Print
 CP48    Mike Pence
 CP58    Nelson Rockefeller          Short Print
 CP49    Newt Gingrich
 CP27    Paul Ryan
 CP50    Richard M. Nixon
 CP51    Robert F. Kennedy
 CP52    Ron Paul
 CP39    Ross Perot
 CP53    Tim Kaine
 CP59    Victoria Woodhull           Short Print
 CP55    Walter Mondale              Short Print
 CP54    William Weld

Battleground States: 270 to Win

BGS1     Arizona                     11
BGS2     Colorado                     9
BGS3     Florida                     29
BGS4     Iowa                         6
BGS5     Missouri                    19
BGS6     Nevada                       6
BGS7     New Hampshire                5
BGS8     North Carolina              15
BGS9     Ohio                        18
BGS10    Virginia                    13

Elite Cards (1:8 boxes)

  E8     Lincoln Memorial                         Dedicated on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. in 1922        gold  blue  red
  E9     Washington Monument                                                                                        gold        red
  E10    Statue of Liberty                        Dedicated October 28, 1886, Liverty Island, Manhattan, NY.        gold  blue  red
  E11    Feel the Bern                            Bernie Sanders - Born 9/8/1941                                    gold  blue  red
  E12    Five Living Presidents                   January 7, 2009 - The Oval Office                                 gold  blue  red
  E13    Five Living First Ladies                 April 25, 2013 - George W. Bush Presidential Library Dedication         blue  red
  E14    Kennedy - Nixon First Debate                                                                               gold             also Gold blank back
  E15    Mount Rushmore National Monument         Location: Black Hills in Keystone, SD. Sculpted by Gutzan Borgl   gold  blue  red
  E16    Orlando Night Club Shooting              In Memorium                                                       gold  blue  red
  E17    Fred Thompson - 1942-2015                In Memorium - Attorney, Lobbyist, Actor and Senator               gold        red
  E18    Rob Ford - 1969-2016                     In Memorium - Mayor of Toronto, Canada                            gold
  E19    Dallas Police Shootings - July 7, 2016   In Memorium - Dallas                                              gold        red
  E20    Phyllis Schlafly - 1924-2016             In Memorium - Lawyer and Conservative Activist                    gold  blue  red

God Bless America Flag Cards (1:2 boxes)

GBA19    Bill Clinton                Hope, Arkansas                                     gold         blue  red
GBA20    Colin Powell                Harlem, New York City                              gold         blue
GBA21    Dick Cheney                 Lincoln, Nebraska                                  gold         blue  red
GBA22    Donald & Melania Trump      Manhattan, New York City                           gold
GBA23    Donald Trump                Queens, New York                                   gold  green  blue  red
GBA44    Donald Trump                Palm Beach, Florida [Short Print]                  gold  green  blue  red
GBA24    Elizabeth Warren            Oklahoma City, Oklahoma                                  green        red
GBA25    Gabby Giffords              Tucson, Arizona                                    gold
GBA26    Gary Johnson                Minot, North Dakota                                gold  green
GBA27    George H.W. Bush            Milton, Massachusetts                              gold  green  blue  red
GBA28    Hillary Clinton             Chicago, Illinois                                  gold  green  blue  red
GBA45    Hillary Clinton             Chappaqua, New York [Short Print]                  gold  green  blue  red
GBA29    James Comey                 Yonkers, New York                                  gold  green 
GBA40  x Jennifer Granholm
GBA30    Jill Stein                  Chicago, Illinois                                  gold  green  blue
GBA31    John F. Kennedy             Brookline, Massachusetts                           gold         blue
GBA32    Kirsten Gillibrand          Albany, New York                                   gold
GBA33    Mike Pence                  Columbus, Indiana                                  gold
GBA34    Newt Gingrich               Harrisburg, Pennsylvania                           gold  green  blue  red
GBA35    Paul Ryan                   Janesville, Wisconsin                              gold  green  blue
GBA36    Ronald Reagan               Tampico, Illinois                                  gold  green  blue
GBA37    Rudy Guiliani [sic]         East Flatbush, New York City                       gold  green  blue
GBA38    Sarah Palin                 Sandpoint, Idaho                                   gold
GBA39    Sheriff David Clarke        Milwaukee, Wisconsin                               gold  green  blue  red
GBA46    Sheriff Joe Arpaio          Sprinfield [sic], Massachussetts [Short Print]     gold         blue
GBA47    Ted Cruz                    Calgary, Canada [Short Print]                      gold  green  blue
GBA41    Tim Kaine                   St. Paul, Minnesota                                gold         blue
GBA42    Tulsi Gabbard               Leloaloa, American Samoa                           gold  green  blue
GBA43    William Weld                Smithtown, New York                                gold         blue

Super Flag (Jumbo) Cards (1:4 boxes)

         Black and white versions came with different color center stripes.

 SF24    Bill Clinton                                                                   gold         militaryGreen 
 SF25    Colin Powell                                                                         sepia  militaryGreen
 SF26    Dick Cheney                                                                    gold  sepia  military       B&Wblue
 SF27    Donald Trump                1/8-L profile                                      gold  sepia                 B&Wblack  B&Wred
 SF45    Donald Trump                2/3-R profile [Short Print]                        gold  sepia                 B&Wblack  B&Wred
 SF28  x Elizabeth Warren
 SF29    Gabby Giffords                                                                       sepia  military
 SF30    Gary Johnson                                                                   gold                                      B&Wblue
 SF31    George H.W. Bush                                                               gold                        B&Wblack
 SF32    Hillary Clinton             eyes L, necklace                                   gold  sepia sepiaAF green   B&Wblack  B&Wblue
 SF46    Hillary Clinton             face fwd [Short Print]                             gold  sepiaAF  military     B&Wblack
 SF33    James Comey                                                                    gold  sepiaAF  military                   B&Wblue
 SF34    Jill Stein                                                                           blue   sepiaAF        B&Wblue
 SF35    John F. Kennedy                                                                gold         military       B&Wblack
 SF36    Melania Trump                                                                  gold         military       B&Wblack  B&Wblue
 SF49    Michael T. Flynn            [Short Print]                                      gold         militaryGreen
 SF37    Mike Pence                                                                     gold  sepia  sepiaAF  military
 SF38    Paul Ryan                                                                      gold         military       B&Wred
 SF39    Ronald Reagan                                                                  gold         militarySilver 
 SF40    Rudy Guiliani                                                                  gold  sepia B&Wmilitary B&Wblack  B&Wblue  B&Wred
 SF41    Sarah Palin                                                                          sepia  military       sepiaAF       B&Wmilitary
 SF42    Sheriff David Clarke                                                           gold                        B&Wblue
 SF48    Sheriff Joe Arpaio          [Short Print]                                      gold                        B&Wblack
 SF47    Ted Cruz                    [Short Print]                                      gold  sepia 
 SF43    Tim Kaine                                                                      gold  sepia  military       B&Wblack
 SF44    William Weld                                                                   gold

Pieces of America (stamp and quarter; 1:4 boxes)

 PA22    Bill Clinton                Arkansas
 PA47    Colin Powell                New York
 PA23  + Dick Cheney                 District of Columbia
 PA23  x Dick Cheney                 Nebraska
 PA24    Donald Trump                New York
 PA46    Donald Trump                Florida
 PA25    Elizabeth Warren            Massachusetts
 PA26  x Gabby Giffords              Arizona
 PA27  + Gary Johnson                New Mexico
 PA27  x Gary Johnson                North Dakota
 PA28  x George H.W. Bush            Massachusetts
 PA28  + George H.W. Bush            Texas
 PA29    Hillary Clinton             New York
 PA44    Hillary Clinton             Illinois
 PA30    Jill Stein                  Massachusetts
 PA42    Jill Stein                  Illinois
 PA31    Joe Biden                   District of Columbia
 PA32    John F. Kennedy             Massachusetts
 PA33    John McCain                 Arizona
 PA34    Mike Pence                  Indiana
 PA35    Newt Gingrich               Pennsylvania
 PA36  x Paul Ryan                   Wisconsin
 PA37    Ronald Reagan               California
 PA45    Ronald Reagan               Illinois
 PA38    Rudy Giuliani               New York
 PA39    Sarah Palin                 Alaska
 PA40  + Tim Kaine                   Minnesota
 PA40  + Tim Kaine                   Virginia
 PA43  x Tim Kaine                   Minnesota
 PA41  + William Weld                Massachusetts
 PA41  + William Weld                New York

Money Cards (1:8 boxes)

 MO19    Bernie Sanders                                                                 gold         blue  red
 MO20    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz                                                       gold               red
 MO21    Dick Cheney                                                                    gold         blue
 MO22    Donald Trump                                                                   gold  green  blue  red
 MO23    Elizabeth Warren                                                               gold               red
 MO24    Gary Johnson                                                                   gold         blue  red
 MO25    Hillary Clinton                                                                gold  green        red
 MO26    Jill Stein                                                                     gold         blue  red
 MO27    John F. Kennedy                                                                gold         blue
 MO28    Mike Pence                                                                     gold         blue
 MO29    Newt Gingrich                                                                  gold
 MO30    Paul Ryan                                                                      gold         blue
 MO31    Richard Nixon                                                                  gold  green  blue  red
 MO32    Rick Perry                                                                     gold               red
 MO33    Rudy Giuliani                                                                  gold  green  blue  red
 MO34    Sarah Palin                                                                                 blue  red
 MO35    Tim Geithner                Short Print                                        gold               red
 MO36    Tim Kaine                   Short Print                                        gold  green
 MO37    Jack Lew                    Short Print                                        gold  green  blue  red
 MO38    George Soros                Short Print                                        gold  green

Political Gem Cards (1:4 boxes)

  G27    Barack Obama                                                                   gold  green  blue  red
  G28    Bill Clinton                                                                   gold               red
  G29    Donald Trump                                                                   gold  green  blue  red
  G30    Elizabeth Warren                                                               gold  green
  G31    Gabby Giffords                                                                 gold  green
  G32    Gary Johnson                                                                   gold  green
  G33    Hillary Clinton                                                                gold  green  blue  red
  G34    Jill Stein                                                                     gold  green        red
  G35    Joe Biden                                                                      gold  green
  G36    John F. Kennedy                                                                gold  green        red
  G37    John McCain                                                                          green
  G38    Mike Pence                                                                           green  blue  red
  G39    Newt Gingrich                                                                  gold  green
  G40    Paul Ryan                                                                      gold  green
  G41    Ronald Reagan                                                                  gold  green  blue
  G42    Rudy Giuliani                                                                  gold  green
  G43    Sarah Palin                                                                    gold  green  blue
  G44    Tim Kaine                                                                      gold         blue  red

Presidential Premiums Cards (1:8 boxes)

PPDT1    Donald J. Trump             At the age of 13, Trump was enrolled in the New Yo               blue  red
PPDT2    Donald J. Trump             In 1973 Trump was the President of the Trump Organ         gold  blue  red
PPDT3    Donald J. Trump             Harrah's at Trump Plaza was his first of many casi         gold  blue
PPDT4    Donald J. Trump             (In casino)                                                gold
PPDT5    Donald J. Trump             November 3, 1987 was one of multiple occasions Do          gold  blue  red
PPDT6    Donald J. Trump             Trump owns or manages 18 golf courses worldwide. T         gold  blue  red
PPDT7    Donald J. Trump             From 1996 to 2015 Trump owned and operated the Mis         gold        red
PPDT8    Donald J. Trump             (Trump and Pence)                                          gold             blankback
PPDT9    Donald J. Trump             July 21, 2016 - Donald J. Trump and VP running mat         gold  blue  red
PPDT10   Donald J. Trump             Republican nominee for President of the United Sta                     red  blankback

PPHC1    Hillary Rodham Clinton      Graduate of Yale Law School - In 1974 she was a me         gold  blue  red
PPHC2    Hillary Rodham Clinton      While both were attending Yale Law School, Hillary         gold  blue  red
PPHC3    Hillary Rodham Clinton      Bill Clinton was first elected President in 1992.                      red
PPHC4    Hillary Rodham Clinton      In 2000, Hillary became the first, First Lady to r         gold        red
PPHC5    Hillary Rodham Clinton      2008 - Hillary ran for the Democratic Presidential         gold  blue  red
PPHC6    Hillary Rodham Clinton      (Blue/black check jacket)                                  gold             blankback
PPHC7    Hillary Rodham Clinton      (Bill & Hillary)                                           gold
PPHC8    Hillary Rodham Clinton      At the 2016 DNC, Hillary became the first Major pa         gold
PPHC9    Hillary Rodham Clinton      Hillary wins a tough battle against Bernie Sanders         gold  blue
PPHC10   Hillary Rodham Clinton      (portrait, chin up)                                        gold  blue

Cut Signatures (1:4 boxes)

   --    Barbara Boxer                                                                  gold
   --    Ben Carson                                                                     gold
   --  x Bernie Sanders
   --    Bill Clinton                                                                   gold
   --    Bobby Jindal                                                                   gold
   --    Carly Fiorina                                                                  gold
   --    Chris Christie                                                                 gold
   --    Dick Cheney                                                                    gold
   --    Donald J. Trump             3/4-R profile                                      gold
   --    Donald Trump                 [Short Print]                                     gold
   --    Elizabeth Warren                                                               gold
   --  x George W. Bush
   --    Herman Cain                                                                    gold
   --    Hillary Clinton             red dress, tbhumb up                               gold
   --    Hillary Clinton             blue dress [Short Print]                           gold
   --    Jeb Bush                                                                       gold
   --    Jimmy Carter                                                                   gold
   --  x Joe Biden
   --  x John Kasich
   --    John McCain                                                                    gold
   --  x Lindsey Graham
   --    Marco Rubio                                                                    gold
   --    Martin O'Malley                                                                gold
   --    Mike Huckabee                                                                  gold
   --  x Mike Pence
   --    Mitt Romney                                                                    gold
   --    Newt Gingrich                                                                  gold
   --    Paul Ryan                                                                      gold
   --  x Barack Obama
   --  x Rand Paul
   --  x Rick Perry
   --  x Rick Santorum
   --  x Rudy Giuliani
   --  x Sarah Palin
   --    Scott Walker                                                                   gold
   --    Ted Cruz                                                                       gold
   --  x Tim Kaine

Sketch Cards (1:case)

   --    Alan S. Dyson
   --    Andy Driscoll
   --    Brian Kong
   --    Chris Meeks
   --    Eric Müller
   --    Kevin ?
   --    Matt Maley
   --    (others)


         Other regular cards may have been stamped with convention logos.

 NC1     Head 2 Head: Donald J. Trump / Hillary Clinton                   National Sports Collectors Convention
 NC2     Portraits: Hillary Clinton                                       National Sports Collectors Convention
 NC3     Portraits: Donald J. Trump                                       National Sports Collectors Convention
 NC4     Campaign Moments: Hillary Clobbers Bernie in South Carolina      National Sports Collectors Convention
 NC5     Campaign Moments: Trump Huge in New Hampshire                    National Sports Collectors Convention
 NC6     Hillary Clinton                                                  National Sports Collectors Convention
 NC7     Donald J. Trump                                                  National Sports Collectors Convention
 NC8     The Finalists: Hillary Clinton                                   National Sports Collectors Convention
 NC9     The Finalists: Donald J. Trump                                   National Sports Collectors Convention
 RNC1    Donald J. Trump [thumb up]                                       RNC Convention - July 18-21 (2016)
 RNC2    Donald J. Trump [blue tie]                                       RNC Convention - July 18-21 (2016)
 RNC3    Portraits: Donald J. Trump                                       RNC Convention - July 18-21 (2016)
 CP2     Hillary Clinton                                                  National - Aug 3-7, 2016 (different show logo)


  No.    Error                       Correction

   15    Lincoln Chaffee             Lincoln Chafee
   50    Tom Kaine                   Tim Kaine

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