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Disney Classics
   Dynamic Marketing (Australia) - 1993

Notes: Thanks much to Christine Caria for the original checklist, and to Tammy Alexandre,
 Jonathan K., and Lawrence C. for updates!

We knew that there were quite a few sticker-back variations, and Sean Wright added much 
to the lore by trying to track down all of them. Below, the reported sticker variations are 
given a letter code, which can be compared to an Index at the bottom of the list. Sean provided 
the following commentary on the printing process, which can give hints on additional 
variations that might be found some day if you examine the patterns of the ones shown.

"To understand how these variables come about I visited the Dynamic printing company in 
New Zealand and learned that it works like this. There is a 100-m roll of fronts numbered 1 
to 25 which constantly repeats. Then there are the backs which are also 100-m long and have 
15 different messages printed on them. The backs are sticky and have a wax film on them to 
stop sticking to itself. The two reels are then run through a 'binder' which in one single 
operation strips the wax paper off the backs and presses the backs to the fronts. With a 
repeating 25 fronts meeting 15 different backs, you inevitably end up with variations."

Box: 48 packs of 7 cards + 1 sticker.
Wrappers: 2 different Australian, 2 Australian with New Zealand overlays.
Common sets (150): approx. 2.23 per box if collation were perfect.
Numerical sticker sets (25): approximately 1.92 per box.

No.   Title                                           Sticker Back Variations

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  1   Princess Snow White the scullery maid
  2   "Bring her heart back in this casket"
  3   Cleaning the dwarfs' dusty, untidy cottage
  4   "Wash your hands before supper"
  5   "Please have this delicious, red apple"
  6   Everyone lives happily ever after


  7   The Blue Fairy grants the old man's wish
  8   Pinocchio is caged by the wicked Stromboli
  9   Pinocchio lies to the Blue Fairy
 10   Pinocchio on Pleasure Island
 11   Geppetto & Pinocchio escape from the whale
 12   The Blue Fairy turns Pinocchio into a boy


 13   Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer's Apprentice
 14   Mushrooms dancing to the Nutcracker Suite
 15   Stravinsky's Rite of Spring
 16   Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony
 17   Mlle. Upanova dances to Ponchielli
 18   May I have this dance?


 19   Dumbo is delivered by messenger stork
 20   The circus train comes to town
 21   The pyramid of teetering elephants
 22   A magic feather
 23   Dumbo swoops around the big top
 24   Dumbo's famous


 25   Thumper teaches Bambi a few tricks
 26   Bambi and Faline meet
 27   Thumper teaches Bambi how to skate...oops!
 28   The joys of being 'twitterpated'
 29   Faline is threatened by hunting dogs
 30   Bambi is the new great prince of the forest

Fun and Fancy Free

 31   Bongo hears the call of the wild
 32   Bongo & Lulubelle love at first sight
 33   They live happily ever after
 34   Mickey, Donald & Goofy sell the cow
 35   Donald & Goofy are locked in the box
 36   Escaping down the giant beanstalk

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mister Toad

 37   Toad & Cyril explore the Country
 38   Toad escapes to prove his innocence
 39   Toad reclaims the bill of sale
 40   Ichabod - Huge ears, wispy red hair
 41   Ichabod meets Katrina Van Tassel
 42   Ichabod marries a widow with children


 43   Cinderella's Fairy Godmother appears
 44   Only till the last stroke of midnight
 45   Cinderella and the Prince dance the night away
 46   Who is the owner of the glass slipper?
 47   The ugly stepsisters try on the glass slipper
 48   Cinderella marries her Prince Charming

Alice in Wonderland

 49   A long fall
 50   Alice meets Tweedledum and Tweedledee
 51   The garden of talking flowers
 52   The Mad Hatter's Tea Party
 53   The Queen puts Alice on trial
 54   Wake up Alice, Wake Up

Peter Pan

 55   Peter Pan teaches Wendy to fly
 56   Second star to the right
 57   Never Land Home to Peter Pan
 58   Hook takes Tiger Lily to Skull Rock
 59   Tinker Bell shows Hook the location
 60   Peter Pan defeats the wicked Captain Hook

Lady and the Tramp

 61   Darling Dear receives a puppy for Christmas
 62   Jock & Trusty tell Lady about babies
 63   Aunt Sarah's mischievous cats, Si and Am
 64   Tramp takes his Lady to dinner
 65   Jim & Darling Dear return home
 66   Tramp and Lady have a family of their own

Sleeping Beauty

 67   Altering the curse
 68   Briar Rose meets the Prince in the Forest
 69   Maleficent and Raven find the Princess
 70   Princess Aurora falls into a deep sleep
 71   The good fairies free the Prince
 72   The Prince wakes Aurora with a kiss

101 Dalmatians

 73   Perfect mates!
 74   Cruella De Vil wants those puppies!
 75   Cruella wants a Dalmatian fur coat
 76   Pongo heads for safety with the pups
 77   The long journey is over
 78   It's good to be home

The Sword in the Stone

 79   Wart visits Merlin and Archimedes
 80   Merlin transforms Wart into a fish
 81   Wart escapes down the chimney of Madam Mim
 82   The battle between Madam Mim and Merlin
 83   Who will draw the sword from the stone?
 84   Wart is crowned the new King of England

The Jungle Book

 85   The boy is adopted by a family of wolves
 86   Mowgli meets the friendly bear, Baloo
 87   Meet King Louie
 88   No you don't!
 89   Shere Khan is frightened of fire
 90   Mowgli finds the girl of his dreams

The Aristocats

 91   Madame Bonfamille and Duchess
 92   The lost cats
 93   A fun night at the home of Thomas O'Malley
 94   A moonlit stroll along the rooftops
 95   Scat cats attack
 96   Thomas, Duchess and Family

Robin Hood

 97   Prince John is stripped of everything
 98   A surprise present for Skippy
 99   Maid Marian dreams of her true love
100   Sir Reginald and Prince John - Are they friends?
101   Almost everyone is imprisoned
102   Robin and Marian together at last

Winnie the Pooh

103   It must be time for some honey
104   Eeyore has his tail nailed back on...again
105   Attacked by the honey bees
106   Rabbit invites Pooh to lunch
107   Gopher says he can excavate
108   Thanks to the bees Pooh has a feast

The Rescuers

109   Penny and Teddy
110   Bernard and Bianca fly to Devil's Bayou
111   The crocodiles seize Penny and Teddy
112   At last!  The diamond is mine
113   Swamp creatures attack Madame's boat
114   Madame Medusa's plan has foiled again

The Fox and the Hound

115   Kindly Widow Tweed adopts the foxcub
116   Amos Slade, Chief and Copper
117   Chief continues to chase after Tod
118   Tod meets and falls in love with Vixey
119   The makings of a beautiful friendship
120   They promised to be friends forever

The Black Cauldron

121   Look into the water and see the future
122   Taran meets a princess in the dungeon
123   The furry and friendly Gurgi
124   Witches tell how to destroy the cauldron
125   The hoorors of the Black Cauldron
126   Taran returns home to the Wizard

The Great Mouse Detective

127   Olivia & Dawson meet the Great Mouse Detective
128   Olivia is on Fidget's shopping list
129   The shopping list holds the clue
130   Ratigan reads out his new laws
131   Up, up and away the chase is on
132   Olivia is reunited with her father

Oliver and Company

133   Oliver and Dodger sausage snatchers
134   Oliver meets Dodger and the gang
135   Cornered by the vicious watchdog
136   It's nice to belong to someone (5)
137   Sykes wants his money no matter what (8)
138   A happy ending for the whole gang (6)

The Little Mermaid

139   Ariel and Flounder find human treasures
140   Sebastian is flabbergasted
141   Ariel dreams of Eric, her true love
142   Scuttle is an expert in human odds and ends
143   Ursula shows her true colours
144   King Triton says farewell to Ariel

The Rescuers Down Under

145   Faloo tells Cody about Marahute
146   Poacher McLeach and his pet lizard Joanna
147   Dinner is interrupted by a call for help
148   Bernard and Bianca meet their guide, Jake
149   The Golden Eagle is re-captured
150   Bernard and Cody are saved by Marahute


Movie Poster Stickers (1 per pack)

  1   Pinocchio                                       A B C D E
  2   Snow White                                      A B C F G
  3   Cinderella                                      A B G H I
  4   Winnie the Pooh                                 B D E G I
  5   The Rescuers Dowunder                           C D F G I
  6   Oliver and Company                              C D G I
  7   The Little Mermaid                              B D I
  8   The Black Cauldron                              J K
  9   The Fox and the Hound                           J K
 10   The Rescuers                                    A J K
 11   Robin Hood                                      A J K
 12   Melody Time                                     A J K
 13   The Jungle Book                                 A J K
 14   The Sword in the Stone                          A J K
 15   101 Dalmatians                                  H L M N
 16   Sleeping Beauty                                 H L M N
 17   Peter Pan                                       H L N O
 18   Lady & The Tramp                                H L N O
 19   Alice in Wonderland                             L N M O
 20   Cinderella                                      L N M O
 21   The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad            L N   O
 22   Make Mine Music!                                E F H
 23   Bambi                                           E   H
 24   Dumbo                                           E F H
 25   Fantasia                                        E F H

Prismatic Foil Cards (1:48 packs)

  1   Mickey Mouse
  2   Minnie Mouse
  3   Donald Duck
  4   Goofy
  5   Pluto
  6   Daisy Duck
  7   Ariel
  8   Pinocchio
  9   Snow White
 10   Lady & the Tramp
 11   Huey, Dewey & Louie
 12   Captain Hook
 13   Ursula
 14   The Wicked Queen (from Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs)
 15   Peter Pan

Gold Commemorative Cards

  1   Mickey Mouse
  2   Donald Duck
  3   Goofy
  4   Pluto

Card Album

 --   (binder)

      Limited Series Gold Cards (included with album)

  1   Alice in Wonderland
  2   Sleeping Beauty
  3   Cinderella
  4   Lady and the Tramp
  5   Peter Pan
  6   Fantasia
  7   The Jungle Book
  8   Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  9   Bambi


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