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Dinosaur Galaxy
   Monsterwax - 2016

Notes: The series features artwork for a wide range of dinosaurs. Wrapper varieties 
included red and black. Thanks to John Biagioni for assistance! Further information 
and scans are posted at the Monsterwax website.

Box: 24 packs of 6 cards + 1 pack gum + extras. 500 boxes, 999 numbered sets.
Common sets (123): full set per box.

     No.    Title                            Artist / Era

         Triassic Period (art by Ricardo Garijo Jr.)

       1    Newtonsaurus
       2    Lessemsaurus
       3    Chindesaurus
       4    Dolichosuchus
       5    Panphagia
       6    Alwalkeria
       7    Daemonosaurus
       8    Eoraptor
       9    Marasuchus
      10    Halticosaurus
      11    Likhoelesaurus
      12    Postosuchus
      13    Coelophysis
      14    Camposaurus
      15    Plateosaurus
      16    Insanosaurus
      17    Mussaurus
      18    Pampadromaeus
      19    Liliensternus
      20    Jaklapallisaurus
      21    Herrerasaurus
      22    Melanorosaurus
      23    Gojirasaurus
      24    Efraasia
      25    Procompsognathus
      26    Zupaysaurus
      27    Agnosphitys

         Jurassic Period (art by Todd Marshall)

      28    Batrachognathus
      29    Cryptoclidus, Liopleurodon & Ophthalmosaurus
      30    Apatosaurus
      31    Shunosaurus Vs. Kaijiangosaurus
      32    Pterodactylus
      33    Barosaurus
      34    Guanlong
      35    Compsognathus
      36    Megalosaurus
      37    Dearcmhara
      38    Anchiornis
      39    Stegosaurus
      40    Kileskus
      41    Diplodocus
      42    Allosaurus
      43    Aurornis
      44    Ceratosaurus
      45    Archaeopteryx
      46    Sordes
      47    Allosaurus Vs. Camarasaurus
      48    Dorygnathus
      49    Gnathosaurus
      50    Brachiosaurus

         Cretaceous Period (art by Todd Marshall)

      51    Paralititan
      52    Morenosaurus
      53    Microraptor
      54    Pentaceratops & Kritosaurus
      55    Bahariasaurus
      56    Hesperonychus
      57    Appalachiosaurus
      58    Rahonavis
      59    Balaur
      60    Deinosuchus
      61    Avimimus
      62    Qianzhousaurus
      63    Oviraptor

         Cretaceous Period (art by Ricardo Garijo Jr.)

      64    Carnotaurus
      65    Barionyx
      66    Abelisaurus
      67    Amargasaurus
      68    Elasmosaurus
      69    Raptors
      70    Quetzalcoatlus
      71    Utahraptor
      72    Rugops
      73    Aragosaurus
      74    Sauroposeidon Vs. Acrocanthosaurus
      75    Yutyrannus
      76    Giganotosaurus
      77    Tupandactylus
      78    Gigantoraptor
      79    Torosaurus
      80    Saichania
      81    Tenontosaurus
      82    Majungasaurus
      83    Iguanodon
      84    Tarbosaurus
      85    Parasaurolophus
      86    Incisivosaurus
      87    Triceratops
      88    Sarcosuchus
      89    Maiasaura
      90    Daspletosaurus

         Cretaceous Period (art by Luis V. Rey)

      91    Mosasaurus
      92    Charonosaurus
      93    Mapusaurus
      94    Agustinia
      95    Tyrannosaurus rex
      96    Saltasaurus
      97    Zuniceratops
      98    Caulkicephalus
      99    Sinovenator
     100    Edmontonia
     101    Prenocephale
     102    Hesperornis
     103    Pteranodon
     104    Edmontosaurus
     105    Gastonia
     106    Deinonychus Vs. Tenontosaurus
     107    Deinonychus
     108    Pterodaustro
     109    Olorotitan
     110    Masiakasaurus
     111    Stygimoloch
     112    Sinusonasus
     113    Carcharodontosaurus
     114    Psittacosaurus
     115    Spinosaurus
     116    Astrodon Vs. Raptors
     117    Protoceratops Vs. Velociraptor
     118    Globidens
     119    Alectrosaurus
     120    Eotyrannus Vs. Hypsilophodon
     121    Buitreraptor
     122    Megaraptor
     123    Dilong


Numbered Checklist (1:24 packs)

Checklist   Heteroodontosaurus                 Luis V. Rey / Jurassic

Credit Card (1:24 packs)

Credit Card Scelidosaurus                      Luis V. Rey / Jurassic

Bone War Cards (1:pack)

   BW-1     A Civil War Sequel                 Frankie B. Washington
   BW-2     Othniel Marsh                      Victor Rodriquez
   BW-3     Opposing Forces                    Floyd Sumner
   BW-4     Edward Cope                        Neil Camera
   BW-5     Before the War                     Chris West
   BW-6     The First Shot Fired               Ingrid Hardy
   BW-7     The Elasmosaurus                   Jason Brower
   BW-8     The Verdict                        Chris Wolverton
   BW-9     Never Forget                       Shawn Conn
   BW-10    Go West Young Man                  Anastasia Catris
   BW-11    I Spy, You Spy                     Clinton Yeager
   BW-12    An Escalation of the Conflict      Babisu Kourtis
   BW-13    The True Inner Child               Matt Stewart
   BW-14    Rival Bone Hunters Beware          Achilleas Kokkinakis [corrected]
   BW-15    The Last Yale Trip                 Mark Tannacore
   BW-16    The Indian Giver                   Frankie B. Washington [corrected]
   BW-17    The Buffalo Soldier                Chris Wolverton
   BW-18    A Letter to Marsh                  Hal Robins
   BW-19    A Letter to Cope                   Shawn Conn
   BW-20    More Letters and Schemes           Jason Brower
   BW-21    The Mother Lode                    Tony Keaton
   BW-22    Switching Sides                    Daniel Gorman
   BW-23    A Scorched Earth Policy            Babisu Kourtis
   BW-24    Book of John 8:7                   Ingrid Hardy
   BW-25    The Devil in the Details           Matt Stewart
   BW-26    Enough is Never Enough             Mark Dail
   BW-27    A New Target                       Victor Rodriquez
   BW-28    Attack and Counter Attack          Terry Pavlet
   BW-29    Fall Out from the Feud             Victor Rodriquez
   BW-30    The Waning Years                   Terry Pavlet
   BW-31    Cope's Backward Lizard Fish        Anastasia Catris
   BW-32    Jekyll and Hyde                    Jason Brower
   BW-33    The Thunder Blunder                Victor Rodriquez
   BW-34    Marsh's Original Stegosaurus       Sharon Gauthier
   BW-35    The Other War                      Neil Camera
   BW-36    Collateral Damage                  Melody Brooke
   BW-37    Unfinished Business                Achilleas Kokkinakis
   BW-38    The Final Challenge                Clinton Yeager
   BW-39    A Cluttered Life                   Mark Carrillo
   BW-40    The Smoldering Aftermath           Sharon Gauthier

Magnificent Metafauna Cards (1:4 packs; art by Chris Wolverton)

    MM-1    Synthetocerus                      Miocene
    MM-2    Doedicurus                         Pleistocene
    MM-3    Platybelodon                       Miocene
    MM-4    Elasmotherium                      Pliocene-Pleistocene
    MM-5    Desmostylus                        Oligocene-Miocene
    MM-6    Andrewsarchus                      Eocene

Liquid Leviathans Blue Water Acetate Cards (1:4 packs; art by Jason Brower)

        Numbers and titles are not shown on cards.

    LL-1    Jackelopterus                      Devonian
    LL-2    Titanoboa                          Paleocene
    LL-3    Cameroceras                        Ordovician
    LL-4    Mosasaurus                         Cretaceous
    LL-5    Shonisaurus                        Triassic
    LL-6    Dunkleosteus                       Devonian

Duo-motion Lenticular Cards (1:12 packs; 250 each; art by Garijo & Rey)

      L1    Giant Feathered Dinosaurs?         Various
      L2    Tylosaurus, Clidastes & Archelon
      L3    Nigersaurus                        Cretaceous
      L4    The Deadly Tail

Original Art Sketch Cards (1:24 packs)

      --    Achilleas Kokkinakis
      --    Anastasia Catris
      --    Babisu Kourtis
      --    Chris Wolverton
      --    Chris West
      --    Clinton Yeager
      --    Daniel Gorman
      --    Floyd Sumner
      --    Frankie B. Washington
      --    Hal Robins
      --    Ingrid Hardy
      --    Jason Brower
      --    Mark Carrillo
      --    Mark Dail
      --    Mark Tannacore
      --    Matt Stewart
      --    Melody Brooke
      --    Neil Camera
      --    Shawn Conn
      --    Sharon Gauthier
      --    Terry Pavlet
      --    Tony Keaton
      --    Victor Rodriquez

Make-your-own-art card (1:24 packs)

      --    (blank front sketch card)

Printing Plate Cards

      --    (4x: cyan, magenta, yellow, black)

Extra Info Sheet (8-1/2" x 11" paper; 1:box)

            (titles and text for cards without them: Liquid Leviathans, 
            Checklist Card, Credit Card)

PROMO CARDS (also 1:12 packs; art by Rey & Marshall)

 Promo 1    Dinosaur Galaxy
 Promo 2    Dinosaur Galaxy
 Promo 3    Dinosaur Galaxy (Philly Non-Sports Card Show)
 Promo 4    Dinosaur Galaxy (Philly Non-Sports Card Show)
 Promo 5    Dinosaur Galaxy (The Wrapper)

 Promo 6    Hal Robins (Kickstarter; 3" x 5")

      --    Dealer Sell Sheet

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©2016 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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