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Family Reunion - Disneyana
Disney - 2001

Notes: Cards were released as a box set only, at the 2001 Disneyana Convention.
This set shows colorful Disney artwork on one side and pictures of the artists
when they were children on the other. Thanks much to Michael Beam for the list!

No.   Artist               Subject

  1   Costa Alevezos       Disney Babies
  2   Brian Blackmore      Anaheim or Bust
  3   Ron Burrage          Wendy, Michael, & John
  4   Michael Cole         The Cow Bels
  5   Allen Davis          Huey, Dewey, & Louie w/Chip & Dale
  6   Jeff Ebersohl        King Triton & Ariel
  7   Donna Kozatek        Baby Mermaid
  8   Patty Landing        Barnyard Reunion Tour
  9   Tom Lange            Mufasa, Simba, & Rafiki
 10   Alex Maher           Mickey & Goofy
 11   Monty Maldovan       Goofy & Son
 12   Mark McIntyre        Gepetto, Pinocchio, & Figaro
 13   Michelle Morrow      Jiminy Cricket
 14   Kori Murphy          Goofy Family Portrait
 15   Randy Noble          Mickey Mouse
 16   Zak Plusinski        Pocahontas & Powhaton
 17   Cody Reynolds        Cinderella & Merryweather
 18   Alex Sanso           Mickey Mouse Toys
 19   Mark Seppala         Cinderella
 20   Richard Sznerch      Alice in Wonderland
 21   Dawn Weaver          Mr. & Mrs. Pluto
 22   Tim Whalen           California
 23   Martha Widener       Snow White & Dopey
 24   Darren Wilson        Toby's Trek Home
 25   David Whitaker       Jiminy Cricket

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