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Decision 92
AAA Sports - 1992

Note: The "Surprise Cards" were also distributed as promos prior to the party conventions, 
and were redeemable later for cards representing the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee 
(#95), the Republican V.P. nominee (#96), and the Presidential winner (#97). In a largely 
unsuccessful marketing ploy, AAA inserted six levels of parallel cards in packs, with 
numbers in the "stripe" region of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 1000 -- and invited collectors to 
trade through a "Wild Card Trade Center" based on the number in the stripe:  e.g., ten 
"10-stripe" cards for one "100-stripe" card. Less than ten of the 1000-stripe versions
were produced for each card. I would be amused to find out how close anybody came 
to a full parallel set of the "1000-stripe" cards; one rarely seems mention of any of the 
parallel cards. Thanks much to Jerry Wood and Paul Cox for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.8 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                       Type

  1   The White House
  2   Political Parties
  3   Flashback                                   Flashback
  4   Past Presidents                             Flashback
  5   The Democratic Party
  6   Self Announcement
  7   Jerry Brown                                 Candidates
  8   Bill Clinton                                Candidates
  9   Tom Harkin                                  Candidates
 10   Bob Kerrey                                  Candidates
 11   Paul Tsongas                                Candidates
 12   Douglas Wilder                              Candidates
 13   Primaries and State Conventions
 14   Competing for the Nomination
 15   Brown on Issues                             Candidates
 16   AIDS                                        Major Issues
 17   Clinton on Issues                           Candidates
 18   Pro Choice                                  Major Issues
 19   Pro Life                                    Major Issues
 20   Harkin on Issues                            Candidates
 21   Kerrey on Issues                            Candidates
 22   Gay Rights                                  Major Issues
 23   Holy War                                    Major Issues
 24   Tsongas on issues                           Candidates
 25   "Year of the Woman"
 26   Democratic National Convention
 27   Democratic Presidential Nominee
 28   Vice Presidential Choice
 29   Democratic VP Selections
 30   Democratic VP Selection
 31   Democratic VP Selection
 32   The Republican Party
 33   The Election of 1860                        Flashback
 34   Nomination Process
 35   Super Delegates
 36   Self Announcement - Candidate George Bush   Candidates
 37   Self Announcement - Pat Buchanan            Candidates
 38   Self Announcement - Candidate David Duke    Candidates
 39   Competing for Nomination                    Major Issues
 40   Republicans on Abortion                     Major Issues
 41   Bush on Issues - The Economy                Candidates
 42   Buchanan on Issues - The Economy            Candidates
 43   Bush on Issues - Defense Spending           Candidates
 44   Buchanan on Issues - Defense Spending       Candidates
 45   Bush on Issues - Health Care                Candidates
 46   Buchanan Bows Out                           Candidates
 47   Republican National Convention
 48   Replublican VP Selection
 49   Quayle/Murphy Brown
 50   Quayle/Murphy Brown
 51   Possible Republican VP Selections           Candidates
 52   Possible Republican VP Selections           Candidates
 53   Possible Republican VP Selection
 54   The 1960 Election                           Flashback
 55   The 1960 Election                           Flashback
 56   John F. Kennedy                             Flashback
 57   John F. Kennedy                             Flashback
 58   JFK Assassination                           Flashback
 59   JFK Assassination                           Flashback
 60   JFK Conspiracies                            Flashback
 61   JFK Prologue                                Flashback
 62   Turning Out To Vote
 63   Turning Out To Vote
 64   Turning Out To Vote
 65   Emergence of H. Ross Perot                  Billionaire
 66   H. Ross Perot                               Billionaire
 67   Third Parties
 68   Election 1912                               Flashback
 69   Electing a President
 70   The Importance of the Census
 71   Electoral Votes for President               The Electoral College
 72   Determining the Winners
 73   Watergate                                   Flashback
 74   Perot's Impact on the System                Billionaire
 75   Possible Perot Scenarios                    Billionaire
 76   Perot Saddles Up                            Billionaire
 77   Perot's VP Selection                        Billionaire
 78   Perot's VP Selection                        Billionaire
 79   The Deficit                                 Major Issues
 80   Rap Music                                   Major Issues
 81   Law and Order                               Major Issues
 82   Bush on Issues - Liberals                   Candidates
 83   Wealthy in America
 84   Politicians and Privacy
 85   The Hillary Factor                          Candidates
 86   Perot on Issues                             Billionaire
 87   Former Soviet Union                         Major Issues
 88   Rainbow Coalition Support                   Major Issues
 89   The Middle East                             Major Issues
 90   Sexual Harassment                           Major Issues
 91   A Troubled House                            Major Issues
 92   The Democrat                                Major Issues
 93   The Republican                              Major Issues
 94   Dial "D" for Democracy                      Major Issues
 95   Surprise Card #1 (Democratic Nominee Al Gore)          Wild Card
 96   Surprise Card #2 (Republican Nominee Dan Quayle)       Wild Card
 97   Surprise Card #3 (Presidential Winner Bill Clinton)    Wild Card
 98   Checklist #1
 99   Checklist #2
100   Checklist #3


Ross Perot Subset

1 of 5   Personal Background
2 of 5   Business Principals
3 of 5   Problem Solving
4 of 5   Major Issues - Taxes
5 of 5   On the Presidency


 P1      Henry Ross Perot
 P2      George Bush
 P3      Bill Clinton
 P4      Major Issue - Pro-Life
 P5      Major Issue - Pro-Choice
 P6      Major Issue - AIDS
 --      (Unnumbered, 5 different)
 --      Ross Perot (Unnumbered)

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