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The Magic of Disney Stickers
Dynamic Marketing (Australia) - 1992

Notes:  The series was a set of 42 blue 'ear-shaped' stickers, with a set of 15 
variation backs (two might be "error cards). Thanks much to Genny Carr 
for the original checklist and to Tammy Alexandre and Sean Wright for updates!

Sean prepared the key to the card-back variations at the bottom of this list. He reports, 
"To understand how these variables come about I visited the Dynamic printing company in 
New Zealand and learned that it works like this. There is a 100-m roll of fronts numbered 1 
to 42 which constantly repeats. Then there are the backs which are also 100-m long and have 
13 different messages printed on them. The backs are sticky and have a wax film on them to 
stop sticking to itself. The two reels are then run through a 'binder' which in one single 
operation strips the wax paper off the backs and presses the backs to the fronts. With a 
repeating 42 fronts meeting 13 different backs, you inevitably end up with variations."

The 18 sticker backs marked "K" form a 6-across by 3-down poster puzzle. A map to 
the puzzle locations for those cards is shown below.

Pack: 7 stickers. 7 wrapper types.

No.   Title                             Card Back Variations

  1   Donald Duck                       A K
  2   Dumbo                             A K
  3   Lady and the Tramp                A K M
  4   Geppetto                          A K
  5   Huey, Dewey & Louie               A K
  6   Belle                             A K
  7   Mickey Mouse                      C H
  8   Minnie Mouse                      B C
  9   Bambi                             B L
 10   Gadget                            D L
 11   Shere Khan                        D I
 12   Webby                             D J
 13   The Beast                         G
 14   Goofy                             F
 15   Cinderella                        E
 16   Scrooge McDuck                    G K
 17   Ursula                            F K
 18   Louie                             E K
 19   Triton                            G K
 20   Alice                             F K N
 21   Thumper                           E K
 22   Launchpad                         H
 23   Dale                              C
 24   Chip                              B L
 25   Daisy Duck                        D L
 26   Pinocchio                         I
 27   Pluto                             J
 28   Jiminy Cricket                    G
 29   Baloo                             F
 30   Snow White                        E
 31   Winnie The Pooh                   K
 32   Sleeping Beauty                   K
 33   Mrs Potts, Cogsworth & Lumiere    K
 34   Captain Hook                      K
 35   Kit Cloudkicker                   K
 36   Gyro Gearloose                    K
 37   Gruffy                            H
 38   Ariel                             B C
 39   Tinkerbell                        B L
 40   The Wicked Queen                  L D
 41   Jake                              I D
 42   Peter Pan                         J


Cinema Stickers (1:pack)

  1   The Great Mouse Detective
  2   Duck Tales - The Movie
  3   Pinocchio
  4   Fantasia
  5   Beauty & the Beast
  6   The Little Mermaid
  7   Cinderella
  8   The Jungle Book
  9   Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
 10   Oliver & Company
 11   The Rescuers Down Under
 12   101 Dalmations
 13   The Fox & the Hounds
 14   Sleeping Beauty
 15   The Rescuers
 16   Alice in Wonderland
 17   Lady & the Tramp
 18   Peter Pan
 19   Dumbo
 20   Make Mine Music

Funny Phrase Stickers (1:pack)

  1   Beast: I'm feeling absolutely beastly
  2   Ariel: Don't let it dampen your spirit!
  3   Goofy: I've got to remember to let go of the ball
  4   Winnie the Pooh: Another sticky situation!
  5   Mickey Mouse: Are you ready because the star has...
  6   Minnie Mouse: Guess who's got a secret!
  7   Baloo & Mowgli: Let's hang out together
  8   Monterrey Jack: Well, would you believe this one...
  9   Fat Cat: Mastermind at work
 10   Pluto: What a day, I'm dog tired
 11   Scuttle: That's the craziest thing I've ever heard
 12   Donald Duck: Stop it! You're driving me crazy!
 13   Dale: Don't look at me - I didn't do it!
 14   Sebastian: Yikes!!
 15   Dopey: What do you mean I'm a bubble brain?
 16   Grumpy: Do you really expect me to believe that?
 17   Huey, Dewey & Louie: It's party time!
 18   Uncle Scrooge: Now that's what I call an allowance!
 19   Tinker Bell: Some days, nothing seems to go right
 20   The Rescuers: Are you sure he knows how to drive...

Disney Height Chart (mail-in offer)

Set of 10 Disney Door Hangers (mail-in offer)

Giant Wall Poster (38" x 26-3/4"; sold separately)


 A    Grab Your Giant
 B    Collect The 18 Different Sticker Backs
 C    Have Hours Of Fun
 D    Imagine Your Child's Bedroom
 E    Save 20 Tokens To Send (10 Disney Door Hangers)
 F    Save the Tokens On (Disney Height Chart)
 G    Collect All 20 Funny Phrase Stickers
 H    Collect All 42 'Ear-Shaped' Stickers
 I    Collect All 42 'Ear' Stickers Index
 J    Collect All 20 Cinema Poster Stickers
 K    Poster Puzzle Pieces
 L    Get Your Great Wall Poster
 M    (red background, bar code, "2 Fre ... Included Pos ...")
 N    (blank back; error card?)


          1   2   3   4   5   6
         31  32  33  34  35  36
         16  17  18  19  20  21

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©2002, 2004, 2008 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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