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Leonardo DiCaprio Photo Set
   Magic Box Ent. - 1997

Notes: The packet promotes "The unofficial photo set & personal facts"; the 
facts are on the packet. Cards are 4" x 6", unnumbered and untitled, with blank 
backs. A photo-montage 'checklist' is shown on the packaging. Further infor-
mation and scans are posted at the link.


    (checked shirt, facing forward)
    (bangs over forehead, white tee and black outer)
    (crosslegged on sofa)
    (black tie and tux)
    (shiny gray suit)
    (smiling in black pullover)
    (extreme closeup)
    (b&w face on hands)
    (jiving under scaffold)
    (refusing a rose)
    (black tux, looking right)
    (solemn half-L profile looking up)
    (purple-gray shirt, sepia effect)
    (white collar over striped jacket, 2 buttoned)
    (childhood, b&w)
    (half-R profile, black pullover)
    (home in black leather jacket after shopping)
    (gray jacket over dark gray shirt)

    Leonardo DiCaprio (storage packet)

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