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Defenders of Freedom - Eagle Series A:
Crisis in the Gulf
    Historical Images - 1991

Notes:  This set pictures scenes and equipment from the 1991 Gulf War (Desert Storm). In 
addition to the packs-in-boxes distribution, two different factory sets were produced: one with 
the 144-card base set plus one promo, randomly selected; and another with just the base set in 
a plastic case, numbered to 250.  As with other Desert Storm-related cards, the manufacturer 
hurried to release the cards while news of the Gulf War was hot, and there were a handful of 
errors in the first print run which were corrected in a second printing and distribution of packs 
and boxes.  Corrected cards are shown in the listings below. Thanks much to Richard Cheddie 
for the original checklist; Michael Beam for a wealth of information on the factory sets, promos, 
and error cards; and David Rosciszewski for an update!

No.   Title                       First Printing          Second Printing

  1   B-1 Bomber                  (Card back completely different)
  2   CH-47 Chopper
  3   F-15 Eagle Soars            U.S. Army's Newest      U.S. Air Force's
  4   Phantom Refuels
  5   B-52's on Flightline
  6   B-52 on line
  7   B-52H Takes off             Has two turbojets       Eight turbojets
  8   EF-111A Raven
  9   M-9 Beretta Pistols
 10   F-16 Flacon Tail
 11   E-3 AWACS at Sundown
 12   F-16 Hangars
 13   Destroyed T-72
 14   Loading M-1 Bradley        Loading M-1 Bradley      "Loading M1A1"
 15   Kuwait Airport
 16   Oil Fields Afire           --                       Text added: "Red Adair ..."
 17   Hussein's Legacy           --                       Text added: "Besides the huge loss ..."
 18   Oil Fields Burn
 19   Dead in the Sand
 20   U.S. 7th Corps Roll
 21   Hueys
 22   Gen. Schwarzkopf & Prince Khalid
 23   Cease Fire Talks
 24   Gen. Schwarzkopf Meets a Point
 25   Ordinance Disposal
 26   Barracks Destoyed
 27   Out of Control
 28   Borgan Magwa
 29   Loading USNS Cuato
 30   Patriot Missle Launcher
 31   1st Cav. Colorguard
 32   UH-1 Iroquois
 33   Victim of U.S. 7th Corps
 34   Multiple Launch Rocket System
 35   Destroyed Iraqi APC
 36   Desert Victim
 37   Awarding Medals
 38   Gen Powell
 39   Charleston Welcome
 40   Daily Duties
 41   Kuwaiti "V" Sign
 42   Iraqi Gun Emplacement
 43   Kuwaiti Troops
 44   Damaged Hangar
 45   Hangar Door Kayoed
 46   A/C Shelters Damaged
 47   Air Base Damaged
 48   Iraqi Choppers Damaged
 49   Damaged SU-17
 50   Damaged Iraqi Plane
 51   Damaged AT Talil
 52   Iraqi Tank Smashed
 53   Security Police
 54   Protective Mask
 55   Firet Team
 56   M16A2
 57   Carrier Power
 58   C-5A Galaxy
 59   USS Eisenhower
 60   The Eagle Lifts Off
 61   C-130 on Runway
 62   Old Reliable F-4
 63   Avenger                     Consist sof A           Consist of A
 64   Sea Knights Take Off
 65   M-1A1 Abram MBT
 66   Apache Tank Killer          (Card back completely different)
 67   Patriot Missle
 68   Decontamination
 69   Harrier Jet Landing
 70   USS Missouri
 71   General Powell Inspects
 72   M-2 Brandley
 73   Night Vision
 74   M-60 Main Battle Tank       M-60 Main Battle Tank   M551 Sheridian
 75   M-109 155 mm SP Howitzer
 76   M-60 Tank
 77   B-52 Refuels
 78   F-14 Tomcat Roars
 79   M-9 ACE
 80   USS Iowa- 16" Guns
 81   Tomahawk Missle
 82   USS Texas
 83   Hercules Takes Off
 84   M998 (HMMWV)
 85   M-198 Howitzer
 86   Gen. Schwarzkopf
 87   Chaparral Missle
 88   Hawk Missle
 89   F-16 Fighting Falcons
 90   AS-64A Apached
 91   M-1 Tank
 92   Multiple Launch Rocket System
 93   Pack of Warthogs
 94   C-130 Hercules
 95   Stealth Mission
 96   Stealth Refuel
 97   M-113 APC
 98   AV-8B Harrier II
 99   B-1 Bomber
100   USS Conolly
101   USS Jarrett
102   USS Iowa
103   AH-15 Huey Cobra
104   M-1A1 Abrams
105   B-2 Stealth Top View
106   F-4 Phantom Lurks           Line 3: Army Planes     Line 3: Air Force Planes
107   OH-58C Scout
108   Ready for Action
109   A-10 Warthog
110   AWACs in Saudi              (Card back completely different)
111   AWACs Protection            (Card back completely different)
112   B-1 Swing Wing
113   Full Back Pack
114   F-111's
115   Flight of A-10 Warthogs
116   Pair of F-16 Falcons
117   Soldier and Mortar
118   F-16 Loaded for Bear
119   F-4 on Approach             (Corrected some letters that did not print properly, lines 12-16)
120   M-60 Tank in Saudi
121   Chemical/ Biological Protection     --              Line 5: Capital "I"
122   Tomahawk Cruise Missle
123   Ship of the Desert
124   82nd  ABN DIV. Physical Training
125   Troops Fill Sandbags
126   F-18 Hornet Buzzes
127   A-7D Corsair II
128   Falcons on the Roll
129   Bronco Soars
130   OV-10A Bronco
131   A-6 Inturder Takes Off
132   Lance Missile
133   C-130 Ninja Turtle
134   Falcon on the Prowl         U.S. Army               U.S. Air Forces
135   F-14 Tomcat
136   A-6 Intruders
137   F-18 Hornet Landing
 63   Avenger                     Consist sof A           Consist of A
138   T-30 Talon                  T-30 Talon              T38 Talon
139   USS Virginia
140   Twin F-16 Falcons
141   Tomcat on the Prowl
142   USS Hewitt
143   82nd ABN Division Trains
144   Checklist                   74: M-60 Main Battle Tank ... Sheridian in Saudi
                                 120: M-60 Tank in Saudi    ... M551 Sheridian


Factory Sets

 --   (144-card base set + 1 promo, randomly inserted; numbered to 5000)
 --   Gen. Schwarzkopf (Randomly inserted autographs; number unknown)

 --   (144-card set only; numbered to 250)


   Promo Pack

 P1   Gen. Schwarzkopf
 P2   Defenders of Freedom: Exciting New Series (cover card)
 P3   Cheney and Powell
 P4   President Bush
 P5   Gen. Powell
 P6   V.P. Quayle

 --   (6-card panel of P1 through P6)

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