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Defend America
WTW Productions - 1983

Note:  This is another neat set that reprints cards that originally appeared on "Dixie Cup"
ice cream lids; the reprint version is on 2-1/2" x 3-1/8" cards.  From the title card: "This
series of 24 Military scenes, originally issued on Ice Cream lids, has been produced in
full color, size and format of the most popular collectibles of that era, "Picture Cards."
The scenes reflect in art, style and text the national mood of the year 1941."

No.   Title                           Subtitle

 --   DEFEND AMERICA Action Pictures
  1   Pursuit Planes                  Eagles of the Army
  2   Bombardment Planes              Flying Artillery of the Army
  3   Armored Force                   Marvels of Speed and Combat Power
  4   Armored Force                   Modern Mechanized Cavalry
  5   U.S. Infantry                   "Doughboys" ... Backbone of the Army
  6   Infantry Ski Troops             White Shadows on the Snow
  7   Parachute Troops                Soldiers from the Sky!
  8   U.S. Artillery                  Big Guns that Pack a Wallop
  9   Anti-Aircraft                   Defense Against Hostile Aircraft
 10   Corps of Engineers              Construction, Demolition, Combat Troops
 11   The Signal Corps                Nerve Center of the Defense Forces
 12   Aircraft Carriers               Giant Floating Airports
 13   Fighter Planes                  Eagles of the Navy
 14   Patrol Bombers                  Flying Dreadnaughts
 15   Battleships                     Backbone of the Fleet
 16   Cruisers                        Rangers of the Sea Lanes
 17   Destroyers                      Dashing Greyhounds of the Navy
 18   Patrol Torpedo Boats            The Navy's Mosquito Fleet
 19   U.S. Submarines                 Barracudas of the Deep
 20   The Marine Corps                Famous Fighters on Land and Sea
 21   U.S. Coast Guard                Sentinels of our 13,000 Mile Coastline
 22   Nurses                          Heroines of the Army and Navy
 23   Insignia                        of Famous American Air Squadrons
 24   Defend America Check List

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