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Destroy All Robots
Tixe - 1994

Note:  Thanks much to Sean Wright for the checklist!

 No.    Title

  1    Mondo Boy
   2    Tin Menace
   3    Skull-X Trouble
   4    Arachnid Robots
   5    Severed Humans
   6    Surreal Dimension
   7    Crushed Cop[bot
   8    Loyalty Amongst Robots
   9    Rocket Boy
  10    Stay Home Sydney
  11    Empty Victory
  12    Haste Makes Waste
  13    Monster Mash
  14    Feeling Lucky?
  15    Lrobot Love=Crime
  16    I Expect You To Die
  17    Time Travellers
  18    Bon Appetite
  19    Screaming Robot
  20    No Transformation
  21    500 Foot Robot
  22    Meltdown
  23    Light? Big Boy
  24    Wild One
  25    Dreamtime Robot
  26    Dinosaur Attack
  27    Alien Abduction
  28    Oh! The Pain
  29    Watery Grave
  30    Bullet Robo
  31    Crash Landing
  32    Blow! Robot
  33    A Mutants Best Friend
  34    Mrs. Lek-Da
  35    Metal Sneak
  36    Racist Robot Killers
  37    Mars Abort
  38    Evil Tree
  39    Surf Kahuna
  40    Acidic Alphabet
  41    Clockwork Orangecake
  42    Check List


Art Subset

A I     Brat Girl. 1965
A II    The Night Robot With Pipe, 1889
A III   Robot In An Electronic Chair
A IV    Robot With A Parasol
A V     The Lost Legend Of Fire

Cult Subset

CC I    Weapons Machine Man
CC II   Bionic Bishop
CC III  0021
CC IV   R2-D1
CC V    Gacy's Box
CC VI   Heil Hitler
CC VII  Jeffrey D. Robot

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©2008 Sean Wright, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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