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Disney's Animated Features Movie Posters
Disney - 1997

Notes: The 40 cards were released in a special tin shaped like a movie reel, as well 
as in packs. Two limited edition cards were found only in the tin. Thanks much to 
Michael Beam for the list!

No.    Title

       Snow White
       Saludos Amigos
       The Three Caballeros
       Make Mine Music
       Fun and Fancy Free
       Melody Time
       The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad
       Alice in Wonderland
       Peter Pan
       Lady & The Tramp
       Sleeping Beauty
       101 Dalmatians
       The Sword in the Stone
       The Jungle Book
       The Aristocrats
       Robin Hood
       The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
       The Rescuers
       The Fox & the Hound
       The Great Mouse Detective
       The Black Cauldron
       Oliver & Company
       The Little Mermaid
       The Rescuers Down Under
       Beauty & the Beast
       The Lion King
       The Hunchback of Notre Dame
       Fantasia 2000

Limited Edition Cards (Tins only)

LE-1   Fantasia
LE-2   Fantasia

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