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Disney Adventures
Dynamic Marketing - 1993

Notes:  Thanks much to Sean Wright for the checklist and to Eric White for 
the update!

Pack: 7 cards. Wrappers: 3 different.

No.   Title

  1   Launchpad's helicopter arrives
  2   The helicopter crashes into the pool
  3   Maybe you should be an astronaut
  4   Launchpad meets his competitor
  5   The simulator is out of control
  6   Launchpad and Doofus head for Mars
  7   Welcome to Mars
  8   Launchpad and Doofus drop in
  9   Throw them into the dungeon
 10   Eve E.T. got to phone home
 11   Stripped down to their underwear
 12   The probe hands over the keys
 13   Blast off from Mars
 14   Ronnie is sent on a rescue mission
 15   Unidentified flying object from Mars
 16   Thermal nuclear detonator
 17   The Martians are coming
 18   Ronnie arrives in the rescue rocket
 19   Scrooge hides his valuables
 20   Hiding the antique statue
 21   The space probe snatches Ping
 22   Ronnie is the new Martian leader
 23   Watch ou for the antique statue
 24   Speech! The crowd wants a speech
 25   The best pilot in Duckburg
 26   Megavolt charges the time top
 27   Darkwing Duck to the rescue
 28   This oughta slow 'em down
 29   I am Dark Wiiiiiiing
 30   The time-top begins to spin
 31   Gosalyn is transported to the future
 32   Welcome to the future
 33   You've got to help me
 34   The tak fires a shell
 35   The time top is parked illegally
 36   The bridge to Darkwing Tower
 37   Darkwing is washed up
 38   The bully snatches the doll
 39   Darkwing leaps to the rescue
 40   The bad guys didn't stand a chance
 41   Gosalyn gets out the red paint
 42   Right on target
 43   Darkwarrior saves Gosalyn
 44   Dad, you're obsessing
 45   Darkwarrior visits the prison garage
 46   I say we bust out of here
 47   Another use for false teeth
 48   I should blast you
 49   Let's go home to the past
 50   The biggest hug ever
 51   The mad Doctor's castle
 52   What's under that sheet on the table
 53   Give my creation life
 54   Thank heavens it's only a movie
 55   You're too little to be running off
 56   Molly wants to investigate
 57   Molly changes into "Danger Woman"
 58   Molly falls through the window
 59   Little Molly in a big laboratory
 60   Molly isa zapped by the strange machine
 61   Rebecca finds Molly's doll
 62   Dr Zibaldo collapses and faints
 63   Molly almost gets stomped on
 64   Nice mousey...nice mousey...
 65   Molly will pop up soon
 66   Mommy! Mommy! I'm right here
 67   Molly flies off the handle
 68   The plane and crew are shrunk
 69   Molly is more than a mouthful
 70   Inside the smelly rat hole
 71   Rebecca rescues Molly
 72   The rat gets zapped by the machine
 73   That's one mighty big rat
 74   I'm sorry mommy
 75   Come on, let's go home
 76   Monterey tells another tall tale
 77   Rat/Thaniel visits the Rescue Rangers
 78   Gadget plots the co-ordinates
 79   Packing the boat
 80   The compass is left behind
 81   I'm navigating by the stars
 82   The Lucite Tania slowly sinks
 83   Pop rat/Thaniel is rescued
 84   The Coast Guard heads for home
 85   Arriving on Canine Island
 86   The Moby Carp will be mine
 87   You sunk the wrong ship
 88   Gadget and Zipper build a boat
 89   Gadget gets the sack
 90   My ship really did come in
 91   The Raging Prawn is coming
 92   The fireflies light up the night sky
 93   Is it deserted or is it a trap.
 94   The cage is tossed into the pit
 95   Only inches from the big pincers
 96   Zipper is dressed to kill
 97   The Raging Prawn moments from disaster
 98   Zipper zaps the head firefly
 99   The Rescue Rangers capture fat cat
100   Welcome to the real Canine Island


Limited Edition Chromium Cards

No. 1   Duck Tales
No. 2   Darkwing Tales
No. 3   Talespin
No. 4   Rescue Rangers
No. 5   [Disney Adventures gang]

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (binder)

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