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Disney Movie Scenes
Treat Hobby - 1982

Notes: These cards were released in single blister packs of 9 cards as well as 
a double blister pack of 18 cards. There are 5 different sets in series "A." 
Thanks much to Michael Beam for the list!

No.   Title

Mickey Mouse

  1   The Simple Things
  2   The Simple Things
  3   The Brave Little Tailor
  4   The Brave Little Tailor
  5   The Brave Little Tailor
  6   The Pointer
  7   The Pointer
  8   Moving Day
  9   Moving Day
 10   Thru the Mirror
 11   Thru the Mirror
 12   Thru the Mirror
 13   Clock Cleaner
 14   Clock Cleaner
 15   Clock Cleaner
 16   The Nifty Fifties
 17   The Nifty Fifties
 18   The Nifty Fifties

Donald Duck

  1   Chips Ahoy
  2   Chips Ahoy
  3   Chips Ahoy
  4   Donald's Diary
  5   Donald's Diary
  6   Donald's Diary
  7   Donald's Diary
  8   Donald's Diary
  9   Donald's Diary
 10   Working for Peanuts
 11   Working for Peanuts
 12   Working for Peanuts
 13   Donald Applecore
 14   Donald Applecore
 15   Donald Applecore
 16   Donald Applecore
 17   The Nifty Fifties
 18   Clock Cleaner


  1   It is a great day in the forest
  2   As the baby bambi stands up
  3   Good Morning
  4   You didn't hop far enough
  5   When a butterfly lands
  6   Oh, that's all right
  7   Thumper and his family
  8   Bambi is startled
  9   He's kinda bashful
 10   Bambi is awed
 11   Thumper is not having much success
 12   Friend Owl
 13   Hello, Bambi
 14   When the shy Bambi
 15   Man's carelessness
 16   Bambi and the great stag
 17   Spring has come
 18   Prince Bambi


  1   Hawaiian Holiday
  2   Man's Best Friend
  3   Man's Best Friend
  4   Man's Best Friend
  5   Man's Best Friend
  6   How to Dance
  7   How to Dance
  8   How to Dance
  9   Two Gun Goofy
 10   How to be a Detective
 11   How to be a Detective
 12   Two Weeks Vacation
 13   Two Weeks Vacation
 14   Two Weeks Vacation
 15   Moving Day
 16   Moving Day
 17   Moving Day
 18   Clock Cleaner

Snow White

  1   Magic mirror on the wall
  2   When Snow White wishes
  3   Snow White comforts a baby bird
  4   The Huntsman
  5   Terrified
  6   The birds know just the place
  7   Oh, it's adorable
  8   Singing merrily
  9   Oh, what cute little beds
 10   The dwarfs discover
 11   Grumpy glares
 12   Now a formula
 13   And now...
 14   But wait til you taste one
 15   The dwarfs bow their heads
 16   The prince leans over
 17   The spell has been broken
 18   The Prince leads Snow White away

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