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Troops Desert Storm Trading Cards
    - Series I
Spectra Star - 1991

Notes:  This series was distributed in several different ways.  Two types of
wax boxes and packs were produced, with cards having "nubs" or not ... i.e.,
some cards will have clean edges and some will show perforations.  Rack packs
featured either one or two wax packs.  And there were five different j-hook
"hang tag" packages, each containing a complete subset of 12 cards.  This is
probably the most common method of distribution.  Thanks much to Michael 
Beam for the updates!

No.   Title                      Subset

  1   Stealth Fighter            Aircraft
  2   A-10 Warthog               Aircraft
  3   Strike Eagle               Aircraft
  4   Apache                     Aircraft
  5   Intruder                   Aircraft
  6   AV-8B                      Aircraft
  7   Wild Weasel                Aircraft
  8   B-52                       Aircraft
  9   Tomcat                     Aircraft
 10   Falcon                     Aircraft
 11   E-3A AWACS                 Aircraft
 12   Tornado                    Aircraft
 13   U.S.S. Long Beach          Ships
 14   U.S.S. Brewton             Ships
 15   U.S.S. Kitty Hawk          Ships
 16   U.S.S. Halsey              Ships
 17   U.S.S. Charles F. Adams    Ships
 18   U.S.S. Luce                Ships
 19   U.S.S. Oliver Perry        Ships
 20   U.S.S. Blue Ridge          Ships
 21   U.S.S. Hermitage           Ships
 22   U.S.S. Wisconsin           Ships
 23   U.S.S. Arkansas            Ships
 24   U.S.S. New Jersey          Ships
 25   LAV                        Armor
 26   M551                       Armor
 27   M1A1                       Armor
 28   M113                       Armor
 29   LVTP-7                     Armor
 30   M110-A2                    Armor
 31   MLRS                       Armor
 32   T-72                       Armor
 33   T-62                       Armor
 34   ZSU-23-4                   Armor
 35   BMP-1                      Armor
 36   M2                         Armor
 37   Tomahawk Firing            Weapons
 38   Patriot                    Weapons
 39   Patriot Firing             Weapons
 40   BGM-71 (TOW-2)             Weapons
 41   Tomahawk                   Weapons
 42   Cluster Bombs              Weapons
 43   MK83                       Weapons
 44   M249                       Weapons
 45   AT-4                       Weapons
 46   MK-19-3                    Weapons
 47   Hellfire                   Weapons
 48   Maverick                   Weapons
 49   Gen. Schwarzkopf           Troops
 50   Gen. Powell                Troops
 51   President Bush             Troops
 52   Saddam Hussein             Troops
 53   Lt. Gen. Horner            Troops
 54   Flight Crew                Troops
 55   Stormin Norman/King Fahd   Troops
 56   Troops Deploy              Troops
 57   Live Fire                  Troops
 58   Combat Patrol              Troops
 59   Howitzer Crew              Troops
 60   Deck Crew                  Troops


 --   (6-card perforated sheet; packaged with Spectra Star Desert Storm kites:
         4 different kites in series)

©2000, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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