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Desert Storm: Ground Force
Desert Storm: Ground Attack
  Chavis Sports Card Co. - 1991

Notes: These sets were issued in the format of Crown's Landforce, Skyforce,
Seaforce series.  Whether you call them a knock-off or a tribute depends on
a lawyer's opinion.  Cards are inked in blue, with a camouflage-style border.
Thanks much to Michael Beam for the checklists!

Step One: Desert Storm Ground Force

No.   Title

  1   In your Face
  2   Quarterback Sack
  3   Foiled Again
  4   Make My Day
  5   Over The Top
  6   Dance, Pilgrim
  7   Rambush
  8   Cutting Remarks
  9   First Round TKO

Step 2: Desert Storm Ground Attack

No.   Title

  1   Field Goal
  2   Home Run
  3   Chicken of the Sea
  4   Surf's Up, Dude
  5   War Games
  6   King Kong
  7   Top Gun
  8   He's Out Of Here
  9   Up A Creek w/o a Paddle

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