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Disneyland 50th Anniversary
Upper Deck - 2005

Notes:  The base set includes 65 cards, but they are numbered 1-50 and 101-115, 
with the 1-per-pack Attractions Posters separating them. Thanks much to Trey 
Buntyn and Scott Noah for updates! Further information and scans are posted at 
the Upper Deck website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards + 1 Poster card.
Common sets (65): approx. 1.42 per box if collation were perfect.
Poster sets (50): approximately 1 per 2.08 boxes.

  No.    Title                                            Year

Debut Attractions

DL-01    Disneyland Railroad                              1955
DL-02    Mr. Toad's Wild Ride                             1955
DL-03    Dumbo the Flying Elephant                        1955
DL-04    Mad Tea Party                                    1955
DL-05    Mark Twain Railroad                              1955
DL-06    Tomorrowland Autopia                             1955
DL-07    Rocket to the Moon                               1955
DL-08    Horse-Drawn Street Cars                          1955
DL-09    Jungle Cruise                                    1955
DL-10    Casey Jr. Circus Train                           1955
DL-11    Stage Coach                                      1955
DL-12    Penny Arcade                                     1955
DL-13    Main Street Fire Department                      1955
DL-14    King Arthur's Carousel                           1955
DL-15    Rivers of America                                1955
DL-16    Monsanto Hall of Chemistry                       1955
DL-17    Golden Horseshoe Saloon                          1955
DL-18    Indian Village                                   1956
DL-19    Rainbow Ridge Pack Mules                         1956
DL-20    Tom Sawyer Island Rafts                          1956
DL-21    Sleeping Beauty's Castle                         1957
DL-22    House of the Future                              1957
DL-23    Disneyland - Alweg Monorail System               1959
DL-24    Matterhorn Bobsleds                              1959
DL-25    Submarine Voyage                                 1959
DL-26    Fantasyland Autopia                              1959
DL-27    Circarama Theatre                                1960
DL-28    Main Street Electric Cars                        1960
DL-29    Skull Rock                                       1960
DL-30    Safari Shooting Gallery                          1962
DL-31    Swiss Family Treehouse                           1964
DL-32    Columbia Sailing Ship                            1966
DL-33    It's a Small World                               1966
DL-34    Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln                   1966
DL-35    PeopleMover                                      1967
DL-36    Rocket Jets                                      1967
DL-37    Pirates of the Caribbean                         1967
DL-38    Haunted Mansion                                  1969
DL-39    Main Street Electrical Parade                    1972
DL-40    Country Bear Jamboree                            1972
DL-41    Space Mountain                                   1977
DL-42    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad                    1979
DL-43    Pinnochio's Daring Journey                       1983
DL-44    Flying Saucers                                   1961
DL-45    Splash Mountain                                  1989
DL-46    Minnie's House and Garden                        1993
DL-47    Toontown City Hall                               1993
DL-48    Innoventions                                     1998
DL-49    Tarzan's Treehouse                               1999
DL-50    The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh           2001

Five Lands

DL-101   Main Street U.S.A.
DL-102   Adventureland
DL-103   Fantasyland
DL-104   Frontierland
DL-105   Tomorrowland

Great Moments

DL-106   Mickey & Minnie 50th Celebration
DL-107   Fantasmic!
DL-108   Dual Marquee
DL-109   Balloon Release
DL-110   Main Street Sings
DL-111   Main Street Swimmers
DL-112   Bicentennial
DL-113   Castle Fireworks
DL-114   Party Gras Parade
DL-115   Partners


Attractions Posters (1:pack)

DL-51    Columbia - Frontierland                          1958
DL-52    Tom Sawyer Island - Frontierland                 1956
DL-53    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Frontierland     1979
DL-54    Pirates of the Caribbean - New Orleans Square    1982
DL-55    Pirates of the Caribbean - New Orleans Square    1960
DL-56    Mark Twain Riverboat - Frontierland              1983
DL-57    Frontierland                                     1955
DL-58    Golden Horseshoe Review - Frontierland           1983
DL-59    Rainbow Caverns - Frontierland                   1956
DL-60    Nature's Wonderland - Frontierland               1960
DL-61    Stage Coach Ride, Mine Train Ride, Mule Pack       ?
           Ride - Frontierland
DL-62    Country Bear Jamboree                            1972
DL-63    Haunted Mansion - New Orleans Square             1965
DL-64    Splash Mountain - Critter Country                1976
DL-65    Jungle Cruise - Adventureland                    1976
DL-66    Jungle River - Adventureland                     1955
DL-67    Swiss Family Treehouse - Adventureland           1953
DL-68    Enchanted Tiki Room - Adventureland              1953
DL-69    Space Station X-1 - Tomorrowland                 1955
DL-70    Monorail - Tomorrowland                          1959
DL-71    America the Beautiful - Tomorrowland             1967
DL-72    American Journeys - Tomorrowland                 1984
DL-73    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - Tomorrowland      1960
DL-74    Autopia - Tomorrowland                           1959
DL-75    Space Mountain - Tomorrowland                    1977
DL-76    Astrojet - Tomorrowland                          1967
DL-77    Rocket Jets - Tomorrowland                       1967
DL-78    Flying Saucer - Tomorrowland                     1961
DL-79    PeopleMover - Tomorrowland                       1967
DL-80    Rocket to the Moon - Tomorrowland                1955
DL-81    Submarine Voyage - Tomorrowland                  1965
DL-82    Matterhorn - Fantasyland                         1960
DL-83    Fantasyland                                      1955
DL-84    Dumbo the Flying Elephant - Fantasyland          1983
DL-85    Peter Pan's Flight - Fantasyland                 1983
DL-86    Pinocchio's Daring Journey - Fantasyland         1983
DL-87    Skyway - Tomorrowland                            1956
DL-88    It's a Small World - Fantasyland                 1993
DL-89    Alice in Wonderland - Fantasyland                1965
DL-90    Storybook Land - Fantasyland                     1956
DL-91    Snow White's Scary Adventures - Fantasyland      1983
DL-92    Mad Tea Party - Fantasyland                      1985
DL-93    Grand Canyon Diorama                             1958
DL-94    Disneyland Hotel                                 1955
DL-95    Three Great Adventures                           1963
DL-96    Primeval World - Frontierland                    1953
DL-97    The Disneyland Railroad                          1977
DL-98    Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln                   1953
DL-99    Santa Fe & Disneyland R.R.                       1953
DL-100   Red Wagon Inn                                    1953

Haunted Mansion Die-Cuts (1:6 packs)

DL-116   The Grand Ballroom
DL-117   Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts
DL-118   The Graveyard Jamboree...
DL-119   Set the Night to Music
DL-120   You've Disturbed a Guest!
DL-121   The Haunted Beginnings
DL-122   The Mansion Caretaker
DL-123   Ghostly Justice
DL-124   The Haunted Concept
DL-125   Gracey Mansion

©2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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