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Dexter's Laboratory
Artbox - 2001

Note:  The listed titles are taken (basically) from the printed checklist cards,
and represent portions of the text shown on the individual cards.

Box: 24 packs of 6 cards + 1 Binder Order Card.
Common sets: approx. 1.92 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

Dexter Dodgeball

01    Gym excuse
02    I will be in the science lab
03    Substitute coach
04    Dodge-Ball!!!
05    Dexter, help me!
06    Get him boys!
07    That's it!
08    Now it's my turn

Dexter's Assistant

09    Spectro-Mechanitron
10    Press spectro button
11    I've lost my marbles
12    Just as I thought
13    I've got the brain
14    Synapses firing
15    Eureka! It worked!
16    Press it!
17    My hair is on fire!
18    KZZZZK
19    The winner is ... Dee Dee

Dexter's Rival

20    First day of school
21    Mr. Astronomenon
22    Call me Mandark!
23    Yes Dexter, I am smarter than you
24    That's incredible
25    I am sorry
26    Show him your lab
27    Welcome, and be amazed
28    Goodbye Dexter
29    Complete shutdown
30    Hi Dexter!
31    Who is that?
32    I'll fix you up
33    Here you are my dear
34    Robots help!
35    My one true love

Old Man Dexter

36    It's 8 o'clock!
37    You know the rules
38    My hydroplasmatic accelerator
39    Late night TV viewing will be mine!
40    Hi Grandpa!
41    When's dinner?
42    It's movie time!
43    Grandpa's dead!

Double Trouble

44    Roll call!
45    New dance routine
46    Let's play with Dexter
47    You will leave now!
48    Exceptionally annoying females
49    I need more of me
50    Cease and desist!
51    I am doomed!
52    This is not good
53    Victory shall be ours
54    Back to the battle!
55    Send in the clones!
56    Where's the fire?

Dexter's Laboratory

57    Are you ready for school?
58    Remove yourself
59    Playing with my doll
60    You have no idea
61    Let me show you
62    Now do you understand
63    Excrete the elements
64    Superlative repercussions
65    You're not listening
67    Brush your teeth
68    Get ready for school
69    What are those kids up to?
70    I'm coming upstairs
71    Stop fooling around

72    Checklist

--    (Binder Order Form, 1 per pack)


Plasma Chase Cards (1:4 packs)

P01   That's it!
P02   Fries with that shake?
P03   Wheeeeeeeeee!
P04   Shut down your lab!
P05   Fine day for science!
P06   I'm testing it.
P07   Greatest work!
P08   Monster
P09   Come back here!
P10   Ooh, what does that button do?
P11   No no Dee Dee!
P12   Checklist

Card Album

--    (Binder)
--    (9-card uncut sheet)
--    (Sealed pack)


DL#1   Are you ...
DL#2   At last ...
DL#3   Oooh, what's ...
--    (Dealer sell sheet)

Pre-Release Cards (Packs of 6: Box-topper for Powerpuff Girls Series 2)

PR01   Time Machine
PR02   Dee Dee's Trip to the Past
PR03   Dexter's Disbelief
PR04   Dee Dee's Present Self
PR05   Dexter does Ballet
PR06   Dexter's inter-dimensional doorway
PR07   Dexter's Mom is Sick
PR08   Dexter Cleans
PR09   Dexter gets an idea
PR10   Dexter's creation
PR11   Momdroid
PR12   Momdroid destroys the house

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