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Desert Storm [Series 1]
  Topps - 1991
Desert Storm: Coalition for Peace
  Regina / Topps - 1991 (Australia)

Notes:  This set was first hurried into production to take advantage of the
intense interest in current events. The first printing contained several errors, 
most (but not all) of which were corrected in later printings. The most obvious
difference is seen in the "brown letering" in the logo for the first two printings,
replaced with yellow lettering later.  Details on the differences for the inter-
printing variations are posted at the bottom of this list; thanks much to Philip
Brazina, Mike Marz, Chris Benjamin's Sport Americana Price Guide to the
Non-Sports Cards, and John Stuntz for information on most of them!

The Australian printing can be considered a different set, because it replaces
the gray "cardboard stock" of the American distribution with a matte off-white,
bleached, thinner card stock.  Text, titles, and logos incorporate the changes made
through the Fourth Printing (as shown below).  A fifth printing supported a
factory boxed "Deluxe Collector's Edition" or "Tiffany" edition that had cards 
with a glossy finish; some of the glossy cards have been observed together 
with fourth-printing (matte-finish) cards in wax packs.  And just when you 
think the lists are stable, Paul Cox (thanks!) reports that there was a sixth 
printing variation, when Topps produced a second "Deluxe Collector's Edition" 
for sale on television, with high-gloss card fronts and yellow shield and bright
white matte card backs; stickers were distinguished by an "A" before the 
numbers. It wasn't formally released, but the sets were distributed to employees 
and quite a few boxes have found their way into the aftermarket. 
The set composition is shown below.

Michael Beam adds further elucidation, above and below! The #4 promo sent 
to dealers is the only card that shows the Topps logo in yellow in the upper
right of each card.  This marking was originally planned for the regular card
set, but was removed except in the "prototype."  The promo was shipped with
a dealer sell sheet in a #10 envelope.  Because of the similarity of the prototype
to the regular-issue card, many copies have probably been mixed into regular
sets, and therefore the card is difficult to find on the market today. Thanks also 
to Anthony Asay for an update!

U.S. Box: 36 packs of 8 cards + 1 sticker.
Common sets: approx. 3.27 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets: approximately 1.64 per box.

No.   Title

  1   The Commander in Chief
  2   General Colin Powell
  3   Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney
  4   General H. Norman Schwarzkopf
  5   General Richard G. Graves
  6   Admiral Frank Kelso
  7   Chief of Staff General Charles Gabriel
  8   Stallion Helicopter
  9   CH-53 Helicopter
 10   SH-60B Helicopter
 11   AH-64 Apache
 12   CH-47 Chinook
 13   UH-1 Huey Navy Bell
 14   CH-53 Super Stallion
 15   Helicopter Formation
 16   Cobra 'Copter
 17   Canadian Air Force CF-18
 18   French Mirage Fighter
 19   Britain's Tornado
 20   State of the Art Stealth Fighter Bomber
 21   F-117A Stealth
 22   F-14 Flies in Formation
 23   Phoenix Missiles on F-14
 24   Pilots-Eye View
 25   B-52 Stratofortress
 26   Ready for Takeoff
 27   Flying High - The F-18
 28   Taking Off in an F-18
 29   An F-18 Waits To Fly
 30   Wild Blue Yonder
 31   Wings over Egypt
 32   The Amazing AV-8B Harrier
 33   The Sentry - An E3A
 34   A-10s in Formation
 35   EA-6B Prowler
 36   F-111 Bombers
 37   F-15 Fighter Plane
 38   M-2 Bradley Tank
 39   Manning the M-110
 40   Tanks Take a Strong Hold
 41   Lining Up the Tanks
 42   Sunset on the Desert
 43   M-1 Abrams
 44   Hummer Land Vehicle
 45   TOW Anti-Tank Gun
 46   The Power of the Tomahawk
 47   Tomahawk Missile in Flight
 48   The Patriot Missile
 49   The Sidewinder Missile
 50   SCUD Missile (A)
 51   SCUD Missile (B)
 52   Hawk Missile
 53   Phoenix Missile
 54   Army Supply Ship
 55   Carrier Plane at Night
 56   USS Midway
 57   USS America
 58   Destroyers
 59   USS Iowa
 60   USS Wisconsin
 61   USS Ouellet Frigate
 62   Moving In
 63   Night Vision Goggles
 64   F-18 Cockpit
 65   At the Controls
 66   Patriot Control Center
 67   Aegis Control Center
 68   Airborne Unit
 69   Preparing To Jump
 70   Paratrooper in Flight
 71   Anti-Aircraft Chemical Gear
 72   Satellite Dish
 73   Machine Gunner
 74   Marine Firefighters
 75   Ready in the Cockpit
 76   Wearing the Gas Mask
 77   Patriot Missile Command Center
 78   Machine Guns Ready
 79   Mid-Air Refueling
 80   In Flight with A-7s
 81   The View from Above
 82   Mission Accomplished
 83   Dawn in the Desert
 84   Heat Storm in the Gulf
 85   A Quiet Moment
 86   Sunset on the F-14
 87   The Pentagon
 88   Checklist

Stickers (1 per pack)

  1   American Flag
  2   37th Field Artillery Motto: On the Minute
  3   75th Infantry Motto: "Of Their Own Accord"
  4   8th Field Artillery Motto: Daring and Tenacious
  5   320th Field Artillery Motto: Willing and Able
  6   73rd Armor Motto: Honor, Fidelity, Courage
  7   504th Infantry Motto: Strike - Hold
  8   34th Armor Motto: The Strong Arm for Victory
  9   506th Infantry Motto: Stands Alone
 10   48th Infantry Motto: Dragoon
 11   41st Field Artillery Motto: Mission Accomplished
 12   503rd Infantry Motto: The Rock
 13   17th Cavalry Motto: Forward
 14   62nd Air Defense Artillery "We Aim at High Things"
 15   6th Field Artillery
 16   2nd Infantry Motto: "Do Not Touch Me"
 17   Desert Storm
 18   U.S. Air Force Emblem
 19   Congressional Medal of Honor
 20   U.S. Navy
 21   U.S. Central Command
 22   American Flag

DELUXE COLLECTOR'S EDITION 2 (red-white-and-blue boxed set)
  ("6th Printing")

 --   (Cards 1-88, glossy finish, yellow shields; card backs are matte white)
 --   (Cards A1-A22 "Special Issue" cards, replace stickers 1-22; glossy finish)

  ("6th Printing", Intended for TV Sale; reportedly less than 500 produced.
Sales may have been limited to New York City's Channel 9.)

 --   (Cards 1-88, glossy finish, yellow shields; card backs are matte white)
 --   (Cards A1-A22 "Special Issue" cards, replace stickers 1-22; glossy finish)
 --   (10-card "Puzzle A" set)
 --   (10-card "Puzzle B" set)
 --   (Military Situation Map, 15" x 11")
 --   Air (Display lithogram with 4 inset cards, 15" x 11")
 --   Land (Display lithogram with 4 inset cards, 15" x 11")
 --   Sea (Display lithogram with 4 inset cards, 15" x 11")
 --   Desert Storm (Card display binder; blue with gold shield logo)
 --   (9-card plastic display pages)
 --   (red, white, & blue storage box; similar to Deluxe Collector's Edition)
 --   (cardboard sleeve around storage box)


  4   ("Topps" printed in yellow ink in upper right-hand corner)
 --   (Dealer ad sheet)


Changes for 2nd printing:

73 (error in 1st)     - 16 NATO nations listed on back
73 (changed)          - 14 NATO nations, spaces between deleted countries

s17 (variation in 1st)    - brown banner in middle (This variation is unconfirmed.)
s17 (correction)          - brown "Desert Storm" lettering, yellow banner in middle

Changes for 3rd printing:

All (variation in 1st, 2nd) - brown lettering in shield
All (correction)            - yellow lettering in shield
s17 (correction)            - yellow lettering in shield

Changes for 4th printing:

 7 (error in 1st-3rd)  - Pictures Gen. Charles Gabriel
 7 (correction)        - Pictures Gen. Merrill A. McPeak

33 (error in 1st-3rd)  - An EA-3B Sentry (back)
33 (correction)        - An E3A Sentry (back)

55 (error in 1st-3rd)  - Carrier Plane at Night
55 (correction)        - Carrier Ship at Night

58 (error in 1st-3rd)  - Destroyers
58 (correction)        - Frigates

63 (error in 1st-3rd)  - last word on back is "vision"
63 (correction)        - last word on back is "missions"

73 (error 2 in 1st-3rd) - 14 NATO nations, spaces between deleted countries
73 (correction)         - 14 NATO nations, no spaces between countries

88 (error in 1st-3rd)  - Gabriel on #7, Plane on #55, Destroyers on #58
88 (correction)        - McPeak on #7, Ship on #55, Frigates on #58

Changes for 5th printing ("Deluxe Collector's Edition" - Blue Box)

All (variation in 1st-4th) - matte finish on cards
All (variation in 5th)     - glossy finish on cards

 3 (error in 1st-4th)  - Cheney was Congressman from Nebraska
 3 (correction)        - Cheney was Congressman from Wyoming

19 (error in 1st-4th)  - Pictures Tornado
19 (correction)        - Pictures Harrier Jump Jet

Changes for 6th printing ("Deluxe Collector's Edition" - Red, White, and Blue box)

   Stickers are numbered A1-A22 instead of 1-22.

   A boxed set was advertised on television, but has not been observed "in the 
   wild". This set was advertised as having special cards as noted above under 
   Deluxe Collector's Edition 2.

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