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Disneyland Blue-Back Cards
   Donruss/Disney - 1965
Disneyland Puzzleback Cards
   Donruss/Disney - 1965

Notes: Cards were released in packs, in two variations: with puzzle backs and with 
blue backs. The blue back cards are much harder to find. Those with puzzle packs 
move the title and text description to the front of the cards; the others also bear the 
invitation "Visit Disneyland In '65." The set was also done by Scanlens in Australia 
in 1965, but I have not confirmed whether there were any changes. Thanks much to 
Michael Beam for the original list! American Card Catalog reference is R818-4. 
Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title

  1   Santa Fe and Disneyland railroad trains
  2   Goofy and his Disney Character pals
  3   Sleeping Beauty's Castle [entrance view]
  4   Departing from the Swiss Chalet
  5   Indians greet the Santa Fe and Disneyland railroad train
  6   Three of Disneyland's most popular attractions
  7   Alice and the White Rabbit
  8   Western Mine train - through Nature's Wonderland
  9   Disneyland guests board doubledeck bus
 10   Spaceman greets Tomorrowland visitors
 11   Storybookland Miniatures
 12   Alice in Wonderland and her friends
 13   Disneyland Submarine
 14   "Old Unfaithful" Geyser
 15   "Fantasy in the Sky" fireworks
 16   Disneyland mountain climbers
 17   Gaily decorated tree
 18   Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
 19   Corps of Toy Soldiers
 20   Disneyland African Veldt
 21   Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room
 22   Actual sets used in the making
 23   Sleeping Beauty's Castle [castle view]
 24   The Trapped Safari
 25   Visitors aboard Disneyland Mark Twain
 26   Viewed from Dutch canal boats, Storybook Land
 27   Mickey Mouse and his dog Pluto
 28   White Rabbit and Mrs. Rabbit [standing]
 29   Western Mine Train crosses trestle
 30   Disneyland Astrojet provides thrilling ride
 31   Indian elephants
 32   Deluxe passenger train
 33   Disneyland's Gonzales Trio
 34   A Disneyland future attraction - The Haunted House
 35   Disneyland Skyway
 36   Disney'and's Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
 37   The wonders of Liquid Space
 38   Brightly canopied launches
 39   Disney characters meet - flower portrait of Mickey Mouse
 40   Colorful Disneyland Band
 41   Aboard brightly canopied launches
 42   King Arthur's carousel
 43   An arial view of the Rivers of America
 44   Guests thrill - bobsled ride
 45   Western Mine Train departs
 46   Golden Horseshoe Revue
 47   Startlingly lifelike - Rivers of America
 48   Old fashioned stands
 49   Viewed from Dutch canal boats - Storybook Land
 50   The White Rabbit and Mrs. Rabbit surprise Alice
 51   Santa Fe and Disneyland trains depart
 52   Storybookland miniatures
 53   Disneyland Mark Twain
 54   Disneyland Indian Village
 55   The Columbia
 56   Disneyland's Mighty Matterhorn Mountain
 57   Comical reindeer greets guests
 58   Mickey Mouse leads the Disneyland Band
 59   Squid "attacks" shark
 60   Peter Pan welcomes
 61   Disneyland Astrojet - "pilot" their own jet
 62   Indian War canoes
 63   Disneyland tour guide
 64   Davey Crockett Fort
 65   Disneyland Mad Hatter's Tea Party
 66   Tomorrowland Autopia

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