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Deck -o- Butts
DOC Inc. - 1993

Notes:  This series was issued as a set to help educate the public on the dangers 
of smoking. Subtitles include "Facts Fakes & Farts", and "Trading Cards to Save 
Your Ash." Cards are slightly oversized, 2-3/4" x 3-3/4". An interesting article from 
the journal Tobacco Control can be found here.

No.   Title

  1   DOC (Doctors Ought to Care)
  2   Buzz Off
  3   Star Stroke
  4   Sports
  5   2nd Hand
  6   Sale-ing the 7C's
  7   Fires
  8   Stink Bomb
  9   Ingredients
 10   Breath
 11   Cahoots
 12   Hooking
 13   Your Own Ads
 14   Heart Attack
 15   Hackers
 16   Cartoon Baited
 17   Guilty
 18   Control
 19   Kissing
 20   Pharmacy Fallus-ie
 --   Deck -o- Butts Collector's List

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