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Designer Toy Awards
   Clutter Media / Sidekick - 2013

Notes: Sold primarily as a boxed factory set with illustrations by SourBones. 
Cards with two or more variants in card-front photographs are shown with a 
"v" in the list and described later in the list. A pack with nine cards may have 
been distributed only promotionally; I have not seen signs of a "boxes/cases" 
release. Note that some of the planned cards were not issued, possibly due to 
depictions of licensed characters. Further information and scans are seen at the 
SourBones website.

No.    Title                                    Artist / Real Name

    Artist of the Year

 001 v Amanda Louise Spayd
 002   Ashley Wood
 003   Doktor A
 004   Frank Kozik
 005   Jason Freeny
 006 v Bob English
 007   Simone Legno
 008   Skinner
 009   Tara McPherson

    Best 1/6th Scale

 010   Adventure Cartel: JC                     Ashley Wood
 011   Black Widow                              (card not issued)
 012   Joker 2.0                                (card not issued)
 013 v Earthman                                 Alan Ng
 014   Keikotrooper                             Alan Ng
 015   NY Fat                                   Michael Lau
 016   Supreme NOM                              Ashley Wood
 017   World War Robot: Doc Grunt               Ashley Wood
 018   World War Robot: Punter Bot Sniper       Ashley Wood

    Best Blog

 019   JereMyriad                               Jeremy Brautman
 020 v KaijuMonsteR                             Martijn de Zwart
 021   Man-E-Toys                               Niall "Tru:Tek" Anderson
 022   SpankyStokes                             John 'Spanky' Stokes
 023   Tenacious Toys                           Benny Kline
 024   Toy Break                                Ayleen Gaspar
 025   ToysREvil                                Andy Heng
 026   Trampt                                   Keegan Rooney & Blake Dunkel
 027   Vinylpulse                               Jack Muramatsu

    Best Collaboration

 028   Bearycalm                                Bubi Au Yeung & Camilo Bejarano
 029   Infected                                 Scott Wilkowski & Suckadelic
 030   Infected Misfortune Cat                  Scott Wilkowski & Ferg
 031 v Podgonauts                               Cris Rose & PodgyPanda
 032   Real Uamou                               Katsura Mori x Ayako Takagi
 033   Skullendario Azteca                      Huck Gee & The Beast Brothers
 034   Squadt Trouble Boys                      Ferg and Brandt Peters
 035   Tolly                                    Scott Tolleson and A Little Stranger
 036   Young Gohst                              Ferg & Grody Shogun

    Best Collection

 037   Frank Kozik
 038   Gino Joukar
 039   Hijaak
 040   JazzyDan                                 Daniel J. Perry
 041   Joe La Franza's Team                     Giorgio Franzosi
 042 v Sara Harvey
 043                                            (card not issued)
 044   SlientStage Gallery / Army of Snipers
 045   Super Cooper Berella

    Best Customizer

 046   64 Colors
 047 + Charles Rodriguez
 048   Chauskoskis                              Walter Jacott
 049   Huck Gee
 050   Jan Calleja
 051   Jon-Paul Kaiser
 052 v J*RYU                                    Jess
 053   Rsin
 047 + Squink!                                  Chris Booker
 054   Squink!                                  (card not issued)

    Best DIY Platform

 055   Android DIY                              Dyzplastic
 056   The Dude                                 Dudebox
 057   Fonzo                                    Gary Ham
 058   Jumping Brain                            Emilio Garcia
 059   Loose Tea                                Matt JOnes
 060   MAD*L 10" DIY                            MAD
 061   Munny                                    Tristan Eaton
 062   Trikky                                   Paul Budnitz
 063   Unicorno                                 Simone Legno

    Best Media Tie-In

 064   Astro Boy                                KAWS
 065   Bruce Lee's Temple of Kung-Fu Series 1   MAD
 066   EvilBoy                                  (card not issued)
 067   KISS x Hello Kitty                       (card not issued)
 068   Metal Gear Solid: Rex                    Ashley Wood
 069 v Rottweiler Herpes                        Johnny Ryan
 070   Taoking                                  Geoff Darrow & Frank Miller
 071   TWD: Michonne                            (card not issued)
 072   Uncharted Nathan Drake                   Erick Scarecrow

    Best Mini Series

 073   Android Series 3                         Dyzplastic
 074   Apocalypse Dunny Series                  Various
 075   CAPSL                                    Jason Freeny
 076 v 8 Deadly Sins Labbit Mini Series         Krank & Frank Kozik
 077   Ice Scream Man Bite-Size                 Brutherford
 078   A Little Misfortune                      Ferg
 079 v Lunartik in a Cup of Tea Mini Series 2   Matt JOnes
 080   OMFG - Series 2                          Jared DeCosta, et al.
 081   Unicorno Series 2                        Simone Legno

    Best Online Toy Store

 082   Dragatomi                                Ray and Joanne Suavillo
 083   Dream in Plastic                         Jenny & Diana
 084   Freak Store                              Mario Rincó Ane Rodriguez
 085   Lulubell Toy Bodega                      Luke rook & Amy Del Castillo
 086   Mintyfresh                               Joël van Egmond
 087   myplasticheart                           Vincent Yu and Bikkei Law
 088   Rotofugi                                 Kirby & Whitney Kerr
 089   Tenacious Toys                           Benny & Steph
 090   Toy Art Gallery                          Gino Joukar

    Best Plush

 091   Bandit                                   Spencer Hansen
 092   BoBo                                     Paul Vincent
 093   Monstroctopus                            Love & a Sandwich
 094   Moog                                     Hollow Shells
 095 v Nosellots                                Scott Tolleson
 096 v Puffer Puss                              Martin Hsu & Lana Crooks
 097   Raar!                                    Neese & DMS
 098   Rishikesh George                         Felt Mistress
 099   Thimbleberry                             Amanda Louise Spayd

    Best Resin

 100   Bad Apple                                GOIN
 101   Groper                                   Rich FOurnier a.k.a. Triplikid
 102 v Lucius                                   Tara McPherson
 103   Mini MAD*L Resin                         MAD
 104   Sapling                                  J*RYU
 105   Spacesuit Panda                          cacooca
 106   The Swanicorn                            Daniel Fleres
 107   Tuttz                                    Eric Nocella Diaz
 108   Yume                                     Plastikmat

    Best Sofubi

 109   Cadaver Kid                              Joe Merrill
 110   Caliveritas                              The Beast Brothers
 111   Calliope Jackalope                       (card not issued)
 112 v Deadbeet                                 Scott Tolleson
 113   Debris Japan                             Junnosuke Abe
 114   Kaiju Negora                             Konatsu & Yoshihiko Makino
 115 v Pollen Kaiser                            Paul Kaiju
 116   Greasebat                                Jeff Lamm
 117   Wooper Looper                            Gary Ham

    Best Toy Store

 118   Dragatomi                                Ray and Joanne Suavillo
 119   Freak Store                              Mario Rincó Ane Rodriguez
 120   Lulubell Toy Bodega                      Luke rook & Amy Del Castillo
 121   myplasticheart                           Vincent Yu and Bikkei Law
 122   Rojo Bermelo                             Gerardo and Melissa
 123   Rotofugi                                 Kirby & Whitney Kerr
 124   Stranger Factory                         (card not issued)
 125   Toy Art Gallery (TAG)                    Gino Joukar
 126   ToyTokyo                                 Israel "Lev" Levarek

    Vest Vinyl

 127   Astro Boy                                KAWS
 128   Bellicose Bunny                          Nathan Hamill
 129   Chaos Bunny                              Joe Ledbetter
 130   Dragon Boy                               Martin Hsu
 131   Fonzo                                    Gary Ham
 132   Monster Toytem                           Gary Ham
 133   Pierced                                  Parra
 134   Squadt                                   Ferg
 135   Target                                   Luke Chueh

    Brand of the Year

 136   Circus Posterus                          (card not issued)
 137 v Coarse                                   Mark Landwehr
 138   Erick Scarecrow
 139   Freak Store                              Mario Rincó Ane Rodriguez
 140   KidRobot                                 Paul Budnitz
 141   Medicom                                  (card not issued)
 142   Mighty Jaxx                              Jackson Aw
 143   Playge                                   Ferg
 144   threeA                                   Ashley Wood & Kim Fung Wong

    Break-Through Artist

 145   ArtmyMind                                Julio & Guillaume Lachambre
 146 v burunDANGA                               Daniel Rinaldi & Alina Uzqyuerdo
 147   Carson Catlin
 148   Charles Rodriguez
 149   doubleparlour                            Ernie and Cassie Velasco
 150   Haus of Boz                              Laura Copeland
 151   Rsin
 152   Shadoe Delgado
 153   Stef Bomb

    Fan Favorite

 154   Bad Apple                                GOIN
 155 v Deadbeet                                 Scott Tolleson
 156   Dissected Companion: Resting Place       KAWS
 157 v Dust Bunny                               Amanda Louise Spayd
 158   Fonzo                                    Gary Ham
 159   Gummi Bear Anatomy                       Jason Freeny
 160 v Skulendario Azteca                       Huck Gee & The Beast Brothers
 161 v Squadt                                   Ferg
 162   Swanicorn                                Daniel Fleres

    Outstanding Production

 163   Bad Apple                                GOIN
 164   Dissected Companion: Resting Place       KAWS
 165   Dreamland Mickey                         Tristan Eaton
 166 v Lady Butterfly                           Lady Aiko
 167   Metal Gear Solid: Rex                    Ashley Wood & KONAMI
 168   No Ordinary Love                         Camilla d'Errico
 169   Pierced                                  ;Parra
 170   Porcelain Kosplay                        Ajee
 171 v The Rise of Pain in Dreams               Mark Landwehr & Sven Waschk

    Toy of the Year

 172 v Astro Boy                                KAWS
 173   Bad Apple                                GOIN
 174   Fonzo                                    Gary Ham
 175   Keikotrooper                             Alan Ng
 176   Metal Gear Solid: Rex                    Ashley Wood & KONAMI
 177   Mini MAD*L Resin                         MAD
 178 v Pierced                                  Parra
 179   Skulendario Azteca                       Huck Gee & The Beast Brothers
 180   Squadt                                   Ferg

 --    (Checklist Card)

    Credits Cards

CTR    Clutter Magazine                         Mirana O'Brien & Nick Carroll
DTA    Toy Awards                               Clutter Media Group
FWL    Pete Fowler
MOC    The Super Sucklord
SKL    Sidekick Lab

Official Signature Card

001S   Amanda Louise Spayd

Golden Ticket Redemption Card

 --    (Lifetime Achievement & Hall of Fame Trading Card Pack)


    Variants were included in the factory boxed set, and differ as 
    described below.

 001   Amanda Louise Spayd                      (Amanda)
 006   Bob English                              (with toys)
                                                (with skull)
 013   Earthman                                 (toy on floor)
                                                (toy on head)
 020   KaijuMonsteR                             (painted and walking)
                                                (green group)
 031   Podgonauts                               (painted three)
                                                (white two)
 042   Sara Harvey                              (Sara)
 052   J*RYU                                    (sentinels)
 069   Rottweiler Herpes                        (front)
 076   8 Deadly Sins Labbit Mini Series         (labbits)
                                                (sealed case)
                                                (open case)
 079   Lunartik in a Cup of Tea Mini Series 2   (pink/gray in front)
                                                (pink, green, yellow)
 095   Nosellots                                (girl and two)
                                                (one plush)
 096   Puffer Puss                              (Puss on rocks)
                                                (Puss close-up)
 102   Lucius                                   (Tara and Lucius)
 112   Deadbeet                                 (painted)
 115   Pollen Kaiser                            (blue-grey background)
                                                (purple background)
 137   Coarse                                   (German Engineering)
                                                (Mark long stubble)
                                                (Mark short stubble)
 146   burunDANGA                               (Alina above Daniel)
 155   Deadbeet                                 (red)
                                                (purple close-up)
 157   Dust Bunny                               (polka-dot ears)
                                                (patterned ears)
 160   Skulendario Azteca                       (painted)
 161   Squadt                                   (beak and hoodie)
                                                (gas mask)
 166   Lady Butterfly                           (right profile)
                                                (left profile)
 171   The Rise of Pain in Dreams               (torso)
                                                (in bed)
 172   Astro Boy                                (face palm)
                                                (red shoes)
 178   Pierced                                  (figure)

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