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Classic Disneyland Cast Member Pin and Card Set
Disney - 1995

Notes: These cards were issued only with the purchase of a series of pin sets released 
in 1995 for the 40th anniversary, exclusively to cast members. Cards are very difficult 
to find individually because pin collectors will not separate the cards from the pins. 
Pins were released in 3 separate sets. Sixteen different cards are known to exist and 
only 1000 of each card was produced. Thanks much to Michael Beam for the list!


Set #1

    Disneyland Marquee				
    Pirates Cove					
    Clock of the World				
    Flying Saucers					
    Carousel of Progress				
Set #2

    Rocket to the Moon
    Central Ticket Booth
    Rainbow Cavern Mine Train
    Disneyland Hotel
    House of the Future

Set #3

    20,000 Leagues under the Sea
    Adventure Through Inner Space
    Mickey Mouse Club Theater
    Indian Village

Bonus Cards

    Classic Disneyland
    (2 sided cover card

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