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Dinosaur (Disney) Photo Cards
   Panini - 2000

Notes: The photo cards are slightly smaller than 6" x 4". Fronts are screen shots 
from the film with descriptive text; backs give card numbers and credits.

No.   Title / Card Text

  1   Dinosaur [title card]
  2   Lemur Island - Ritual Tree
  3   As a herd of dinosaurs graze peacefully in their n
  4   One of her eggs is picked up by an oviraptor and t
  5   A small lemur named Plio approaches the egg just a
  6   Now a giant iguanodon, the child-like Aladar gentl
  7   During the annual ceremony in which the young lemu
  8   A white light flashes across the sky and a huge co
  9   As a massive wave of fire and water threaten to de
 10   With the lemur family securely on his back, Aladar
 11   The Fireball is right behind him as Aladar races a
 12   Exhausted but safe on the shore of the Mainland, t
 13   Lost and terrified on the desolate Mainland, the s
 14   Aladar and the lemurs are surprised when they meet
 15   Led by Kron and his sister Neera, the Herd of dino
 16   Concerned about Baylene and Eema, Aladar pleads wi
 17   Aladar and the Herd slowly cross the bed of what h
 18   Disappointed to learn the lake has been destroyed
 19   Later Neera approaches Aladar when he is helping t
 20   When the Herfd moves out, Aladar and his weaker fr
 21   During the fight, Aladar and his friends are force
 22   As Kron pushes the Herd onward, Neera walks slowly
 23   The Herd finally reaches the old entrance to the N
 24   Conflict arises when Kron senses that Aladar is tr
 25   Kron warns the Herd that an enemy carnotaur is fas
 26   Aladar convinces the Herd they have a chance to su
 27   With Kron now out of the way, the carnotaur charge
 28   After Kron's defeat in a fierce and brutal battle
 29   Aladar leads the Herd back to the peace and tranqu
 30   Gathered with the other friends around a nest of d
 31   Velociraptors - Carnotaur
 32   Aladar
 33   Baylene
 34   Bruton
 35   Kron
 36   Zini
 37   Eema
 38   Url
 39   Yar
 40   Suri
 41   Neera
 42   Plio
 43   Aladar: A confidant, charismatic and playful iguan
 44   Eema is a feisty, old female styracosaur who moves
 45   Neera is Kron's beautiful, no-nonsense sister and
 46   Bruton is an iguanodon  and Kron's right-hand man.
 47   Yar is Plio's father and the feisty elder statesma
 48   Suri is the playful, impish eight-year old daughte
 49   Baylene is an elegant, older lady brachiosaur, and
 50   Kron is the fierce, ruthless iguanodon leader of t
 51   Plio is Yar's daughter, Suri's mother, and the mat
 52   Ten Tons of Fear
 53   Zini is an awkward, excitable young adult lemur an
 54   Url: This lovable ankylosaur is Baylene and Eema's

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©2013 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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