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Discovery Cards: Reptiles & Amphibians V.1
Curious Discoveries, Inc. - 1996

Notes:  These cards are in playing-card format (with four colors of suits using
animal icons), measuring 4" x 2-1/2". Each card features a color photo and facts
about the animal. A paper insert in every boxed set describes "15+ Fun Educa-
tional Games for Kids of All Ages." Besides the four sets I have listed here, the
boxes identify other sets featuring "Endangered Species" and "Dinosaurs."

Card       Title

--         Reptiles & Amphibians V.1 (cover card)
Black A    Diamond Back Terrapin
Black K    Black Caiman
Black Q    Veiled Chameleon
Black J    Tree Frog
Black 10   Timber Rattlesnake
Black 9    Green Iguana
Black 8    Spotted Salamander
Black 7    Copperhead Snake
Black 6    Poison Arrow Frog
Black 5    American Alligator
Black 4    Boa Constrictor
Black 3    Painted Turtles
Black 2    Komodo Monitor
Green A    Diamond Back Terrapin
Green K    Black Caiman
Green Q    Veiled Chameleon
Green J    Tree Frog
Green 10   Timber Rattlesnake
Green 9    Green Iguana
Green 8    Spotted Salamander
Green 7    Copperhead Snake
Green 6    Poison Arrow Frog
Green 5    American Alligator
Green 4    Boa Constrictor
Green 3    Painted Turtles
Green 2    Komodo Monitor
Red A      Diamond Back Terrapin
Red K      Black Caiman
Red Q      Veiled Chameleon
Red J      Tree Frog
Red 10     Timber Rattlesnake
Red 9      Green Iguana
Red 8      Spotted Salamander
Red 7      Copperhead Snake
Red 6      Poison Arrow Frog
Red 5      American Alligator
Red 4      Boa Constrictor
Red 3      Painted Turtles
Red 2      Komodo Monitor
Yellow A   Diamond Back Terrapin
Yellow K   Black Caiman
Yellow Q   Veiled Chameleon
Yellow J   Tree Frog
Yellow 10  Timber Rattlesnake
Yellow 9   Green Iguana
Yellow 8   Spotted Salamander
Yellow 7   Copperhead Snake
Yellow 6   Poison Arrow Frog
Yellow 5   American Alligator
Yellow 4   Boa Constrictor
Yellow 3   Painted Turtles
Yellow 2   Komodo Monitor
--         Discovery Activities for Cards (Educators Bonus)

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