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Disneyland Commemorative Collector Cards
    Series 2
Disney - 1999

Notes: The checklist shows 12 cards, but the titles are not exact matches for what's 
printed on the cards, and cards #4 and #10 are very scarce. Cards 1 through 10 and 
the Passholder Exclusive card came inside a large parchment envelope, attached to 
an oversized backer card. #4 and #10 were randomly inserted with #3 and #9, 
respectively, but hidden so that it was not obvious that the card was there if you 
didn't open the envelope. The checklist was provided in a white envelope in a 
folder with a separate information card. Thanks much to Michael Beam for the list!

No.   Title                                   Quantity Made

 #1   Main Street Electrical Parade             50,000
 #2   Tomorrowland                               5,000
 #3   New Orleans Square                         5,000
 #4   New Orleans Square (Hitchhiking Ghosts)      500
 #5   Fantasyland                                5,000
 #6   Mickey's Toontown                          5,000
 #7   Critter Country                            5,000
 #8   Adventureland                              5,000
 #9   Frontierland                               5,000
#10   Frontierland (Golden Horseshoe)              500

Passholder Exclusive Card

 --   Mickey Mouse Happiest Place on Earth       5,000

Checklist Card (distributed separately)

 --   Checklist
 --   (information card)

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