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Digimon The Movie - Game Promo Set
Bandai - 2000

Note:  This set was distributed at movie theatres as a "starter" set of cards for the
Digi-Battle card game.

  Title                  Type

  Antylamon              Animal Digimon - Virus
  Diaboromon             Unidentified
  Endigomon              Animal Digimon - Virus
  Gargomon               Animal Digimon - Vaccine
  Infermon               Unidentified
  Kerpymon               Angel Digimon - Vaccine
  Kerpymon               Angel Digimon - Virus
  Lopmon                 Animal Digimon - Data
  Magnadramon            Holy Dragon Digimon - Vaccine
  Magnamon               Warrior Digimon - Vaccine
  Rapidmon               Warrior Digimon - Vaccine
  Terriermon             Animal Digimon - Data

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