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Dexter The Third Season
   Breygent Marketing - 2010

Notes:  Thanks much to Michael Beam for the original list and to Deena 
Acton for the update! Further information and scans are posted at the 
Breygent website.

Box: 24 packs of 6 cards. 12 boxes/case, 250 cases
Common sets: approx. 1.83 per box if collation were perfect.

     No.    Text / Description

       1    Dexter finally seems to have control of his de
       2    Rita is madly in love with Dexter and Dexter i
       3    Dexter poses as a crack addict toi get to know
       4    Dexter worries, wondering whom he has killed a
       5    Miguel Prado addresses the local television ne
       6    Angel wants Dexter to go over the blood files
       7    Miguel, who was just consoled by Maria at the
       8    Dexter tells Angel about Rita's pregnancy. Ang
       9    Ramon Prado joins Miguel and Maria LaGuerta at
      10    While grocery shopping with Rita and the kids,
      11    Dexter is wary of Miguel's new friendship, but
      12    Dexter researches pedophile Nathan Marten, the
      13    Dexter explains to Miguel how he buried Freebo
      14    Dexter knows Nathan Marten has never killed an
      15    Dexter & Rita try to explain to Astor and Cody
      16    Ramon Prado is upset with the way Miami Metro
      17    Fiona Kemp, covered in blood, is found at the
      18    Maria talks to Miguel about the old Chickie He
      19    Anton talks to Debra at a bar about Quinn watc
      20    Ramon comforts Maria and Angel intercedes. Ram
      21    Dexter realizes the murderer was short in stat
      22    Dexter pays Miguel a visit to talk ab out Free
      23    Dexter thinks back to Fiona's guilt, theorizin
      24    Dexter is in awe when handed an x-ray photo of
      25    Dexter relaxes at his home and sanctuary resea
      26    Vince Masuka annoys Angel and Debra, telling t
      27    Rita and Sylvia are out house hunting. Rita su
      28    Miguel and Dexter share a "brewski" while deep
      29    Debra wonders if the Skinner is following all
      30    Angel calls up Detective Gianna, who informs h
      31    Yuki meets Debra after her 12-hour surveillanc
      32    Dexter fakes being a pal of Clemson, helping h
      33    Dexter has a bizarre nightmare of Miguel golfi
      34    Debra and Quinn visit Wendell's mother, who to
      35    Dexter visits an ailing Camilla once again whi
      36    Debra requests more blood files from Dexter. D
      37    Yuki calls on Debra and warns her Quinn is a b
      38    Debra spends an entire night at work spreading
      39    Debra considers the butterfly effect, where "e
      40    Debra interviews poker-faced George King, goin
      41    Dexter and Miguel wear latex gloves as they br
      42    Ellen and Maria meet at a bar where Ellen open
      43    Dexter insists Miguel call off the kill, but M
      44    Debra spots trimmed trees at Anton's place and
      45    Sylvia Prado visits Debra and Rita, wondering
      46    Debra wants to bring George King in for questi
      47    Maria tells Dexter she is worried about Ellen.
      48    Quinn gets Debra to relax, admitting he used A
      49    Dexter decides to teach Miguel a lesson by dig
      50    Dexter samples some bits of wedding cake with
      51    King shows up at the abandoned building just b
      52    Sylvia, Miguel, Rita and Dexter get together f
      53    Debra sleeps in over at Anton's place and is v
      54    Quinn warns Debra about being with Anton. Dext
      55    Angel's girlfriend, Detective Gianna, is repor
      56    Maria LaGuerta interviews Toby, the bartender
      57    Rita tries on her wedding dress as she talks t
      58    Quinn meets Anton at work and lets him know he
      59    The next day Miguel meets Dexter in a coffee s
      60    Dexter hands Angel the key file report. Miguel
      61    Dexter meets Miguel on top of the Miami Metro
      62    The vehicle races along as Dexter struggles wi
      63    Later, Dexter tries to nap, but Rita calls at
      64    Harry shows Dexter a "Kill Plan for Miguel" bo
      65    Following Miguel's new routine at a five-star
      66    The next day Maria asks Dexter to check for ha
      67    Maria calls Dexter into her office to discuss
      68    Debra goes downstairs at Miami Metro and visit
      69    A jogger finds Miguel's corpse in the middle o
      70    Dexter checks on Ramon's whereabouts and also
      71    Ramon is jailed for pulling a gun on Dexter in
      72    Dexter The Third Season [checklist]


Puzzle Cards (1:12 packs)

  D3-CP1    Rita Bennett (portrayed by Julie Benz)
  D3-CP2    Debra Morgan (portrayed by Jennifer Carpenter)
  D3-CP3    Joey Quinn (portrayed by Desmond Harrington)
  D3-CP4    Angel Batista (portrayed by David Zayas)
  D3-CP5    Vincent Masuka (portrayed by C.S. Lee)
  D3-CP6    Lt. Maria LaGuerta (portrayed by Lauren Velez)
  D3-CP7    Dexter Morgan
  D3-CP8    Harry Morgan (portrayed by James Remar)
  D3-CP9    Miguel Prado (portrayed by Jimmy Smits)

Dexter's Victims (1:12 packs)

   D3-V1    In the episode "Our Father," Dexter was stalki
   D3-V2    In Season 3 Dexter finally finds Fred Bowman (
   D3-V3    Dexter poses as a crack addict to get to know
   D3-V4    Dexter worries, wondering who he has killed an
   D3-V5    In "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" episode of Season
   D3-V6    Neo Nazi, Clemson Galt, is set-up by Miguel Pr
   D3-V7    Over pizza and beer, Miguel Prado checks some
   D3-V8    Miguel Prado gets in Dexter's way after breaki
   D3-V9    In the final episode of Season 3, "Do You Take

Dexter Quotes (1:12 packs)

   D3-Q1    "Most normal people enjoy a sacred pact with s
   D3-Q2    "I put her in a short skirt, so we could see h
   D3-Q3    "I'm having intimate relations with LaGuerta."
   D3-Q4    "You're juggling family, work and a Dark Passe
   D3-Q5    "I tied him up, not unlike this. Stabbed him i
   D3-Q6    "It's becoming more and more clear that I'm go
   D3-Q7    "Did you ever drop a quart of milk and watch i
   D3-Q8    "Say it again," Debra says. "Rita's pregnant,"
   D3-Q9    "What is that?" Vince asks. "You stuck a piece
   D3-Q10   "We're supposed to see hope in children, but r

Autograph Cards (1:48 packs)

D3A-MCHJB   Michael C. Hall who plays Dexter Morgan & Julie Benz who plays Rita Bennett
D3A-MCHJS   Jimmy Smits who plays Miguel Prado & Michael C. Hall who plays Dexter Morgan
D3A-MCHS    Michael C. Hall who plays Dexter Morgan
 D3A-JR     James Remar who plays Harry Morgan
 D3A-JS     Jimmy Smits who plays Miguel Prado [black, red variants]

         Wardrobe and Autograph Cards

 D3AC-CSL   C.S. Lee who plays Vince Masuka
 D3AC-DH    Desmond Harrington who plays Joey Quinn
 D3AC-DZ    David Zayas who plays Angel Batista
 D3AC-JC    Jennifer Carpenter who plays Debra Morgan
 D3AC-JB    Julie Benz who plays Rita Bennett
 D3AC-LV    Lauren Vélez who plays Maria LaGuerta
 D3AC-MCH   Michael C. Hall who plays Dexter Morgan

         (made but never released)

 D3AC-DZ    David Zayas who plays Angel Batista

Costume Cards (1:12 packs)

         Dual Costume Cards

  D3-C1     Dexter Morgan [grey and white shirts]
  D3-C2     Dexter Morgan [striped and dark blue]
  D3-C3     Dexter Morgan [lt. green and lilac]
  D3-C4     Dexter Morgan [blue/white and lt. blue]
  D3-C5     Dexter Morgan [blue-grey and lt. blue]
  D3-C6     Rita Bennett [lt. blue and blue/white spots]
  D3-C7     Rita Bennett [green/white and cyan/white]
  D3-C8     Rita Bennett [white zig-zag and white tops]
  D3-C9     Rita Bennett [white and multi flowered tops]
  D3-C10    Lt. Maria LaGuerta [lilac and green/white]
  D3-C11    Lt. Maria LaGuerta [orange and orange/white]
  D3-C12    Lt. Maria LaGuerta [blue/green and tan]
  D3-C13    Angel Batista [purple/grey and red shirts]
  D3-C14    Angel Batista [blue and green "leaf" shirts]
  D3-C15    Debra Morgan [red/blue/yellow and dark blue]
  D3-C16    Debra Morgan [white shift and purple dress]
  D3-C17    Debra Morgan [cyan and green tops[]
  D3-C18    Debra Morgan [purple and white/yellow stripes]
  D3-C19    Debra Morgan [gray and blue/white striped]
  D3-C20    Debra Morgan [deep blue and blue/pink; left and right variants]
  D3-C21    Vince Masuka [gold stripe and blue stripe]
  D3-C22    Vince Masuka [yellow/blue and lilac striped]
  D3-C23    Joey Quinn
  D3-C24    Dexter Morgan & Miguel Prado
  D3-C25    Rita Bennett & Dexter Morgan
  D3-C26    Lt. Maria LaGuerta & Miguel Prado
  D3-C27    (Debra Morgan & Joey Quinn)

         Other Costume Cards

  D3-C28    (4-piece costume card)
  D3-C29    (8-piece costume card)

Prop Cards (1:60 packs)

  D3-P1     Blood Spattered Target Paper
  D3-P2     Bloody Evidence Bag
  D3-P3     Blood Spattered Framed Photograph
  D3-P3     variant: piece of the frame (thick card)
  D3-P4     Trajectory String
  D3-P5     Wedding Invitation
  D3-P6     Dexter's Tool Bag
  D3-P7     Farm Fresh Milk Carton [72 made]
  D3-P8     Miami Metro Police Department File Folder
  D3-P9     Miami Metro Police Department Forensic Science Lab File Folder
  D3-P10    Forensics Quarterly Magazine
  D3-P11    Dry Cleaner Tags

Sketch Art Cards (1:288 packs)

      --    Len Bellinger
      --    Jason Carrier
      --    David Desbois
      --    Kevin Graham
      --    Brian Kong
      --    Steven Miller
      --    Trev Murphy
      --    Tim Shay

Case-Topper Metallogloss Sketch Art Cards (1 per case)

      --    Len Bellinger
      --    Trev Murphy

Multiple-Case-Purchase Incentive Card

   D3-CI    (7-swatch costume card; 2 cases)

Card Album (sold separately)

      --        Dexter The Third Season (binder)
Album Promo 1   (exclusive promo card; also listed below)
Album Promo 2   (exclusive promo card; also listed below)

Uncut Sheet (sold separately)

      --    (72 base cards)

Master Set Loaded Box (sold separately)

      --    (all pack-inserted chase cards)
      --    (case-topper cards; 2-case incentive card)
      --    (one sketch)
      --    (binder and binder-exclusive promos)
      --    (72-card uncut sheet]

San Diego Comic Con 2010 Exclusive Cards

      --    (black/blue jumpsuit) [Metallogloss Costume Card]
      --    Blood Spattered Lab Coat [Metallogloss Costume Card]
      --    Blood Spattered Target Paper [Metallogloss Prop Card]
      --    Dexter's Tool Bag [Metallogloss Prop Card]
      --    Michael C. Hall who plays Dexter Morgan (autograph card)
      --    Jimmy Smits who plays Miguel Prado (autograph)
      --    8-swatch Costume Card (dark green)
              (items worn by Dexter Morgan, Rita Bennett, Miguel Prado, Angel Batista,
              Debra Morgan, Joey Quinn, Lt. Maria LaGuerta, and Vince Masuka)
      --    8-swatch Costume Card (light green)
               (items worn by Dexter Morgan, Rita Bennett, Miguel Prado, Angel Batista,
              Lt. Maria LaGuerta, Debra Morgan, Joey Quinn, and Vince Masuka)
     --    4-swatch Costume Card (dark grey)
              (4 items worn by Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan)
      --    Crime Scene Number Stand [Prop Card]
      --    Dexter's Camera Strap [Prop Card]

         Miami-Metro Police Department Identification Large Prop Cards
         (5" x 7", only 2 of each produced)

  D3-LP1    Dexter Morgan, Forensic Technician
  D3-LP2    Angel Batista, Detective Sergeant
  D3-LP3    Maria LaGuerta, Lieutenant
  D3-LP4    Debra Morgan, Detective
  D3-LP5    Vince Masuka, Forensic Technician
  D3-LP6    Joey Quinn, Detective
  D3-LP7    Harry Morgan, Police Officer


 Promo 1       (purple shirt)
 Promo 2       (crime scene)
 Promo 3       (plum suede)
 Philly        (grey suit; exclusive with paid entry to 51st show)
   NSU         (police line tie; Non Sport Update Dexter variant issue; # to 499)
Album Promo 1   (binder exclusive; also listed above)
Album Promo 2   (binder exclusive; also listed above)

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